Reading Order

All of my books are standalones but characters do cross over and there are fabulous fun tidbits mixed all the way through. You can read them in any order, preference order or series order. I suggest reading them in release order which is listed below.

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Club Voyage World

  1. Taking Chances, Love Projects 1
    1. Hero & Heroine: Jake and Lydia
    2. Side Characters: Simon, Gina, Anne, Keller, Charlie, and Sean
  2. Untangle Me
    1. Hero & Heroine: Seth and Ivy
    2. Side Characters:  Brad, Candy, Rob, Keller, Charlie
  3. Taking Courage, Love Projects 2
    1. Hero & Heroine: Simon and Janna
    2. Side Characters:  Jake, Lydia, Gina, Anne, Keller, Charlie
  4. Unravel Me, Executive Assistant Anthology
    1. Hero & Heroine: Colin and Mary
    2. Side Characters: Jen, Lori, Ruth, Charlie, Keller, Jane
  5. In the Blind, Club Blind 1
    1. Hero & Heroine: Rob and Jane
    2. Side Characters: Marcus, Gina, Charlie, Keller
  6. Unshakable Me, Uniform Fetish Anthology
    1. Hero & Heroine: Miles and Emma
    2. Side Characters: Colin, Mary, Candy, Keller, Charlie
  7. Taking Over, Love Projects 3
    1. Hero & Heroine: Marcus and Gina
    2. Side Characters: Jake, Lydia, Simon, Janna, Leslie, Keller, Charlie
  8. Far from Blind, Club Blind 2
    1. Hero & Heroine: Brad and Candy
    2. Side Characters: Seth, Ivy, Marcus, Rob, Charlie, Keller

Although the Assassins and Sweethearts Series is in the Club Voyage World, the characters do not cross over in the same way.

The Destiny Romances, currently only include Common Grounds, are written in a different world