Six Sentence Sunday #8

In the last three weeks we’ve learned Lydia and Jake are about to spend some lengthy time together locked in a room and working on a project. In the previous 6s we’ve gotten a glimpse at both Lydia’s and Jake’s first thoughts. This week we continue in Jake’s head as he enters THE room.


He returned to the conference room early with the excuse of clearing the table.

Maybe his mind would calm down by doing the mindless task.

The door opened to reveal Lydia with her back to him across the room.

His body heated at the sight of her.

She was looking out the window, but all he could look at was the slope of her neck.

 He was in a lot of trouble.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I’d really like to know what you think of my 6 & the picture of Jake. He’s cute and sexy, right? I love comments and I love to respond to my comments too. Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors. Lots of good stuff at Six Sunday. Try to find a new favorite today. happy hunting!

21 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #8

    • I could tell ya, but just come back next week 😉
      ya, I like the pic too. He’s dreamy and maybe a little conflicted, that’s my Jake…or should I say Lydia’s- nope too soon for that!

    • Thanks for stopping by and once again welcome to six sunday!! I like Jake’s pic too. So much fun to put a face on what you see in your head
      Thanks for reading my back sixes and the twitter follow! Please come back next week.

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