Links of the week #10

Finding incredible posts to read while you are on vacation is like finding the perfect shell on the beach, found a couple of those too. Per my pattern I have a great list below, enjoy

1st things first, the end of the paypal trouble. Morticia Knight at Daring Adventures in Writing provided: #Paypal #Censorship Fiasco is Over!!! (At Least For Now). Sara York the Author of Sexy Books for Smart Women and Men published: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Censorship and Writing, which includes a great quote from Sara and an update from Mark Coker Founder Smashwords

Toni Kelly from Nights of Passion started a new series this week!! Promotion: Stage 1

Ann Cory reminded me we are not alone with her post: Insecurities and Synopsis Writing

Jenny Hansen had a guest this week, Tiffany Lawson Inman, and she included a guest too, Teel James Glenn: What Is More Dramatic Than A Fight? by Tiffany Lawson Inman

Sonia G Medeiros posted yesterday The Art of Stumbling in the Street, she talks about StumbleUpon and the street art she’s found there- love when art gets my mind all a plotting, thanks Sonia

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story helps us strengthen our prose this week with Do or Do Not. There is No Try: Clarifying What Your Characters Do. Do you have  half-finished manuscript? The Other Side of the Story can help with that too: So Where Were We Again? Salvaging Half-Finished Manuscripts.

Molly Greene provided the Best Editing Tip Ever #2 – Mobi Files!

Lydia Sharp had a fantastic post this week with Writing Toward Your Midpoint

I’ve had a wonderful vacation week. Sadly today is my last full day and tomorrow is a travel day, bummer. Great memories and lots of pictures in my camera and mind will carry me home and back to finding posts to share with all of you.

1 thought on “Links of the week #10

  1. Sidney, look at your amazing-ness here! Not only is this a fantastic mashup, but I just looked at your WIP that is almost done in your Word Counter. WOW. I’m totally happy for you.

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