Unravel Me (Executive Assistant Anthology)

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Contemporary Erotic Romance
Released June 20, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-77130-892-2
Mary and Colin

Blurb for UNRAVEL ME:

Mary is determined not to be distracted by the devilishly handsome Colin whose business deal is halting a much needed park. Armed with a plan, she tries to ignore her growing attraction.

After reading her resume, Colin believes Mary isn’t right for him or his office. However, he’s about to risk his biggest business deal yet when Mary knocks him off his game. The pair gives in to their growing desires, but Mary’s plan might unravel everything they’ve been building.

Be Warned: spanking, paddles, BDSM

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Chapter One

The day he dreaded had arrived. His assistant, Jen was due to give birth in a handful of weeks and he had to find a temp. Jen liked taking care of this task herself, but with his largest project to date looming on the horizon, she kept putting it off. Enough was enough. He didn’t like seeing her stress during what should be one of the happiest times in her life. He picked up his phone and called the recruiter he trusted.

“Hi, Jane. It’s time to send over some candidates.”

“I was starting to think Jen wasn’t going to call me back.”

“I’m not sure she was.”

Colin1“Our last conversation left me thinking she planned on working through her due date and then some. She sure is devoted to you.”

“She is and it’s only one of the reasons why I’m devoted to her.” He walked to his office door and watched Jen read a document while one hand rubbed her back. “I’m not sure they calculated her due date right. Her belly is already bigger than last time.”

“Please tell me you haven’t said that to her.”

“I wouldn’t dare hurt her. Plus, you know if I did, Lori wouldn’t let her come back to me.”

“That’s true. She’s mighty protective.”

“Do you think you can find me someone as good as Jen?”

“Someone who can do everything?”


“You’re in luck actually. I’ve found the perfect someone for my office, but I’m not ready to hire her yet. I think she’d be perfect for you while Jen is out. Her name is Mary Conroy. She recently moved to Chicago and I’m trying to keep her busy until I’m ready.”

“You’d trust her with me?” Conroy sounded like a good Irish name to him. His mother would want him to hire her right now.

Colin2“Yes, because I know you’ll give her back.”

“Are you sure she can handle my sharp tongue? One of my most important negotiations is starting soon. I need someone who can handle it.”

“Mary can handle you. You have to meet her.”

“Send her over and I’ll interview her, but keep looking.”

“I know. You’re picky. I just emailed you her resume and referral letters. Get ready because Mary’s here now and I’m sending her to you.”

“Thanks, Jane.” He set down his phone and read through her email, then opened the attachments.

Ms. Conroy had gone to a small college and majored in Business Administration. Several lines highlighted her commitment to her community, including an outreach program for orphaned and fostered children. Nice, but not right for what he needed. Her resume read like the girl next door, one that would probably blush or cower from half the things he said. He didn’t need to watch his tongue while he worked through the biggest move yet in his career.

Jane knew how his remarks could bite and she still seemed to think Ms. Mary could handle him. He sat back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair. It was a conundrum he’d figure out once he laid eyes on her.

Colin had everything riding on next month’s merger. It was a big play and if he didn’t finagle it right, not only would he lose his best client, but he’d probably bankrupt his company. He’d already identified one problem with the merger. He was anxious to solve it so he could concentrate on finding the next hurdle. If the cards fell as he intended, his company would be worth double over night. He’d worked years for this opportunity.

He pushed back from his desk and walked into the bathroom attached to his office. With a press to the side panel, it popped open. He turned the light dial located just inside the door and his private dungeon woke before his eyes. He cracked his knuckles and breathed in the clean earthy hints of leather.

Work had kept him too far from Club Voyage in the past year, and not even the installation of this room had kept his kink close enough. He leaned against the spanking bench and gazed over his collection of paddles, crops, and floggers hanging on the wall. Above all else, he needed to keep his emotions under control and he knew denying his need to dominate put him on a quick path to misery.

Not much gave him gratification like a willing submissive waiting for his command, not even the closing of the perfect deal. He craved lifting a woman’s need for release and watching as the pleasure consumed her. He made up his mind right then to work long hours this week and to go to the club on Friday night.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing.

“Your interview is here.” Jen called from his office and woke him from his meditation.

Out of his sanctuary, but still hidden from view in his bathroom, his gaze slid past his very pregnant assistant and found an auburn haired beauty. He needed a moment to drink her in. The light kissed her hair in a sensual display of entwining colors. He followed the line of her pale skin down the length of her legs to dangerous looking spiked black heels. She was the perfect image of a wet dream. Not what he’d been expecting at all.

Fuck me.

He pushed at the panel door and walked out into his office, clearing his throat.

“Colin. There you are. This is Ms. Mary Conroy.” Jen took a deep breath and leaned on his guest chair.

Colin3Mary turned her gaze to him and her bright green eyes held him steady. He wondered what it would take to make her eyes flutter from ecstasy. His cock twitched.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” He took a step closer and extended his hand, inhaling her vanilla scent.

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. MacCabe. Thanks for making the time to meet me today.” She took his hand with a firm grip and then turned back to Jen. “Do you want to sit?”

“No, then I won’t be able to get back up. I’ll be fine. Thanks, though.” She pressed her hands against her lower back and waddled out of his office.

This pregnancy seemed to be moving much faster the closer it got to her due date. He owed it to Jen to at least give Ms. Conroy a fair shake. He owed it to his growing curiosity to find out what made her tick.

“Is she going to be okay?” She tugged on her sweater and pushed down on the billows of her silly skirt.

“She’ll be fine.” He crossed his fingers. He didn’t know what he’d do without Jen for the next couple of months, but her discomfort pushed him to want the baby to come sooner rather than later. “Have a seat. Is this your first time in Chicago?”

“No, my parents brought me several times before they retired to Florida.” She folded her hands in her lap, fingers clasped.

“I’ve gone over the documents Jane sent over and I have to say there are several nice references listed here. What can I take away from that?”

Her eyebrows pinched together. “You can assume I was brought up well, succeeded when given a chance, and I’ve kept my promises.”

“Interesting choice of words.” At least she’d answered faster than he’d expected. “So, it’s not possible you were brought up by a couple of thieves and learned early on how to cross the line and not get caught?”

“Hardly.” A bubble of laughter and a flash of a smile crossed her features before she pulled herself back under control. He wanted to see her smile again. He’d have to add it to the growing list of things he wanted from Ms. Mary.

“You must spend a lot of time on your outreach commitments. Is it hard for you to balance your personal interests and your work commitments?”

She sat up straighter. “To be honest—”

“That’s all I ask.” He reached out and took hold of the pen on his desk, without breaking his gaze from hers. With his thumb, he stroked the smooth surface back and forth and wondered if her pussy would be just as smooth.

“At times I have.” She crossed her legs and grabbed her knee with both hands. “But, I have learned from experience.”

“Would you expand on that?” He let go of the pen and sat back.

“I learned to only commit to the things I can finish. I’ve also learned not to deny myself the things I’m passionate about. Plus, the kids I work with help me to keep my head straight.”

“I can imagine. Will you continue spending time there?”

“I’ll always be there for the kids.” She uncrossed her legs and leaned on his desk. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, I’m an open book.”

“You already know if you’re going to hire me, don’t you? You knew before I walked in here.”

“Maybe.” He admired her for getting to the point. It showed she valued her time and his. His opinion of her doubled.

“Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?”

“You want to work for me?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I can be inflexible and stubborn.” He could be a damn fool for lusting over the first applicant that walked through the door.

Colin4“I’ve also heard you called controlling, fiercely loyal, successful, and even extravagant.”

“True.” She’d done her homework.

A scream wrenched through the air, coming from his lobby.

“Jen.” He got up from his desk and ran.

He found her standing at her copier over a puddle of water.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, only a bit surprised is all. It’s never happened this way before.”

“Mary, there are towels in the bathroom inside my office.”

“I’ll get them.” She made quick work out of her task.

“I’ll call Lori.”

“She’s already on her way.” She leaned on him as she moved away from the puddle and out of Mary’s way as she started cleaning up. “My contractions started before Mary got here.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was fine and I wanted a few minutes to finish writing my notes for Mary.” She took a couple of deep breaths through her nose and mouth while squeezing the shit out of his hand. “I’ve already called Nancy. She’s letting everyone in the office know I’m off on leave.”

Lori barreled through the office front door. “Oh honey, are you okay? I can’t believe this is happening today. How far apart are the contractions?” Her hand pressed against Jen’s forehead, then her belly, and finally grasped her hands. It was a rare show of discombobulation from the normally stoic Lori.

“I’m fine.” She leaned into her wife for a kiss and the two started for the door. “They’re a few minutes apart.”

“We’ll go right to the hospital then. Your mom is with the kids.”

The pair had a solidly happy life. He may not currently envy their soon to be sleepless nights, but the love and devotion was definitely on his want list. There was another reason to get to the club. He wasn’t going to meet his match around the office.

Colin5“My purse.” Jen stopped her forward movement.

“I’ll get it.” Mary turned around in circles. “Where?”

“My bottom desk drawer.” After Mary handed the purse to Lori, “Well, your desk now. Right, Colin? You’ll hire her, right?”

“Don’t worry about that now,” Colin and Lori said in unison.


“Yes, of course.” He turned to Mary

“I’ll be here until you get back. He’ll be fine.”

“Thank you.” Mary turned to Lori and they left.

The room became quiet and awkward. He looked down at the wet foot prints leading to the door.

“I’ll get more towels.” Mary left him alone.

He took a deep breath, pushed his fingers through his hair, and walked to the phone. He’d have to give Mary the option of not staying, but he hoped she’d stay. He couldn’t deny she’d acted fast which was exactly what he needed. He’d have to find a way to work around his fast growing lust for the red haired beauty. After he hung up from talking with the cleaning crew, he realized Mary hadn’t come back from the bathroom.

He went in search of her. His bathroom door was ajar and so was the panel door inside.


8 thoughts on “Unravel Me (Executive Assistant Anthology)

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  2. I love how Mary was determined to get the park and wasn’t going to let anything or anyone stand in her way. Well, then she met Colin and everything changed. It was a great story and really really like it. I had to read yours first so on to read the rest!! 🙂

    • Aw. I’m honored! Thank you so much, Liz!! 😀 You know, that park does actually exist in Chicago in the part of town I mentioned. Also, a private foundation helped pay for it too.

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