ROW80 check-in #8

I’ve had a couple of struggle weeks and I’m desperately trying to keep my chin above the keyboard. What did I find going on in my head this week? Was it: More of the same, a new face to the madness, or was it something altogether different…

Thanks to some tremendous comments last week my mind has actually calmed and ACCEPTED the task ahead. I no longer have that hopeless feeling. It’s going to take one step at a time and all steps WILL be moving in a forward direction.

I’m working on some new goals. I’m not a nail biter, but I suddenly had the urge.

I’m going to try a few on for size and see what fits. My current goal is to spend an hour a week with my characters, which I will continue as it has been working well. I would also like to add some goals for reading my craft books/blogs, which is something I have been doing. I have not been tracking my time and I think I’ll be shocked by how much time this task is soaking up. I would really like to add a word count goal…I’m going to start with 2,000 a week. OH BOY!! I did make that goal this week, yeah!! Lastly, I need to add an editing goal. My first book needs a lot more work and unless I’m working on it weekly it is not going to get finished, EEK! That will NOT do.

My to-do list is weighty, but it can only get done one step at a time. I can feel the pressure sliding off my chest. There is still so much to be done, but the course is getting built. It is up to me whether or not I stay on track.

The ROW80 check-ins have been extremely helpful. I’m happier than ever that I signed up!!

Have a great week everyone.

6 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #8

  1. sounds like you have similar goals as me. Its hard to find a balance for everything, reading, writing, blogging, etc. It took me about 4-6 months to really find a schedule that worked well for me. Thanks to ROW80 I managed to figure out this schedule by trial and error. Have a great week. here’s looking to 2,000! 🙂

  2. Well it sounds to me that you are doing great SJ! Remember baby steps, but you are moving things forward and that’s awesome! Every time I come by you seem to have it together. Have another great week! 🙂

    • ah Karen you are so sweet!! I started ROW80 to keep me in line and it is certainly doing its job. Moving forward and trusting the process…I want that to be me and so it shall 🙂 gosh I hope

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