Links of the week #12

Hope you are having a happy weekend. Below are lots of good tidbits, don’t miss the video at the bottom. Enjoy!

Writer Business/Life

Rachelle Gardner started a series of posts this week: How to Make a Living as a Writer, Part OnePart Two & Making a Living as a Writer: Challenges 

Shelley Munro gives a gold mind of good stuff in her post this week: Tools for Writers. She includes links to posts on her journey, a post on dealing with the mean pirates, a post on some cool free tools from Google, and a link to Roni Loren’s fantastic post in which she provides books for your writer woes…Plus she provides information for joining a yahoo loop that provides free classes- Marketing for Romance Writers

David Gaughran provided this cool bit: Selling Ebooks Direct: How To Set Up A Simple E-Bookstore

Kait Nolan shared her playlist in this post: Daughter of the Hunt Playlist


Toni Kelly is back this week with Promotion: Stage 3

Character Development

Sharla Rae was at Jenny Hansen’s site this week for Keep Your Characters True To Themselves

Point of View

Are you over complicating your story? From The Other Side of the Story Lost in the Crowd: Working With Multiple Point of View Characters


Also from The Other Side of the Story: Baby Got Backstory: Dealing With Backstory in Your Novel 

The above link pairs really well with this link from The Sharp Angle: Good Flashback vs Bad Flashback

Social Media

Thank you Kristen Lamb for this one, I do feel better Understanding Author Platform Part 2–All the World Wide Web’s a Stage

Over at The Other Side of the Story I found a real treat: Guest Author Tiffany Reisz : A Twitter-Sweet Love Story

I hope everyone found something.

To end I have a little treat. My dear husband found this video for me. My original love, Eddie Vedder is singing Falling Slowly with Glen Hansard!

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