Shelton’s Homecoming by Dianne Hartsock QandA / Giveaway

Shelton’s Homecoming by Dianne Hartsock

Released: June 29, 2012 by Breathless Press

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I’m excited to have in the ehouse today a fellow flasher and teaser, Dianne Hartsock. This post is full of all kinds of good stuff. You saw all the links just above to all things Dianne. I also got Dianne to answer some questions, she’s sharing an excerpt from her latest release, Shelton’s Homecoming, AND Dianne is giving an ecopy of Shelton’s Homecoming to one lucky commentor. You have until the end of the day Saturday, August 4th to comment and then will select the winner.

Thank you so much Sidney for having me as a guest on your lovely blog today!

Question #1 Picture your favorite place in the world. Now, can you tell us a little bit about the place you’ve pictured?

Dianne: I’d have to say my favorite place is Crater Lake in Oregon. My husband and I spent a long, sexy and fun weekend at the Crater Lake Lodge last summer. A beautiful lodge but the lake itself is breathtaking! A crystal clear blue where the sky is mirrored perfectly. We were sitting on a bench outside of the lodge looking down into the water far below us (it is a crater, remember!). The reflected clouds made it actually appear as if we were looking down into the sky. Amazing and magical. Love that lake. We went back there this summer just to see it again.

Question #2 What was the first book to make a lasting impression on you?

Dianne: Okay, I have to confess that I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, even at fifteen! The first book that ran away with my heart was ‘Little Women’. It had everything! Love and tragedy and joy and sorrow. I was madly in love with Teddy, and being a struggling writer myself, ahem!, I totally related to Jo March. I think that’s when I decided all my stories would need to have happy endings.

Question #3 What was the last book you read that made a lasting impression on you?

Dianne: One Small Thing by Piper Vaughan and M.J. O’Shea

This is my review on Goodreads:

Big happy smile! I’m not going to go on and on about how much I adore these characters and how the story made me laugh and cry then laugh and cry some more. But I will say it’s one of the few books I plan on rereading. Maybe tomorrow.

Question #4 Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

Dianne: My biggest challenge was taking criticism with a smile! My first book to be published was my paranormal thriller novel ALEX. I tried lots of publishing houses, with no luck, then stumbled upon an editor willing to help me. Oh gosh, we ripped the story apart chapter by chapter, line by line, while she pointed out all my mistakes but also telling me the changes I needed to make to create the story it finally became. Very painful process, let me tell you!

It took months of reworking the story, but when we were finally done, it took only three months from when I started submitting to having a contract in my hands. My advice? A good editor is invaluable.

Question #5 Can you tell us about a criticism you’ve received that pushed you into a better writing place?

Dianne: Once upon a time I was criticized for using other authors’ voiced in my work and not my own. And it was true! I thought that if I wrote like my favorite authors, I should be able to get published. Wrong! It took awhile for me to find my own voice, but now I couldn’t imagine writing any other way. I wouldn’t know how!

Question #6 Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Dianne: Shelton’s Homecoming is an m/m erotic contemporary, the fourth in the series, so yea, pretty much all of it is based on real life experiences, either my own or family members and friends. It also covers social issues that are important today.

Question #7 Which one of your characters would you NOT like to meet in real life?

Dianne: I like all of the characters in Shelton’s Homecoming. In the third book, Shelton’s Choice, there’s a man named Andrew that would give me the creeps immediately. He has a ‘thing’ for Shelton and can’t seem to take no for an answer. I wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

Question #8 Which one of your characters would you most like to meet in real life?

Dianne: Oh, that would have to be my Shelton. I’ve known him for a year now and have come to admire him. He’s a very loving, gentle man who can be strong when he needs to be and gives his heart wholly to his friends. He also makes a very sweet boyfriend. I think it would be fun to be neighbors with him and Nevil.

Question #9 How did you come up with your title?

Dianne: Titles are easy for me! Of course, my titles are also very simple ones. I called the first book in this series Shelton in Love, because it’s about Shelton falling in love. I was going to call the second book something else, but my publisher said using Shelton’s name again was the better way to go, so there you are.

Question #10 Tell us a bit about the projects you are working on now?

Dianne: While I’m writing this interview, I only have one project I’m working on, another m/m erotic contemporary with all new characters. I’m quickly falling in love with it! I’m also waiting for edits on a fantasy novella I’ve signed a contract for with Etopia Press and am waiting to see if an m/m Regency of mine has been accepted. Oh, and I’m plotting out several sequels and have an old novel to revamp.

The Blurb:

Shelton’s coming home, but after seven months of living apart, can he and Nevil pick up from where they’d left off?

Shelton’s grown tired of living a life separate from Nevil. So when Nevil is hurt in an accident at work, Shelton comes home for good. Feeling closer than ever to his lover, Shelton’s ready to make a lasting commitment to their relationship. But is that what Nevil wants? Nevil is less than enthusiastic when an old flame marries, leaving Shelton wondering if he’ll have to keep his dreams on hold indefinitely.

The Excerpt:

The doctor returned as promised; checked Nevil over; and discharged him.

“I left a prescription at the nurse’s station for you to pick up on your way out. Pain meds for the headache I know you’re hiding; and you can also take them for your arm.”

“Thank you, Andrew,” Nevil said with his charming smile.

Shelton gave the love of his life a dry look. Always the flirt. He shook the doctor’s hand and took the copy of the release papers from him. “Thank you for taking such good care of him. I have to tell you it was a relief to find him here rather than in ICU.”

“It was my pleasure. Take care.”

Nevil collected his prescription at the front desk and they made their way to the elevators. A soft rain fell as they emerged from the hospital entrance and made a dash for the train depot. Deep in thought, Shelton chewed his lip while they waited.

He glanced at Nevil beside him and noted the white set of his lips. “I could take you home first if your head hurts. There’s no reason I can’t retrieve the car myself later and pick up your prescription.”

Nevil gave him a smile and slipped his warm hand into Shelton’s. “Let’s pick it up together. I feel like I’ve just been released from prison. I want to be outside for a while.”

“Just don’t get chilled,” Shelton said, and then he groaned. “Please ignore me. I think I left my brain back in Colorado.”

Nevil chuckled. “As long as your luscious body is here,” he murmured and smacked his lips together.

Shelton glanced around quick. No one paid them any attention so he gave Nevil a light kiss; then wished he hadn’t as every nerve in his body ignited. He wanted Nevil wrapped around him–now; withNevil’s gorgeous cock buried deep inside him.

He jerked his gaze down the tracks; embarrassed and aching. He hoped Nevil hadn’t noticed the tremble in his hands. They would pick up the Prius and go home; where Nevil would take his meds and go to bed. Shelton would have to content himself with a shower where he could get rid of the hard-on he’d suffered all morning. The idea made him feel alone and without a thought he squeezed Nevil’s hand.

Nevil leaned close to whisper in his ear, “Don’t forget … you promised to let me ‘do’ you.”

Shelton laughed, breathless. He turned back to Nevil and touched his lips with an unsteady finger. “I’m holding you to that,” he said, then sucked in air when Nevil’s velvet soft lips closed over his fingertip. He watched in captive fascination as his digit disappeared bit by bit between those pale lips. He felt the roughness of Nevil’s tongue in the moist, hot depths; then Nevil pushed the finger to the roof of his mouth and started to suck on it. God! Shelton’s prick hardened more with each draw as Nevil’s tongue undulated around his finger; his balls were tight and ached.

“Damn, Nevil … stop! You’re going to get us arrested,” he panted in his lover’s ear. He knew that at any second he was ready to drag Nevil behind the hospital and fuck him senseless.

Nevil’s throaty laugh made him shiver with bliss. “The train’s coming.”

Shelton dropped his head on Nevil’s shoulder and fought to calm his unsteady senses. Nevil didn’t play fair. He almost sobbed when Nevil’s body heat wrapped around him and teased him closer when it was time to pull away.

“Come on, Love. It won’t take long to get the car and then we can go home,” Nevil said with encouragement and he tugged on his sleeve. Shelton boarded the sleek train car; but chose to stand when Nevil patted the seat beside him. He couldn’t tell where Nevil’s fingers would roam if he sat down. Nevil gave him a delighted smile in answer as he read his mind with ease. Shelton scowled and looked out the window as the train gathered speed. His errant mind pictured Nevil’s mouth on him as they swept along the tracks; and he had to stifle a moan in his throat.

Thank you, Dianne, it was so much fun to have you here today. Don’t forget to comment, one lucky commentor will receive an ecopy of Shelton’s Homecoming. Congratulations, Dianne, on your latest release.

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  3. Thank you, Dianne for spending time in my ehome this week. I enjoyed getting to know you better. is not need as the lovely, Shelley Munro pulls out the win this morning. Thanks, Shelley for stopping by.

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