Roxanne and Jonathon (Free Read)

They come from different places, different times. Unknown forces will push them together and those same forces will ultimately try to pull them apart. Only Roxanne and Jonathon have control over their hearts and the power to convince a generation love not only exists, but it conquers all.

It’s a love story told through flash fiction …

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Over time, I’ll continue to add to their story. Feel free to tell me which part of their story you want to read next. Such as, do you want to read more of what happens after Lost and Found #4 or maybe Love Me Now #7 or do you want to know more about Anwen from Known Risk #9 and the sunflower farm? There is lots more of this story to share. Be sure to follow me on social media and right here at my blog to learn of new flashes and stay up to date on this love story.


First Flash: August 19, 2013
Most Recent: January 19, 2015 – A Way Through (Jonathon’s point of view) – Flash #18
Number of Flashes: 19
Word Count: 5,025

The dates on the flashes below are from when they were first posted, but the flashes are listed here in the order they occur in the story, from before they meet and right on through to the happy ending which is not completely written yet. It’s in my mind though and eventually I’ll share it with you.



#1 November 25, 2013 – A Cold Cute Meet (Jonathon’s POV)

Nov 25Jonathon wandered the streets. Up and down, he weaved a senseless pattern. He stopped at the top of the hill, turned around, and watched the movement below until it disappeared into the fog.

This time and place was just as monotonous as the last. There was nothing here to capture his interest, no sign of what he was truly looking for. The cars may look faster and the architecture was definitely getting more interesting, but it didn’t deter him.

The fates claimed he’d find her soon. They were determined to prove love wasn’t real, that it couldn’t last. His kind were just a piece in their little game.

Since that day they’d given him a glimpse of her, he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts. He wondered first what her voice would sound like and then he began to think about how soft her hair would be. Then, he worried she wouldn’t like him. Of course, if he believed the fates, it wouldn’t matter because he wouldn’t love her anyway.

Nov 25 2A piercing light split through his mind. Moments later, a chill traveled through him and snow kissed his cheeks. He turned in a circle, caring nothing for when and where, only hoping he’d find her in this place, but there was nothing.  He continued to look, there had to be something in this freezing city.

Movement caught his attention and he turned back around. He lost his footing and slipped on the cold pavement, landing right on his ass.

“Are you okay?”

He looked up into the beautiful blue eyes that had been enchanting his dreams.


#2 October 27, 2014 – The Sweet Life (Jonathon’s POV)

“When can we eat them?” Jonathon licked his lips. He figured if the pretty snowflake cookies tasted even half as good as they smelled they’d be the best he’d ever had.

102714“Let me fill the tins first and then we can eat some.” Roxanne bumped him with her hip. “We need to leave for the party in about an hour.”

He stepped back and watched her work. Her silky dark hair flowed down her back. She really was the most enticing creature. When he was around her, he forgot every worry he had.

“I can’t believe they’ve been married a year already.” She turned around to face him. “I wish I’d known you then. Their wedding was like a fairy tale.” She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Would you like a winter wedding?” The need to give her anything she wanted was growing faster than he could control. A tick of concern chipped away at his blissful mood.

102714 2“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it.” She caressed the nape of his neck.

“I thought all girls grew up dreaming about their wedding.” He pulled her closer.

“My childhood was different.”

“Someday I hope you’ll tell me about your childhood.”

“And I have the same hope.” She reached behind her and then brought a cookie to his lips.

He took a bite of her offering and an explosion of sweet spices warmed him all over. “You make me want to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.”

“Right now, all I want is you.”


#3 January 20, 2014 – Lucky in Love (Roxanne’s POV)

It had only been two weeks since Roxanne met Jonathon, but she was smitten. She turned to find him drawing in the snow. A couple of kids ran by him and trashed his work of art. The chuckle that bellowed out of him settled inside her heart like the comfort of warm apple pie. She loved that he was able to appreciate everyone’s joy and not just his own.

Jan 20 2014When he looked up, he seemed to be searching the park. She waved her arm over her head. Relief appeared to wash over him when he found her.

“How did I get so lucky?” She blew him a kiss and walked towards him.

One of his eyebrows raised and his smile turned devilish. Then she noticed the ball of snow forming in his hands.

“Oh no. Jonathon, not again.” She took off across the park. He was lucky she already loved him.


#4 October 13, 2014 – Lost and Found (Roxanne’s POV)

Where had the time gone? It was winter when she fell in love and now the leaves were putting on their stunning show of gold and burning red. Roxanne looked behind her and admired the cause of her distraction.

“I think this would look fabulous on you.” Jonathon held up a skimpy black dress.

“You say that about everything and it’s hardly every true.” She ambled around the rack of clothes and hugged him from behind. “I’m still convinced the last dress you had me try on was actually a shirt.”

“And you looked incredible in it.” He turned around and grabbed her ass, pulling her close to his hard body.

“Jonathon.” She eyed the clerk watching them, slipped from his arms, and walked out of the store.

The quaint town they arrived in yesterday had little treasures from around the world. Jonathon had known the origins of each item they’d found from firsthand knowledge. She was starting to believe Jonathon had been everywhere, even though she knew that 101314 02couldn’t be true. She of course hadn’t seen any of them before. Her first time out of Illinois was when they left for their first trip several months ago. Yesterday, she discovered something she’d done that Jonathon had not, feeding giraffes. The giant gentle creatures with their long tongues were always the highlight of her trips to the zoo.

On the next block, she found something she was familiar with.

“I know where these are from,” she said.

101314“Have you ever been inside one?” When she shook her head, he grabbed her hand, kissed her knuckles, and then dragged her closer to the telephone booth. Once he opened the door, he pulled her inside.

“There sure isn’t a lot of space. They don’t even have phones in here.”

“You want to call someone?” He pushed her against the side of the booth and grabbed her ass again.

“No.” She wrapped her arms around him. “Everyone I need is right here.” She pressed her lips to his and lost herself in his kiss.

He pressed his body against hers while he took control of their kiss. His way was deep and demanding. When she was in his arms she was home. She wanted nothing but the moment to continue forever.


#5 January 6, 2014 – Safety First (Roxanne’s POV)

010614“Jonathon, look. He has little pictures back here.” Roxanne dragged her gaze over each little beauty. Strong arms wrapped around her and Jonathon snuggled close. His public displays of affection were just one of the many reasons she loved about him.


She swayed as warmth spread through her limbs. In such a short time, Jonathon had become a life necessity. She could no longer imagine life without him.

“Is it odd that the photographer has captured so many of the places we’ve been?”

Jonathon stilled.

“What is it, honey?”

010614 2“It is strange and I’m not sure what to make of it.” He looked towards the back of the shop. The door opened to a little room, but no door, just a barred window.

“You’re starting to scare me. What’s going on?” She pulled at his arms and finally grabbed hold of his chin. “Jonathon?”

“I think we should leave as quietly as we came in. No eye contact with the clerk, okay?”

“Fine, but then you need to tell me what’s going on.”

He leaned in and gave her a sweet chasted kiss. “Fine, but I want you safe first.”


#6 December 22, 2014 – The Moment (Jonathon’s POV)

The path finally began its downward descent. He’d lost track of the miles they’d wandered, but Roxanne seemed content to explore the trail. He was looking forward to their day of rest tomorrow before they moved on to a new country.

122214She stopped at a lookout point and examined her map and he examined her. Soft light and a swift breeze kissed her sweet face. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Even though it had been at least a year since the fates gave him a glimpse of her, it felt like only yesterday. Time was flying by and he knew it wouldn’t be long before they were found.

He had to think of something. There had to be a way for them to outmaneuver their chosen destiny.

The day they’d finally let him have a glimpse of her, he’d been on the platform waiting for a train. Rush hour was in full swing and a man with a barrel of long stemmed sunflowers struggled to get through the crowd. Jonathon caught the man’s elbow as he tripped and together they’d righted the barrel, stopping the flowers from spilling free. He hadn’t thought about that man since. Strange, he couldn’t recall any details about him other than his thank you. When Jonathon turned to say you’re welcome, that’s when he’d seen her.

122214 2Roxanne had stood on the far edge of the platform, her hair flying free as it was now and the train zoomed into the station. She’d boarded the train and he hadn’t been able to move. He’d simply stood there for hours, replaying in his mind’s eye the pureness of her beauty.

He rubbed his chest as he remembered how hard his heart had beaten that day. In that moment, he couldn’t have predicted what she would come to mean to him, but that was the moment he knew his life would never be the same.


#7 May 26, 2014 – Love Me Now (Roxanne’s POV)

They’d been running for weeks, never staying more than a night in one place. The stress of the schedule had worn her out. Jonathon was once again packing their bags. Tonight they’d start traveling east. 

052614Roxanne looked out the hotel window. The streets were filled with folks enjoying the sunny spring day. A group had gathered around the fountain. They seemed not to have a care in the world. 

“Can’t we stay for one more night? We only got to Scotland yesterday.” She ran her finger along the dew on the window. 

“It’s too much of a risk. They’ll find us if we linger.” 

“Jonathon.” She waited a heartbeat, letting him finish folding one more shirt. Waiting for his attention burned a hole straight through her heart. She wanted to rip the shirt in two. “Jonathon,” she cried out. 

He carefully set the shirt in the bag and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know what else to do. I won’t lose you.” 

“If all we do is run, then they’ve already won.” She knelt at his feet and took hold of his hands. “I love you. I want to live my life with you. I want us to live.” 

“You’re right.” He stood, took hold of her nape, and pulled her to him. 

“Oh.” She pressed her body against him as heat rushed over her. 

“Even if we only have one more day together, I want to fill it by looking into your eyes, kissing your sweet lips.” He claimed her mouth, tangled his tongue with hers, and then kissed a trail to her ear. “And feeling your sweet heat gripping me.” 

“Oh, Jonathon.” She clung to him. 

“Thank you for reminding me our love is now.” 


#8 May 12, 2014 – My Only Destiny (Jonathon’s POV)

“Is it just me, or is the sun suddenly setting faster?” Roxanne turned back to him and stretched out one leg to keep their balance on the narrow surf board.

051214His gaze traveled along her thigh and focused on the water dripping from her ponytail as it ran down between her luscious breasts. How did he get so lucky?

“Jonathon, look at the water.”

“I am.”

“Not on my chest you pig.” She splashed water at him.

“Hey, I can’t help it. You’re distracting.” Her beautiful smile never failed to lighten his mood. She pointed to the water and he followed her direction. Gold reflecting in the water grew deeper by the second.

“It’s beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“You’re welcome, Sweetheart. I was hoping this place would give us some peace, but I fear they’ll find us soon.”

051214 2“It doesn’t seem like anything could find us out here. We’re so isolated.”

“The fates are not to be underestimated.” He grabbed hold of her hand. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.” Fear froze his breath in his chest.

“I don’t want to lose you either.” She turned around and took hold of both his hands. “Isn’t there anything we can do?”

“The only thing I can be certain of is they’ll keep changing the game to serve their purposes.” He squeezed her hands. “If they succeed in stealing me from you, you must know I won’t stop until I find you again. You are my love and my only destiny.”


#9 June 23, 2014 – Known Risk (Anwen’s POV – a fate)

062314“Damn.” Anwen scrolled through her new messages, but each one displayed the same words.

“Assignment incomplete.”

How could two people be so impossible to capture? She even had her best teams tracking the insolent ones. Cormac would have her head if she didn’t take care of this problem soon. She didn’t understand how Jonathon and his pair could actually be a risk, but her assignment was clear. She would see it done.

062314 2The promise of another trip to the sunflower farm on her next vacation dangled just out of her reach. Those cheery yellow flowers brought her back to center like nothing she’d come across. Besides, she owed the farmer another game of chess. There would be no time off until the threat was neutralized. It would be her motivation to take care of this known risk once and for all.


#10 June 9, 2014 – A Grim Alternative (Roxanne’s POV)

The last few days had been heaven. They hadn’t seen a sole and Jonathon was finally relaxing. They’d spent most of the day exploring the berry fields. The basket she carried overflowed with fruit.

Jonathon selected a plump strawberry and slipped it past her lips. Berry bliss exploded across her taste buds.

“Is juice running down my chin?” She took a tighter grip on the basket and immediately wished she’d warn the red shirt instead of the white one.

“I sincerely hope so. It’s either that or you’re a vampire and that’s blood dripping from your mouth.”

“Ha, funny guy.” She swung her elbow out towards him.

060914“Did you hear that?” He stopped and looked ahead of them. She could see nothing past where the path became obscured near the house.

“Sure did. It’s a zombie coming to eat your brains.” When he didn’t snap back with another grim alternative, she stopped. “What is it?”

His fingers tightened slowly around her elbow and he pulled her off the path.

“Honey, I don’t want you to panic, but I think we’re surrounded.” He pulled her further off the path and pressed his warm body to hers.

More than a dozen men walked out of the woods and onto the path. They all wore the same strange dark suit.

“I won’t let them take you from me.” She dropped her basket and wrapped her arms around him. “You hear me. You can’t have him.”

The tallest of the men stepped forward and smashed one of the blueberries on the trail. “We don’t want him, Ms. Roxanne. We’ve come for you.”


#11 September 1, 2014 – She Remains (Roxanne’s POV)

Roxanne knew the threat was real. Not even the heat from the forest could stop the cold seeping into her. The fates remained in their position and Jonathon turned, wrapping his arms around her.

“You can’t have her.” He pressed a kiss to her temple. “Her love belongs to me. I’ve earned it. Besides, she’s not a part of this.”

“You made her a part of this when you changed the game.” The tall man came closer to them. “We only needed you to prove one little thing. Jump after jump you complied. There was no reason for you to get greedy.”

“You think I had a choice? The lot of you really are daft.” He pushed her back a step, caressed her cheek, and turned to face the army.

She tugged on his arm, knowing the dreaded day had really come. She couldn’t accept that this would be it.

“The day I saw her for the first time, my heart splintered into a million pieces. She is the only thing holding me together. Without her, I’ll want for nothing and getting her back will consume me.” He turned and caught her gaze, pushing her back another step. “There isn’t anything you can do to break it. It just is and it always will be. She is the love of my life.”

“I love you.” She barely got out the words as tears tumbled down her face.

“Run.” He gave her a giant push and then turned to punch the man in the nose.

“I can’t leave you.” Her fists came up, wishing she could block the punches flying at Jonathon. She shook her head, swinging her arms over head. She couldn’t leave him, not like this.

“Run!” He blocked several hits in a row, one landed and she screamed. He fell to the forest floor. “I’ll meet you at the bench …”

The man had grabbed Jonathon by his collar. “We are leaving with one of you today. If not the woman, you will do.” He cocked back his arm and struck Jonathon across the face.

A whirling sound came towards her. The brisk breeze swirled her clothing and her hair danced in front of her eyes. When the wind left, she realized she was now alone.

090114She tripped forward a step and landed on an old stump. The sound of her pounding heart was the only thing she could hear.

Her fingers played with the life rings on the tree stump. She was unable to leave the spot.

Minutes turned to hours and nothing changed.

She remained alone.


#12 September 2, 2013 – A Punishment (Jonathon’s POV)

Morning ContemplationWaves crashed all around him, but Jonathon felt nothing. He was frozen through with the emptiness breaking apart his heart. Once again the fates had stolen his life.

No longer would he accept where they threw him. No longer would he accept these punishments. No longer would he accept the sentence of his kind.

He had to get back to his Roxanne.

He prayed that she’d wait and hold tight to his last words. It would take everything in him, but he’d get back to their bench. He’d get back to her.

They must have sensed he was about to tell her the story. A story of fiction turned to bitter reality each time the fates chose to punish his kind. However, this time their punishment touched Roxanne as well.

She would be their undoing. He had to believe it would be true.


#13 December 9, 2013 – A Bench Out of Reach  (Jonathon’s POV)

Jonathon kicked the gravel under his feet. It had already been seven long days since they’d taken him from Roxanne and dropped him at the opposite end of the world. The fates had offered no explanation for their interruption, something they’d always done in the past. They’d only told him to look for the bench. The change in their tactics had festered like a tick under his skin.

The bench he and Roxanne so often shared was nowhere to be found and with each passing day she slipped further and further away.

He worried about Roxanne, he could only hope they were leaving her alone, but if they changed one tactic, he wouldn’t put it past them to change another. The bastards would pay regardless. Every second without his Roxanne felt like an eternity of agonizing deaths.

091213The rumble of a train in front of him broke into his thoughts. He looked up and watched it pass him by. One car had its large doors wide open. There was nothing inside but a bench.


Jonathon took off. His knees pulling up higher and higher with each punishing stride. A spark ran through his legs and he felt the pull. If only he could get to the bench, they’d take him back to his heart’s desire. They’d have to do it, if only he could reach the bench. The train picked up its speed and with each second got further away. He tripped and rolled down the embankment. Stones tore into his palms and burned a stinging path to his heart.


#14 August 19, 2013 – The Empty Bench (Roxanne’s POV)

Roxanne stood at the gate, kicking her shoe against the wood. The need to see Jonathon again had burrowed deep. Missing him had become one with each breath and it was burning a hole in her heart. She didn’t know when he’d come back, but he had to. She couldn’t imagine a future that didn’t have Jonathon right by her side.

I’ll meet you at the bench …

091913She replayed his last words again and again. It had been a week since the wind took him away. Since that dreadful night, she’d been replaying the scene. There had to have been words left unsaid. After replaying all their conversations, she couldn’t figure out what she was missing. Instead, she stood at the gate. Waiting.

He’ll come back. He has to come back.

A tear tumbled off her cheek and splashed her hand. She pushed the gate open and ran. With each foot fall she got closer to the bench.


#15 July 21, 2014 – One Thing (Jonathon’s POV)

Jonathon walked across the bridge at a snail’s pace. His world was empty without his Roxanne lighting the way. Lost in memories from one of their afternoons together, he 072114was unaware of the cars speedy by to his right, the great drop to the river below on his left, or the woman in front of him.

“Hello, Jonathon.”

He stopped and brought up his fists, searching for the fight. The only thing he found was the woman in front of him. He looked back quickly, found nothing, and turned back to her.

“Why are you not doing your research?”

“You know why.” He took a step closer to her and continued to search around as he was unconvinced they were alone. “You didn’t have to take me from Roxanne.”

“You gave us no choice. Your kind serves one purpose and you were no longer doing it. She had to go home.”

His heart beat unevenly as what she said became clear.

“You heard me right. After we took you, she went home. You know where that is, but I promise you will never be back in that place or that time.”

He didn’t care if she was right. There was a way he could use this information to his advantage and he’d figure it out. He’d find her again. It was true. His heart beat swiftly with the hope it once again had.

He stood proud, power surging through him. “There’s only one thing for me to do now and your research is not it.”

“Your fight is a waste.”

“Your life is a waste. I only started living once I met my Roxanne. As smart she you think you are, you know nothing about life. My love for Roxanne remains and I will find her.”

Goons in black suits, similar to those at the camp, came up behind him.

“Cooperate please. You know we’ll get our way, besides I can make your life very unpleasant.”

072114 2“Do what you will. I only care about one thing. Roxanne!”

The woman raised her hand. A ball of light grew from the center of her palm until it flashed out all the darkness. His feet were swept up from underneath him and he landed on his back in the middle of a hovel.


#16 November 20, 2014 – Her Power (Roxanne’s POV)

It had been a year. Roxanne had felt this day coming. It was like a black hole pulling her towards the one thing she wished she had the power to change.

She’d spent the year trying to find a way to move on with her life. The Fates had won when they’d taken her Jonathon. They kept winning each day they kept them apart. The sharp pain in her heart nagged at her to move on, but she continued to pray she would find him again, that this horrible monotony would be broken.

111014She walked through the woods surrounding the cabin they’d shared during their last days together. It was her first trip back here. She’d thought it would hurt more, but in this place her memories seemed more alive.

In that moment, she knew she couldn’t move on. She wouldn’t. Not until they could do it together.


#17 April 28, 2014 – He’s Gone (Roxanne’s POV)

Roxanne climbed off her bike and kicked down the stand with more force than necessary. Something about the way the light bounced off Lake Michigan reminded her of the enchanting day she and Jonathon spent in Osaka. 

042814The cherry blossoms were magic that day. They’d made everything glow pink, even their blue jeans shined like the sweet flowering trees. They’d cuddled under them, believing they had all the time in the world. She’d give away all she’d ever had just to have him with her again. 

She walked along the edge of the lake struggling to keep the peace from that day alive in her heart. A drop of rain hit the path in front of her and she walked around a puddle. 042814 2She halted her forward movement and breathed in the world which now seemed so empty. 

It had been over a year since he vanished before her eyes, but not a day had gone by that she hadn’t thought of him. If she concentrated hard enough, she could still feel his arms holding her tight. 

A drop hit her cheek and reminded her that he was gone.


#18 January 19, 2015 – A Way Through (Jonathon’s POV)

Jonathon landed in Norfolk last week. Since he gave up on his attempts to reach Chicago, the fates have let him stay longer and longer in each spot. They might think he’d given up OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAon reaching his Roxanne, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It didn’t matter how long it took, he’d figure a way to get to her.

The search was the only thing keeping him going. The weight of losing her might get heavier every year, but the thought of giving up was something he couldn’t do.

He looked at his watch and began pacing. The innkeeper claimed the town philosopher walked by this time every afternoon. It had taken him far too long this time to track someone down. Any minute, the fates could take him away. He kicked the side of the building. If he was ever going to find a way, he’d have to up his game.

Landing in the swamp area last year was his turning point. The tribe he’d met in the surrounding woods had provided him with a wealth of information. From their teachings, 011915he’d learned the importance of perspective. They may have given him research for the fates, but, more importantly, they sparked an idea.

He might not be able to get to Roxanne, but she might be able to bring him to her.

His gaze caught movement behind him. He tripped over his feet as he crossed the street.

“Mr. Perkins?”

“Yes?” The man kept moving, only glancing his way for a mere second.

“Sir, I’m hoping you can help me.” He picked up his pace. Heat raced up the front of his shins. “Please, you might be my last hope.” Tension buzzed through him each time his heels struck the pavement.

“Not here.” His stride remained even. “My shop’s on the next block.”

He struggled to keep pace with the little man. A moment later, they entered the dusty shop.

“I’ve been expecting you.” He pulled out a box from behind the counter and laid out a pen, a notebook, and a candle. “We have no time to waste.”


#19 August 5, 2013 – Simple Instructions (Roxanne’s POV)

080513 2The evidence was right in front of Roxanne. He’d been here. He was real.

Seven years after he disappeared in front of her eyes, he was still fresh in her memories. She might have stopped looking at the things he’d left behind, but she could never forget the time they’d shared together.

Memories flashed before her eyes this evening when a chance encounter with a medium mentioned his name.


080513The woman’s candles had warmed the cool room with their spicy scent until they changed when she’d said his name. There was no mistaking the musk of his aftershave. Roxanne cried out when it dissipated.

“Will it come back? Can you get it back?” The crack in her voice matched the feeling in her heart.

“You can get it all back.” The woman reached and touched her hand. “Simply look at what’s left.”

Roxanne had run all the way home to set out each of the items. Nothing new jumped out. She scrunched her face and clamped her jaw tight. It has to be here. Her fingers touched each piece again and landed on the little notebook.

She flipped through the familiar pages, but the last page had something new. The short passage was followed by a simple instruction.

Say it and it will be true.

“Jonathon, come home to me.”

A piercing light filled her room and then was gone, revealing her heart’s desire.


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