ROW80 check-in #11

I’m leaving for vacation today. YEAH!! Right now I am either running around the house, driving to/from the airport, or standing on the beach. It is going to be a crazy, exciting, relaxing day. The 7-days leading up to travel day are always crazy for me, aren’t they for everyone? The big question is did I make time for writing this week, the truth is in, where are my priorities?

Sunday through Wednesday brought me zero words and barely any time with my characters. Sure I was crazy with work, preparing for the trip, and pulling together tax stuff (our goal was to get everything to the accountant before we left today- score, that got done!!), but come on, I can do better than zilch!! Thursday brought me back to comfort. I got coffee time with my characters and writing too.

Distraction was the name of the game this week. Do you have a problem writing when you are distracted? Man oh man, each time I went to work on a scene my mind wandered to packing or cleaning or yuck, taxes. Luckily I got my to-do list done and we are happily on our way to Florida. But what about my characters? Poor Lydia wants some challenges and success too and poor forgotten Sam wants to know when I’m going to finish writing the last couple of scenes for her book!

I finally got to writing on Friday and Saturday and I ended the week with 487 words 😦 I’m totally bummed. My expectations should not have been so high for such a busy week…lesson learned. My priorities are fine, I’m not going to beat myself up over the poor output this week, but I see where some better planning could have helped…lesson learned.

I blogged a little this week too, have you seen my links post from yesterday? Go for the links and stay for the video of Dave Grohl!!

I’m still in the middle of reading James Scott Bells plot and structures and when that is done I will jump right into another craft book, but what about an on-line course? Hmm…I’ve been thinking about this for a while and there are several I’ve been thinking about. Friday I registered for Angela James’ Before You Hit Send workshop and I’m excited!! Not only will I learn a ton over the course of the 3-weeks, but I know this is the next step I need. The decision is making me feel like a writer. Yes, I’ve felt like a writer before, but each step (writing day after day, reading about the craft, joining ROW80, making a word count goal) makes me feel more confident and capable of claiming the moniker.

I am a writer.

I said it and now I need to own it. I am a writer. My skills are a work in progress, but the truth is in. I am a writer.

My vacation priority will be reading and spending time with my characters. Plotting WILL occur on my vacation. I’ll be back next week with tales from the vaca.  Next week I’ll also be back to: butt in seat, fingers on the keyboard and I will write.

10 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #11

  1. You sound like you’ve got a solid handle on where you want to go and that is awesome! I’m thinking about Angela’s class too, just need to see if I have the funds right now.

    Hope you have a fantastic vacation! Love Florida 🙂

    • Yes, funds, not thinking about that part right now 🙂 I will most certainly let you know what I think, if you don’t end up taking the class yourself
      So far the vaca is pretty spectacular, both my boys were angels on the flight, score!!

  2. Do I have a problem writing when I have distractions? YES. I think it’s normal. Keeping a schedule helps me but there are still times when distractions rule. Keep at it and you’ll win.

    • Yeah for normal!! A schedule, yes, this is really the next thing I need to tackle. Getting in 2,000 words all willy nilly is bound to lead me to unaccomplished places. Thanks for putting the word “schedule” in my head!!

  3. Oh, god, I get distracted SO EASILY. I mean, right now I *should* be editing my MS, but I am reading ROW80 blogs instead. 😛

    Enjoy your vacation! You’ll come back all refreshed and ready to get back into writing!

    • Getting distracted by the net that is blog reading is my biggest weakness!!
      I’m already feeling the tingles of fresh air seeping into my skin. Thanks for helping me feel normal and encouraging me for my return!!

  4. Good job in the midst of a busy week. Glad you are not beating yourself up. It is hard to get it all done sometimes. I love the Plot and Structure book too. And your WIP progress widgets. Gotta see if I can get those for my novel WIP and to track short stories. Have a great vacation!

    • I’ve been known in the past for quietly beating myself up, over…and over…and over!! Blogging has certainly helped me to simply learn a lesson and move on!!
      I got the link for WIP widgets from Kait Nolan’s site 🙂 they are fun to look at, especially if you remember to update them 😉

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