Links of the week #29

No surprise, I have great links to share today. I’ve told the hubs to take a break until SYTYCD is over, but they’re taking the next two weeks off. Jeff will be back next week with more great music. Wait till you see the clip I have for you this week, you’re in for a real treat.


Ashley Clark at The Writers Alley : Preparing the Perfect Pitch

Writer’s Life

Janet Reid, Literary Agent : If you are a writer, watch this

Act I / Opening

Jane Lebak at QueryTracker : Engaging Openings <–don’t miss all the links inside

Dialogue / Grammar

Lynnette Labelle : Dialogue Tag Misconceptions

Write Fresh

Marcy Kennedy : Three Ways The Emotion Thesaurus Helps You Write Better

Character Development 

Writing Fiction Right from novelist Gail Gaymer Martin : Four Personality Types For Characterization

Becca Weston at Peculiar Light : My Family’s Defining Qualities and What That Means for Your Characters

Narrative / Internalization

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : Internal Medicine: How Much Internalization is Too Much? <– don’t miss the extra links to past posts, a fabulous full review

Conflict / Tension

Becca Puglisi at A Writer’s Journey : Becca Puglusi on Conflict vs. Tension


Becca Puglisi at Writing, Reading, and Life : Tension-Building Tips, Rowling Style: A Guest Post by Becca Puglisi


Kristi Boyce at The Write Practice : Read Terrible Books

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : The Eyes Have it: Are You “Over Looking” Things in Your Manuscript?

Social Media

Molly Greene : How can a writer use Scoop.It!?


An interesting week of performances. Some great, some okay, and some strange song choices. I had no idea which performance to share until it came time for the guest performance. Sorry contestants, but you were smoked this week by Alvin Ailey. The company has been around since 1958, so no one should be surprised. Check out the power and conflict in this piece choreographed by Robert Battle.

The Hunt

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