Flash Fiction #17

Thanks for stopping. Another picture…another 100 words.

He entered the room and found Jessie dead to the world in the middle of the show room floor. The war paint across her eyes marked her as a yet to be acknowledged artist on the ship. Her devotion to the craft was unheard of, most women gave up after the first couple trials. Not many had the devotion necessary to stick with it. At times he thought her reckless, but he could no longer deny his desire to control her wild side. He tugged on the loose ribbon. She uncoiled herself like a delicate flower waking in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed my flash today!! Don’t forget to follow the link to get to the other FFF posts. Flasher Fiction Friday. Or click away on the links below.

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10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #17

  1. Wow, this is a deep and thought provoking Flash, but to be honest – I’m not quite sure what happened. Artist, trials, ship, devotion to the craft – whew, there is a lot going on in those 100 words. If this was the first 100 words in a book, I would be compelled to keep reading in order to find out what happens next and that’s what makes this an excellent flasher. Well done.

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