Links of the week #33

I had high hopes for this week, thirty-three is one of my favorite numbers. When both of your kids have birthdays in the same week and you’re hosting the huge family/friend party on Sunday, things tend not to go as planned. I got to as many posts as I could and of course I have my fav SYTYCD performance of the week below, but I’d love it if you could help me out.

Tell me, what post was your fav this week?


Anne R. Allen : Should You Eliminate “Was” From Your Writing? Why Sometimes “the Rules” are Wrong.


Jane at QueryTracker Blog : Overtelling, Overshowing, Overselling

Social Media

Meghan Ward at Writerland : Hashtags: How to Use Them Without Abusing Them


Nigel reminded me of a George Ballanchine quote, “I don’t want dancers who want to dance. I want dancers who have to dance.” I agree with Nigel, this performance captures that statement, plus the lighting is fabulous.

What you might have missed here

Six Sentence Sunday #30 – Seeing is believing

Flash Fiction #21 – He’s smiling now

Links of the week #31

It’s Saturday and time to review the treats from the week. The hubs is back with a music pick for you to enjoy.

Write Fresh

Maggie Lawson at Stacy Green – Turning the Page : Thriller Thursday: Margie Lawson – Visceral RULES!

Character Descriptions

Megan Ward at Writerland : How to Write Kick-Ass Character Descriptions

Story / Conflict

Roz Morris at Nail Your Novel : If something matters in your story, your characters must earn it

Show/Tell & Editing

Aimee L. Salter at Seeking the Write Life : “Telling” is Another Word for “Let Me Explain”

Corinne Duyvis at The Other Side of the Story : Guest Author Corinne Duyvis: Fast Drafting, Fast Editing


Shannon Donnelly at Writers In The Storm : Tips on Subtext ~ What Is It REALLY?


Mary Keeley at Books & Such Literary Agency : 9 Tips for Writing a Perfect Synopsis


Cassandra Carr at Hot Blogging with Heart : Thursday Thirteen 8/9/12- 13 Reasons an Author Shouldn’t Be an Island

Cara Bristol : More to promoting fellow authors than being nice…

Writer Business

Caitlin Muir at Author Media : 11 Places to Get a Free and Legal Photo for Your Blog

Roni Loren : Want Private Inspiration Boards? Alternatives to Pinterest

Marketing for Romance Writers : MFRW’s Annual “Write-place, Write-time” Submissions 2012 <– How cool is this! AND a pitch camp

John Yeoman at Writers’ Village : How to Use Strategic Guest Posting to Sell Books

Caitlin Muir at Author Media : What Every Author Needs To Know About Alt Text

Writer’s Life

Laurell K. Hamilton : Don’t Let Perfectionism Stop You <– a must read

Julie Glover : Ergonomics for Writers: Tension on the Page, Not on Your Back

Music from Jeffrey

This is ‘Shoofly Pie’ by The Wood Brothers from the album ‘Smoke Ring Halo’

It’s a team of two brothers.  One plays guitar and sings, and writes most of the tunes, and the other plays bass and sings.

The bass player, Chris Wood, has been a part of a very successful instrumental group called Medeski, Martin and Wood.  They are definitely an influence on my Jazz trio and on me personally.

Apparently, Chris and his brother never really played music together until later in life.  They’ve added a drummer, who also sings, and it seems they’ve really clicked.  I’ve enjoyed their previous albums but this one really stands apart.  It’s not quite as loose while still feeling greasy and funky.

They have a rootsy sound which allows them to cover a lot of ground.  From blues to gospel to southern soul to funk to folk, they’ve got it all in there in one shape or form.

I’m anxious to hear their albums from here on out.  I really think they’re on to something!

What you might have missed here:

Six Sentence Sunday #28

Flash Fiction #19 – His Brother’s Girl

Links of the week #30

No surprises, I found fabulous stuff this week to share, but the hubs forgot to send me a music clip. I’m not going to leave you hangin with nothing, though. I’ve included a clip of one of the hubs all time favorites. A song writer that has greatly influenced my husbands song writing and double score that the performance was recorded near our own Detroit Rock City.

Act 1 / Opening Lines

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : In the Beginning: Which Type of Opening Works Best?


Tiffany Reisz at The Other Side of the Story : Guest Author Tiffany Reisz: Forget He Said, She Said – Three Easy Tricks for Better Dialogue

Angela Ackerma at Perpetual Chaos of a Wandering Mind : Guest Post: Showing Emotion In Dialogue-heavy Scenes

Conflict / Stakes

Kara Lennox at Writers In the Storm : Raise the Stakes


Rachel Thompson at Molly Greene Writer : 5 Book Promotion Tactics That Really Work!

Writer’s Life

Kait Nolan : Boing Boing! Increasing Your Resilience And Bouncing Back

Writer Business

Jen Talty at Bob Mayer’s Blog : The difference between lending, borrowing and pirates.

Music I know Jeff loves

Elvis Costello & the Attractions at the Royal Oak Theatre, Detroit on 22nd May 1978

What you might have missed here:

Six Sunday #27

Shelton’s Homecoming by Dianne Hartsock QandA / Giveaway <–comments are still open for the giveaway!!

Flash Fiction #18

Links of the week #14

All kinds of good stuff this week and a fantastic book trailer

Writer’s Life

This post hit home for me, it’s from the Round of Words in 80-days blog: The Number One Way To Reach Your Goals: Write! by Belle DiMonte

Big thanks to fellow ROW80er Barbara McDowell who provided great links in her check-in this week Ali Luke over at Aliventures posted in January of last year: 7 Habits of Serious Writers, Ali has a great site and I’m having tons of fun there.

Gabrielle Bisset had Ginger Simpson Guest Post this week: Write with Purpose

Kristen Lamb hit the nail on the head this week with her post Stress Less, Write More


Roni Loren gives us some tips: How To Dish Out Backstory In Digestible Bites #atozchallenge

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story provided additional tips for dialog: Your Words Are Dead to Me: Infodumps Through Dialog


Leia Shaw was at Nights of Passion this week with a list of characteristics your leading lady will need to, well, please all the picky bitches. The post made me giggle, but it’s some serious stuff. Pleasing Picky Bitches by Leia Shaw

Carrie Ann Ryan was over at Louisa Bacio’s this week Getting into the Mind of My Characters with Carrie Ann Ryan


Two of my favs came together this week. Janice Hardy was at Writers In The Storm!! 5 Ways to Bring Your Descriptions to Life by Janice Hardy


Holy smokes Janice hit out of the park twice this week. This time on her site, The Other Side of the Story: Clarifying Thoughts: Revising Your Outlines to Make the Writing Easier

Social Media

Jenny Hansen is here to help again with Triberr. Her post this week has links to all her past posts on Triberr and this week she covers the most recent changes: If You Can’t Find Anything in the New #Triberr, You’re In the Right Post! #AtoZchallenge


Karen Rought over at the Midnight Novalist wrote a post this past Monday that made me giggle: Word Wisdom: Phrases I’ve Misinterpreted

Here at my blog you might have missed Spotlight: Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy you can also click here to go to Stacey’s site, once there you’ll find a Teaser (Chapter 1!) and the Buy links. I’m leaving you with Stacey’s trailer b/c it rocks and not many trailers do. This trailer is totally worth a watch.

Links of the week #12

Hope you are having a happy weekend. Below are lots of good tidbits, don’t miss the video at the bottom. Enjoy!

Writer Business/Life

Rachelle Gardner started a series of posts this week: How to Make a Living as a Writer, Part OnePart Two & Making a Living as a Writer: Challenges 

Shelley Munro gives a gold mind of good stuff in her post this week: Tools for Writers. She includes links to posts on her journey, a post on dealing with the mean pirates, a post on some cool free tools from Google, and a link to Roni Loren’s fantastic post in which she provides books for your writer woes…Plus she provides information for joining a yahoo loop that provides free classes- Marketing for Romance Writers

David Gaughran provided this cool bit: Selling Ebooks Direct: How To Set Up A Simple E-Bookstore

Kait Nolan shared her playlist in this post: Daughter of the Hunt Playlist


Toni Kelly is back this week with Promotion: Stage 3

Character Development

Sharla Rae was at Jenny Hansen’s site this week for Keep Your Characters True To Themselves

Point of View

Are you over complicating your story? From The Other Side of the Story Lost in the Crowd: Working With Multiple Point of View Characters


Also from The Other Side of the Story: Baby Got Backstory: Dealing With Backstory in Your Novel 

The above link pairs really well with this link from The Sharp Angle: Good Flashback vs Bad Flashback

Social Media

Thank you Kristen Lamb for this one, I do feel better Understanding Author Platform Part 2–All the World Wide Web’s a Stage

Over at The Other Side of the Story I found a real treat: Guest Author Tiffany Reisz : A Twitter-Sweet Love Story

I hope everyone found something.

To end I have a little treat. My dear husband found this video for me. My original love, Eddie Vedder is singing Falling Slowly with Glen Hansard!

Links of the week #11

I’ve gathered a little bit of this and a little bit of that this week. Hope everyone finds something.

One of my fav reviewing sites, Delighted Reader, is taking applications!! Check it out: Taking applications for reviewers!

Systematic Revisions (redux) from Sierra Godfrey

Over at Anne R. Allen’s Blog: When Should an Author Hire an Editor? How to Avoid Scams


Freshen up on word confusion with Julie Glover this week and her post Miss Spelling Returns: Words that Get Confused


Toni Kelly at Nights of Passion is back this week with Promotion: Stage 2

Social Media:

Love Kristen Lamb, you know that, right?  When Jacqui Murray mentions Kristen in her Write Anything post How to do Social Media Right I had to click through and it was excellent food for thought.

Roni Loren asked this week: Are You Hiding Behind a Wall on Your Blog? she provides examples AND solutions

Query Letter

Scott Eagan lists the points that need to be caught in the troubling blurb paragraph: Your Story Blurb Has To Be Precise – Rejections Come When These Aren’t


I enjoyed Lydia Sharp’s post this week about The Secret Plot immensely, must read for plotters!!


Janice Hardy from The Other Side of the Story provided: What’s My Motivation? Tips on Showing Character Motivations

Write Fresh

Jenny Hansen’s blog had Margie Lawson this week for #Writing 50,000 Inimitable Smiles by Margie Lawson

Place Descriptions

Janice Hardy from The Other Side of the Story also provided: The Literary Tour Guide: How Much do you Need to Describe Your Setting? 

Everyone needs a good laugh

Still laughing my ass off about this one, thank you Jenny: The Almost X-Rated Garage Sale

Well that’s all for this week folks, have a good one.

Links of the week #10

Finding incredible posts to read while you are on vacation is like finding the perfect shell on the beach, found a couple of those too. Per my pattern I have a great list below, enjoy

1st things first, the end of the paypal trouble. Morticia Knight at Daring Adventures in Writing provided: #Paypal #Censorship Fiasco is Over!!! (At Least For Now). Sara York the Author of Sexy Books for Smart Women and Men published: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Censorship and Writing, which includes a great quote from Sara and an update from Mark Coker Founder Smashwords

Toni Kelly from Nights of Passion started a new series this week!! Promotion: Stage 1

Ann Cory reminded me we are not alone with her post: Insecurities and Synopsis Writing

Jenny Hansen had a guest this week, Tiffany Lawson Inman, and she included a guest too, Teel James Glenn: What Is More Dramatic Than A Fight? by Tiffany Lawson Inman

Sonia G Medeiros posted yesterday The Art of Stumbling in the Street, she talks about StumbleUpon and the street art she’s found there- love when art gets my mind all a plotting, thanks Sonia

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story helps us strengthen our prose this week with Do or Do Not. There is No Try: Clarifying What Your Characters Do. Do you have  half-finished manuscript? The Other Side of the Story can help with that too: So Where Were We Again? Salvaging Half-Finished Manuscripts.

Molly Greene provided the Best Editing Tip Ever #2 – Mobi Files!

Lydia Sharp had a fantastic post this week with Writing Toward Your Midpoint

I’ve had a wonderful vacation week. Sadly today is my last full day and tomorrow is a travel day, bummer. Great memories and lots of pictures in my camera and mind will carry me home and back to finding posts to share with all of you.

Links of the week #6

There are a bunch of hashtags I keep my eye on in twitter, what are your favorites?

    • #10queriesin10tweets (usually on Thursday afternoons)
    • @Ann_Collette (she runs 12 tweets regarding queries from her slush at least once a week)
    • Today I found  Laura Bradford (@bradfordlit) was on #askagent, very interesting, she answered questions for a couple of hours
    • #writetip or #pubtip
    • #amwriting #amediting # writing
    • #ROW80 of course
    • I love me some #sixsunday

I really enjoy Kristen Lamb, I’ve already linked to her a few times. Her Thursday post is a great read Bracing for Impact-The Future of Big Publishing in the new paradigm

Sara Brookes is running a series all month on first submission stories from published authors. Here is her first post in the series

Via Roni Loren (she offers a great list of links each Friday. You should think about subscribing to her site, great posts!!) I found this post over at Copyblogger about marketing on Pinterest. Also from Roni I found ‘s site Seeking the Write Life and her post Self-Editing #9 – Getting Specific: NOUNS. Aimee also offers a great tab on her site entitled Plot Development Tips

While on the Copyblogger site I found this helpful post Are You Making These 7 Mistakes With Your About Page?

Have you had any cowbell this week? Make sure to visit Jenny here and then don’t miss Margie Lawson’s Valentine’s post on Jenny’s site entitled GET FRESH: Write Heart-pounding Visceral Responses! ~ Guest Post by Margie Lawson

Such good stuff each week, I LOVE IT!! Have a great week everyone!!

Links of the week #5

Really good stuff this week my friends!! Tools, news, and spreadsheets. Don’t be afraid, because the spreadsheet does all the work. Now don’t be shy. Click away and have some fun!!

At Kathy Carmichael’s Romance, Mystery & Myhem site, there is a series entitled Rom Hands-on Synopsis Workshop & this post is entitled  Fast, Easy, Painless: Writing the Short Synopsis Hands-On Workshop

Lisa Gardner’s site she has a Writer’s Toolbox with all kinds of good stuff

Over at Writer’s Unboxed, their tag line: about the craft and business of fiction. Twitter led me here, to an article by Therese Walsh, entitled Writing the Synopsis

Pinterest is in the news and not in a good way, but maybe not a bad way either, as long as you know. Josh Davis over at  provided two interesting posts this week, here is the first Pinterest is quietly generating revenue by modifying user submitted pins and here is the second, a follow-up: What was learned from the Pinterest link modification story.

This week from Writers In the Storm- Sharla Rae provided some great tools with Mining For Character Emotions

One of the coolest spreadsheets I’ve seen can be found through Jami Gold’s site this week in her post How to Use the “Save the Cat” Beat Sheet for Revisions

Links of the week #4

I had a pretty great week, re-balance, change…more about that tomorrow in my #ROW80 check-in. There is some really good stuff below, info on being a career author, industry news, funny with taxes, query help, and plotting diagnostics. Hope you have something fun planned for Super Bowl Sunday, whether it involves football or not.


Kristen Lamb provided some food for thought with this post: Training to Be a Career Author–Writing is More than the Writing

It’s Official: B&N Will Not Stock Titles Published By Amazon

Have you ever read a post about taxes that makes you smile and giggle, no? Well than, you must check on Jenny Hansen’s post from this week: Nifty Links and Tools For Tax Season (Pay attention, Writers!)

I always look forward to Sara Megibow’s #10queriesin10tweets and this week was no exception. This week she provided a link were I have found a ton of good information, including a blog workshop series for writing the pitch for your query

Two of my blog favorites came together yesterday, Kristen LambWriters In The Storm Blog. I’ll be re-reading this post for a while to come: The Doctor is in the House–Novel Diagnostics by Kristen Lamb