Links of the week #7

I’ve had an interesting week. I’m trying to reign in the crazy (but educating) amount of time I spend on reading blogs. I collected blogs to read all week, but did not read them until a specified time. It was hard at first to stay on task and file posts away for later, but man I got things done this week!…anywho…here are the sweet morsels I found and must share this week. They were all worth waiting for 🙂

Marc and Angel Hack Life offered up some fan~freaking~tastic advice with the post 12 Things Highly Productive People Do Differently (I’ll be talking more about this post in my ROW80 update tomorrow!!) and while you are there take a look at 12 Things Successful People Do Differently really good stuff, yum!

The lovely Kristen Lamb provided The Seven Deadly Sins of Prologues. She not only warns of the pitfalls, she also explains when they can be a good idea, plus she provides links to a bunch of other posts on the topic

Have you joined a tribe on triberr yet? I have, but need to spend a lot more time figuring things out and I’m going to do that by reading Jenny Hansen’s triberr posts. She has five posts now on the subject and this week’s postcontains links to the original 4. I’m filing this post away in the must read file, because it sounds like some triberr/twitter fun, from the Triberr blog: How To Turn Your Blog Into a Twitter Powerhouse

The Storyfixer, Larry Brooks, brought us this week: Elevate Your Story Through the Sublime – and Subliminal – Use of Sub-Text

Janice Hardy over at The Other Side of the Story offered up And…End Scene: When to Add a Scene Break, she provides a great list options and a warning to remember

Writers In The Storm had a lovely guest yesterday, Tiffany Lawson Inman and her post Too Quick To Tears: Emotional Timing Is Everything. Great post to read while plotting, editing, writing…

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I’m off to write.

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