Links of the week #6

There are a bunch of hashtags I keep my eye on in twitter, what are your favorites?

    • #10queriesin10tweets (usually on Thursday afternoons)
    • @Ann_Collette (she runs 12 tweets regarding queries from her slush at least once a week)
    • Today I found  Laura Bradford (@bradfordlit) was on #askagent, very interesting, she answered questions for a couple of hours
    • #writetip or #pubtip
    • #amwriting #amediting # writing
    • #ROW80 of course
    • I love me some #sixsunday

I really enjoy Kristen Lamb, I’ve already linked to her a few times. Her Thursday post is a great read Bracing for Impact-The Future of Big Publishing in the new paradigm

Sara Brookes is running a series all month on first submission stories from published authors. Here is her first post in the series

Via Roni Loren (she offers a great list of links each Friday. You should think about subscribing to her site, great posts!!) I found this post over at Copyblogger about marketing on Pinterest. Also from Roni I found ‘s site Seeking the Write Life and her post Self-Editing #9 – Getting Specific: NOUNS. Aimee also offers a great tab on her site entitled Plot Development Tips

While on the Copyblogger site I found this helpful post Are You Making These 7 Mistakes With Your About Page?

Have you had any cowbell this week? Make sure to visit Jenny here and then don’t miss Margie Lawson’s Valentine’s post on Jenny’s site entitled GET FRESH: Write Heart-pounding Visceral Responses! ~ Guest Post by Margie Lawson

Such good stuff each week, I LOVE IT!! Have a great week everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Links of the week #6

  1. Sidney, thanks for the links! I had so much fun with both those posts and I’m glad you did too.

    I hang out at all those hashtags, plus if I miss the word sprints on #ROW80, I head on over to #wordmongering. They start on the hour and the half hour EVERY hour. It’s awesome. 🙂

    Do you ever visit #myWANA? We have parties over there a lot too. Plus, Kristen Lamb monitors that one pretty closely.

    • If you couldn’t tell already I’m a big fan! 🙂 thanks for having such fun and educational posts!!! Thanks for telling me about #wordmongering, I need to check that out. I’m considering adding a weekly word count goal & these #s should be helpful. My #myWANA column is right next to my #ROW80 column 🙂 need to spend some more time checking it out.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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