ROW80 check-in #12

The end of the my first round of 80-days has arrived. I survived. More importantly I wrote. I continued working on my first ever WIP and started my second, adding just shy of 12,000 words. Not bad considering I WAS the girl who was too afraid to even have a word count goal. I have continued to find like-minded folks through the social medias and I’m finding my stride.

This round helped me to dip my toe at a word count goal (2,000/week, which I hit a few times during the end of the round) and that more than anything is helping me to claim the name of writer.

Writer is NOT my only goal here, so onward I must march.

I’m excited an anxious to start my 2nd round of 80-days. My mind is all a crazy with goal ideas. I took it easy with my first round goal, but it helped me to take a firm step forward. My goal for this 1st round was to simply spend one hour a day with my characters. The hour helped to spur word count sprints and would leave me giddy all day long!! I have a strong desire to challenge myself in the 2nd round. My hour will remain, but word counts and edit goals WILL be added.

Thank you to all the other ROW80 participants!! We hung in there and I’m very proud of us all.

Goodbye round 1, you will always be my first and for that alone I’m taking fond memories with me.

4 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #12

  1. I’ve been with ROW80 from the beginning and it’s been great. Everyone has different goals, and it’s hard to find that place between pushing yourself too hard and not challenging yourself enough. The good thing is that you can change goals if you need to. It’s good that you’re willing to set more goals in Round Two. Challenge yourself a little. And be willing to cut those goals back if they seem to be too much.

    Good luck with Round Two, and I’ll see you there!

  2. What a great first round! (I didn’t even finish my first.) I have found that with each successive round, my goals get more focused and achievable, while still pushing me. Great word count! So exciting to be on novel #2, isn’t it? I love the word sprints with #row80 and #teamsprinty as well.

    See you in Round 2. Fabulous job, SJ!!!

    • Focused, I like that word and it’s what I was completely missing pre-ROW80. I’m hoping the focus will continue to improve during my 2nd round. It’s very exciting to start the 2nd book, even though the 1st isn’t totally done. I need to join the word sprint fun, it will help with the word- focus 🙂

      Yes, see you in Round 2!!

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