ROW80 check-in #33

I got a glimpse of the new schedule this week and a taste of what it’s like to have your oldest in school all day. I didn’t cry, much. It was hard at times, but that’s life, it keeps changing and you have a choice to move forward or get dragged.

No burns and dirt for me, I kept moving.

Forward movement feels good. I even made my very first pitch to a couple of publishers during MFRW‘s “Write-place, Write-time” event. I received two requests yesterday!! And I have one more pitch to do this morning. Good times.

Motivation Jars (14-goals in all & $7.50 is up for grabs each week): 10-goals had real good progress or are complete. Wardrobe Jar gets $5.36 (total so far: $64.28) and NOT my political party of choice jar gets $2.14 (total so far: $10.72)

The Goals – week-10 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters– done
  • Pick a title for Voyage Novu #1 & #2- Goal complete. Yes,  I did it, feels good too.
  • Write 3,000 words each week or 33,000 for the round- I pulled my hair out with this task this week. I haven’t written 1st draft material in weeks, but I’ve been working hard on edits and prepping for the MFRW pitch fest. Some goals do have to sit to make way for others. BUT, I will not forget about this one, this week is it, literally for the round. WEEK 11 PRIORITY
  • Spend time editing at least 3 times each week- done. I spent 4-days editing this week.
  • Send Voyage Novu #1 to 2nd beta- Goal complete.
  • Finish Editing Voyage Novu #1- I tinkered with it all week in preparation for the pitch fest, I searched for this and for that and bunch of other things. I’m glad I did, because I got a request! In fact I got two! Wahoo! I’m going to take another look this week and send it out AS REQUESTED 😀
  • Voyage Novu#1 Query/Synopsis: finish, polish, get 2nd opinions, finalize AND send out 1st round- Goal complete. Yes, you read that right. I finished my query & synopsis this week, got 2nd opinions, and this weekend I’m showing the query to 3-publishers. THREE!
  • Finish first draft of Voyage Novu#2 and begin to edit- I had fabulous intentions to read through VN#2 this week, but with the pitch event prep I couldn’t get my mind to shift. WEEK 11 PRIORITY
  • Finish reading current craft book and start another- I started Margie Lawson’s Empowering Characters’ Emotions. Love Margie.
  • Workout a minimum of 200-minutes a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- done.
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week- Downward Punch: start in the ready position, and simultaneously bring one fist and forearm down in front of the body, while the other elbow and forearm draws back to maintain vertical alignment. To punch lower, move your hips backwards. Use equal force down and back up to the ready position. Look where you punch and exhale while you punch. Engage the whole body by pushing down with your feet.
  • Finish the Sanjana bars and start the Opal bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- No progress, another pitch casualty. WEEK 11 PRIORITY
  • Finish needed continuing education, enter all credits on PMI site and save my PMP certification for another 3-years- No progress, another pitch casualty. WEEK 11 PRIORITY
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- I got a break this week thank goodness, this week I just have a deposit to make and monthly reports to generate and distribute.

SYTYCD – season 9, top 6

Cole’s gone, I knew it. I’m not surprised, but I will miss him. It was an interesting week of performances. I was tempted to share a solo, Chehon, wow, and this will make you smile. But it’s Eliana & Cole, choreography by Mia Michaels that I had to share. It’s a piece about hatred, an emotion I despise, but their frustration is palpable and the movement is beautiful.

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Unsafe Haven by Char Chaffin ~ Living Alaska and a Giveaway <–fabulous post, thanks again Char.

Links of the week #33

I had high hopes for this week, thirty-three is one of my favorite numbers. When both of your kids have birthdays in the same week and you’re hosting the huge family/friend party on Sunday, things tend not to go as planned. I got to as many posts as I could and of course I have my fav SYTYCD performance of the week below, but I’d love it if you could help me out.

Tell me, what post was your fav this week?


Anne R. Allen : Should You Eliminate “Was” From Your Writing? Why Sometimes “the Rules” are Wrong.


Jane at QueryTracker Blog : Overtelling, Overshowing, Overselling

Social Media

Meghan Ward at Writerland : Hashtags: How to Use Them Without Abusing Them


Nigel reminded me of a George Ballanchine quote, “I don’t want dancers who want to dance. I want dancers who have to dance.” I agree with Nigel, this performance captures that statement, plus the lighting is fabulous.

What you might have missed here

Six Sentence Sunday #30 – Seeing is believing

Flash Fiction #21 – He’s smiling now

Links of the week #32

It’s Saturday and time to review the treats from the week. SYTYCD was back in a Mia Michaels kind of way. I’ve picked a powerful performance for you and you’re not going to want to miss it.


Jami Gold : Michael Hauge’s Workshop: Are These Characters the Perfect Match?


Liz Bureman at The Write Practice : Do You Use Quotation Marks or Italics for Song and Album Titles?

Place Descriptions

Sharla Rae at Writers In The Storm : Place Descriptions: Waterways

Body Language / Character Development

Darcy Pattison at Fiction Notes : 10 Body Language Tricks for Deeper Characterization

Fight Scenes

Rayne Hall at Clarion Blog : Writer’s Craft #85 Writing A Great Duel Scene


Linda Yezak at Writing Fiction Right from novelist Gail Gaymer Martin : Pet Peeves of a Professional Editor


Gwen Hernandez at The Edited Life : Workshop takeaways from the 2012 RWA conference

Hook /  Query

Mary Keeley at Books & Such Literary Agency : 8 Tips for Writing a Powerful Hook for Your Book Proposal


Sarah Arrow at For Bloggers By Bloggers : Finding Timely Images for Topical Blog Posts

Promotion / Marketing

Jenny Hansen at Writers In The Storm : QR Codes ~ A Sexy Marketing Technique for Your Books

Rachelle Gardner : 8 Tips for Promoting Your Book Online

Cassandra Carr at Hot Blogging with Heart : Thursday Thirteen 8/16/12- 13 promos that worked for me

Writer Business

Amy Sorrells at The Writers Alley : Beyond Sticky Notes: A review of Scrivener for writers


This week the great dance show was back and all performances were choreographed by Mia Michaels. Oh, bells!! Love Mia’s choreography. But the Top-14 faced a great dancer-challenge. They’d be performing previously performed routines, routines choreographed for past seasons, making it really easy to see where this year’s dancers fall short in direct comparison to past contestants. It may have been a bit cruel, but so is the life of a dancer. One performance stood out. It was not better than the original, but stood on its own. This routine made me cry when Kayla and Kupono performed it in season five, so powerful. I do suggest watching both performances, but please watch Lindsay and Cole first.

Both performances made me cry, how about you?

Lindsay & Cole performing “Addiction” choreographed by Mia Michaels

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Links of the week #29

No surprise, I have great links to share today. I’ve told the hubs to take a break until SYTYCD is over, but they’re taking the next two weeks off. Jeff will be back next week with more great music. Wait till you see the clip I have for you this week, you’re in for a real treat.


Ashley Clark at The Writers Alley : Preparing the Perfect Pitch

Writer’s Life

Janet Reid, Literary Agent : If you are a writer, watch this

Act I / Opening

Jane Lebak at QueryTracker : Engaging Openings <–don’t miss all the links inside

Dialogue / Grammar

Lynnette Labelle : Dialogue Tag Misconceptions

Write Fresh

Marcy Kennedy : Three Ways The Emotion Thesaurus Helps You Write Better

Character Development 

Writing Fiction Right from novelist Gail Gaymer Martin : Four Personality Types For Characterization

Becca Weston at Peculiar Light : My Family’s Defining Qualities and What That Means for Your Characters

Narrative / Internalization

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : Internal Medicine: How Much Internalization is Too Much? <– don’t miss the extra links to past posts, a fabulous full review

Conflict / Tension

Becca Puglisi at A Writer’s Journey : Becca Puglusi on Conflict vs. Tension


Becca Puglisi at Writing, Reading, and Life : Tension-Building Tips, Rowling Style: A Guest Post by Becca Puglisi


Kristi Boyce at The Write Practice : Read Terrible Books

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : The Eyes Have it: Are You “Over Looking” Things in Your Manuscript?

Social Media

Molly Greene : How can a writer use Scoop.It!?


An interesting week of performances. Some great, some okay, and some strange song choices. I had no idea which performance to share until it came time for the guest performance. Sorry contestants, but you were smoked this week by Alvin Ailey. The company has been around since 1958, so no one should be surprised. Check out the power and conflict in this piece choreographed by Robert Battle.

The Hunt

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Six Sunday #26

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Links of the week #25

Happy weekend folks!! Boom, bang look at all those cool links for writers. Jeff took another week off from picking out great music. Not to worry, SYTYCD had loads of fabulous performance I wanted to share this week, so which one was my favorite?

Mommy Ninja

K.B. Owen via Jenny Hansen’s More Cowbell : A Ninja Mom’s Guide to Limiting Computer Time <–must read for any parent

Pitch Contest

Brenda Drake: Entangle an editor with your pitch!


Lynnette Labelle : The Secrets Behind Buried Dialogue Part 2 take away tip: can can bury narration, but not dialogue…read the post and the tip will make sense 🙂


Stina Lindenblatt over at Seeing Creative provided a cool idea : All In The Details

Character Development

Kristen Lamb : Making Heroes Heroic–Why Flaws are Important


Joe Bunting over at The Write Practice : 5 Elements of Storytelling


Darcy Pattison over at Fiction Notes : End of Act I: 5 Functions Determine Plot


Tiffany Lawson Inman was at Writers In The Storm yesterday 😀 : Worse Than a Cliché

Writer Business

Rick Carufel at Angie’s Diary : Disappearing Reviews at Amazon?

Writer’s Life

Suzanne Rock, Romance on a Budget: Budget Creativity: Using Mini-Goals to Motivate

Michael J. Scott at Author Culture : How To Write More…and More Often

I’ve completely fallen for @smoulderingsea and his #editortips, if you miss the daily tweets you can still catch them on his blog. Here is my fav from yesterday: When editing down backstory and inner monologue, keep only what the reader needs–not what you needed to sort your story.

Dance to inspire

So many great performances this week as SYTYCD season 9 revealed their top 20. This performance was by far my fav, enjoy

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Spotlight: The Wager (Touch of the Gods) by D. X. Luc
Flash Fiction #13

Links of the week #23

Happy Saturday and thanks for stopping by today. I’ve got some of my favorite links of the week for you, but I’ve given the hubs the week of from his music picks. He’s been working hard all week so I guess that’s okay 😉 Instead I’ve picked an audition from this years So You Think You Can Dance.

Love learning from folks who have been there and done that

Cassandra Carr : Thursday Thirteen 6/14/12- 13 things I’ve learned about writing

M J Wright gives 5 tips that have worked for him : Conquering that dreaded blank page


Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel : Repetition – a two-ended hammer

Ollin Morales was at The Bookshelf Muse : 5 Techniques for Adding Subtext to your Story

Social Media

Marcy Kennedy : The 9 Steps to Switching From to Part 1


Lisa Burstein : PRETTY AMY Original Query Letter AND Query Tips!

Plot & Character

Martina Boone at DIY MFA (great worksheets too) : Plot vs. Character: Leaving Room for Magic – Guest Post by Martina Boone

SYTYCD Season 9

Lots of memorable auditions this year. This one stands out because she’s a mommy who has not given up on her dream. Listen to her story, watch her beautiful moves, and stay till the end, because her daughter dances too.

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Six Sentence Sunday #21

Spotlight: Enchanted Spring by Josee Renard Excerpt & Giveaway

Spotlight: Never Say Just by Katie Harper ~ Q&A by the Rat Bastards

Flash Fiction #11

Links of the week #21

My list is  a little short this week, but the links are prime grade A stuff. I’m changing things up this week as well and giving my hubs a break. Please let me know what kind of inspiration the video at the bottom gives you.

There is a theme this week and it’s hitting home with me. How are you sitting in your writing life? Do you need to be reminded of a few of these things too?

Aimee L. Salter at Seeking the Write life: Don’t Compare and Don’t Compete

Jenny Hansen: The Worry of the Artist: Am I Good Enough?

Kristen Lamb: Learning to Drop the Donkey–Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career?

Charlotte Carter was at Writers In The Storm this week: Determination

Ruth Harris at Anne R. Allen’s blog: How Writers Can Learn to Cope: 6 No-Fail Strategies for Achieving Mental Toughness

I’m rounding it out with Jami Gold’s post Are You in This for the Long Haul?

Writer’s Life

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story: Leave Yourself Notes: Ways to be a More Productive Writer, Part 5


Lynnette Labelle provided a fab list:  The Editor’s Dozen: Common Mistakes Writers Make


Double link for Janice Hardy this week, is anyone surprised 🙂 The Joy of Discovery: Keeping Readers Hooked Through Story Revelations

Kara Lennox was back at Writers In The Storm this week Plot Fixer: Part 3 — A Lack of Goals

Story Telling through Movement

Jeff will be back next week with a new music pick. This week I wanted to celebrate the start of So You Think You Can Dance season 9.  It’s going to be another tremendous season, but I wanted to share one of my all time favorites from the show. Chelsie and Mark from season 4 performing NappyTabs “Bleeding Love,” this is their finale performance. Chelsie is now on Dancing with the Stars and Mark is the head dancer for Lady Gaga.

I love many things about dance, but the best part has got to be the story telling. The cross over link for me between my dancing and my writing is the story. NappyTab’s choreography here is superb, but it’s the way Chelsie and Mark feel the story through every cell in their body. The title is Bleeding Love and that’s exactly how I feel by the end.

I hope you enjoy their performance AND I hope it inspires you to write.

What you might have missed here:

Six Sentence Sunday #19

And a double pimp for Stacey Kennedy: Spotlight: Beg For It by Stacey Kennedy & Cover Reveal: Mystically Bound by Stacey Kennedy