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It’s been a crazy busy fall. So, when it snowed here on Saturday, I was in complete denial that winter is indeed coming. I hope you’re not as in shock as I am. ❤

Here’s something else that shocked me. You, my wonderful readers have nominated me in TWO categories in this year’s Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards.

Thank You!


Voting is now open in the final round and ends on November 30th. Each voter will be entered to win a $50 gift card!

You’ll find me in the following categories. I’d love your vote!

 Best Evernight series – Assassins & Sweethearts by SJ Maylee

Best in Category: BDSM –  Unexpected Destiny by SJ Maylee

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This coming Friday, my self-published title, Common Grounds, will be on sale at All Romance eBooks. 25% off!

reviewertoppick2I’ve had several new reviews come in lately. My very first release, Taking Chances, has received a 5-star TOP PICK at Night Owl Reviews. 😀 Squee!! I don’t have to tell you how much I love this story. It’s the first couple that took hold of my imagination and didn’t let go until I had it just right. I simply love it when others enjoy it as well.

“Lydia calls him Sir and the heat is on!”
“we get a wonderful story”
“I really like the fact I’m in on the first book of the series and I have the others to look forward to.” <- That’s right and I am working on Keller’s book now. Swoon!
Love Projects - 3 covers available now

Desire Unexpected, the newest release in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series has a couple new reviews too!  😀 One of the readers also confirmed Desire Unexpected does read as a stand alone. <- All my stories do actually. So, start there if you want and I hope you’ll be convinced, as she has been, to read the other’s in the series too. ❤
“This was a fun, entertaining, and easy read and I plan to go back and purchase the books in this series that I do not have.”
“Great writing, mystery woven in very well and a romance that leaves a reader sighing with happiness.”
AandS Series Books 1 2 3

NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN: Evernight Publishing Readers’ Choice Awards

Nominations end tomorrow.

Nominate your favorites and get a chance to win!

There are 31 categories. Lots of places to show the books and authors you loved this past year some love. ❤

Click here to enter your nominations!

Semi-finalists will be announced on Nov. 14th and you’ll have the chance to vote in the finals round Nov. 14 – 28.
Be sure to enter your name and email address at the end of the nomination form for your chance to WIN a $25 Evernight Gift Certificate!
Desire-Protected-with free heartUnexpected Destiny by S.J. Maylee 400x600I have two books eligible for nominations.
I’d love it if you’d consider nominating them.
Both Desire Protected and Unexpected Destiny are in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series.
 Click the links or covers for more information on each. Some of the categories you could consider nominating me for are:

Evernight Book of the Year

Favorite Evernight author

Best Evernight series

Best Evernight cover

Best in Category: Suspense, Erotic, Contemporary, BDSM

Thank you!

I’m Nominated! Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards! Voting Is Open!!

A HUGE shout out to my readers. Thank you for nominating my books! Woot!! You sure know how to make me smile and write. I’m totally going to make time for writing today. Yahoo!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Here are my nominations:

Favorite Hero – Brad Chambers from Far From Blind
Best in Category: BDSM – Taking Over
Best in Category: Anthologies – Uniform Fetish

Click this link to vote for your favorites. Plus, by voting you’ll also be entered to win a $50 Evernight Gift Card!

2015 Final Vote - click here to vote

Below, you’ll find excerpts and teasers for my nominated stories.

Thank you for voting!!

FFB Teaser - don't make me

for more information on FAR FROM BLIND, click here.

Excerpt from FAR FROM BLIND:

He closed the door behind them and the distinct click of a lock tumbling over echoed around the room. Maybe no showing yesterday was a mistake. If they’d had any chance at all, she’d blown it for sure. How could she expect him to trust her now? The air, thick with unsaid words, closed in around her.

It was time to take care of business and escape before she embarrassed herself. “This must be for you.” She held out the envelope.

“Thank you.” He took it from her and tore it open, revealing a piece of paper. His cheeks pulled into a little smile, then it disappeared. He maneuvered around his desk and sat. “Do you like me, Candy?”

“Of course I do.” She clasped her arms around her middle. The bigger question is what he thought of her before Club Blind and now.

“Then why didn’t you show last night?” He pressed his lips together and kept his gaze on her.

“To be honest…”

“That’s all I’ll ever expect from you.”

“I’ll give it to you straight. You don’t want a girl like me.” She blew out a breath as if it could help her raging pulse. Never in a million years would she have guessed she’d want a man to tell her she was wrong.

“Is that what you believe?”

“Yes.” She kept her focus on him. He gave nothing away. His expression didn’t change, only his fingers tapped on his desk which was irritatingly neat.

“Then we have a problem.” He stood. “We’d agreed to meet. I kept up my end.”

“And I didn’t.” She blew out a deep breath.

“Come here.”

She didn’t move. She didn’t take her next breath either.

He pointed to the ground in front of him. “Don’t make me ask twice.”

She jumped and then slipped around his desk. Damn, he really did smell good. No matter whether it was aftershave or him, the deep woodsy scent turned here on. Everything about Brad turned her on.

“Did I ask you to join me at Mistress Charlie’s yesterday?”

“Yes, but—”

“Do you believe I’m a liar?”


“I don’t think you are either.” He tapped under her chin, lifting her focus back to him. “But I don’t believe you’re being honest with me right now and that’s a problem.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t show yesterday.”

“I appreciate the admission, but I can’t let the action and the attitude go unpunished.”

“What, are you going to spank me?” She chuckled.

“I think it’s time.” He tucked some of her hair behind her ear and his touch lingered along the side of her neck over her ugly mole. “Don’t you agree?”

“Agreed, Sir.” She leaned back on his desk. It was the only thing holding her up.



“Very good. Bend over my desk, please.”

“Right here?” She looked around his office. She didn’t find any windows to the hall, but his windows facing the next building were wide open. “You really are pissed.”

The corner of his lips lifted slightly. “The windows are treated. No one can see in here.”


“You’re stalling.”

“Can you blame me?”

“You do know I’m an accountant, right?” He tugged on her hair. “We like to add.”

TO tease - Stop Procrastinating

for more information on TAKING OVER, click here.

Excerpt from TAKING OVER:

This had to be a new record. In less than a minute, he had her loathing herself. It didn’t matter he was working on incorrect data. “Hope not to see you again.” She waved as she turned to go.


She kept moving.

His hand came down on her shoulder and pulled her around. “When a Master tells you to wait, you do as you’re told. Our personal history doesn’t erase protocol. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” Her chest rubbed against his. From under her lashes, she looked up into his light blue eyes and, for a second, wished she could forget why she hated him.

“I’m sorry.” He stepped back and let his hand fall. “You came to this area because you needed something from the benches. I’m the only one free right now.” He raised his hand and brushed away the hair hanging in front of her eyes. “I can give you what you need.”

Once again, Marcus showed himself as the good guy. She didn’t like him because he had a tendency to call her out on her mistakes and she was certain he thought her supposed latest was a doozy, since it ended her marriage.

“That’s nice of you, but it’s okay.” She took a step back.

“I can see that it’s not.” He took a step forward. “We can push past our history and live in this moment.” He grabbed her hand. “Let me help.”

Warmth gathered in her core. She’d seen this side of him, but they’d never scened together. She tilted her head to the side and examined him. The first time she gazed into his blue eyes, she knew he’d cause her problems. He could see the truth through all the mess, not that he ever tried to understand her. She didn’t want to know what he’d see if he ever took a closer look at her. Fear ticked up her spine. She had a feeling that he alone would be her undoing.

Desperate to let go, she knew the sting of a paddle was what she needed, but sometimes it was hard to separate feelings discovered at the spanking bench. She laughed out loud. Since there was no way she’d start to care about Marcus now, she decided to take him up on his offer. After all, she was determined to reach the kind of release only a good reddened ass could provide.

“Thanks, Marcus.” She walked to the only free bench and bent over the apparatus, putting her forearms on the padded rests and grasped the holding bar. Her short skirt would already be giving him quite a show. For the first time, she wished the club allowed submissives to wear panties.

“Since we’ve never played together, I won’t be restraining you. We certainly don’t have that kind of trust. You understand how important it is not to move, correct?”

Marcus2“Yes, Sir, I understand. I won’t move.” It pinched her last nerve to call him sir, but he was doing her a great service. For these few minutes, she’d give him the respect any Master in this club deserved.

He flipped her skirt up over her back, exposing her round ass. The paddle brushed over her lower back, across her hip, and down the length of her leg to her knee. His hand followed the paddle with a feather touch, allowing a soothing bliss to spread over her skin.

The room either quieted or she’d blocked out the noise but she welcomed the peace, needing to remember why she was there. He repeated the pattern on the other side, drawing her in with his tenderness. She swallowed against the unwelcomed thoughts threatening to break her concentration.

“I’ll give you twenty swats. I expect you to count them.”

“Okay. Thank you, Sir.”

Marcus7The paddle rubbed over her right cheek and then smacked against it, rocking her whole body. The force behind the swat surprised her, this was not her first mistake. What had she been thinking? Submitting to Marcus was on her list of things to never try. She had to give him more credit. He’d caught her off her game.

“We’ll start back at one each time you forget to count.” He smacked her other cheek.

“One. Sorry, Sir.”

“Not as sorry as your ass will be if you forget again.” He dragged the paddle along her skin in the same figure as before, spreading the sensitivity. “I have no problem paddling your ass all night.” He smacked her right cheek again.

Marcus5“Two…three…four.” Somewhere over the next couple of swats, Gina remembered why she’d come back into the club tonight. Her knuckles turned white with the force of her grip. She gulped in a breath of air and waited for the next hit to land with its punishing kiss of heat, but none came. Marcus stepped into her line of sight, just out of reach. The paddle was no longer in his hand.

“I’ll keep counting, Sir. Please, I need this.”

He lowered himself beside her and reached out to caress her fingers until she released her strangle hold. “I’ll finish, after I’ve determined you’re in the right frame of mind.”

UF - I will have you

for more information on UNIFORM FETISH, click here.


She rubbed her forehead back and forth along her arm and snuck another peek at the cop still chatting on his phone.

When she lost her job, her sponsorship to Club Voyage would probably be next to disappear. They expected her to follow club rules, and in her first week she couldn’t even follow the rules of the road. From behind her, the crunching of footsteps broke through the quiet night.

“You’re Emma Wieland?”

“Yes.” She turned to face him.

“Keep your hands on the trunk, please.” He stepped up behind her. “I’m going to check you for weapons.” His touch landed on top of her shoulders and then came down and under her arms. “You work for Mr. Keller.”

“Yes, do you know him?”

“I sure do. I also work security at his club.” His touch slid down to her hips and around her ass.

“Double shit, really?” She tried to turn around.

He pushed her back down on the car. “Don’t move.” He held her hips, but the heat from his body held her in place.

“I’m sorry, sir.” She was in serious shit here, and her thoughts still drifted to punishments and all the things this hot cop could command her to do. Sexy and dirty things … right out here where anyone could see. She arched her back, losing herself in his touch. Someday her voyeurism fantasy would get her in serious trouble.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” He leaned down and worked his way up and down her legs. His touch was firm and left her wondering if he was a Dom at the club.

“I was speeding, sir.” Warmth gathered between her legs.

“Do you have a problem following rules as well as the laws, Ms. Wieland?”

“No, sir. I’m sorry, sir. It won’t happen again.”

He stood up and hovered over her ear. “Do you think you can find your way to Mr. Keller’s without speeding?” He stepped away from her.

“Yes, sir.” She turned around and looked right into his cool blue eyes.

“If you’re ever pulled over again, keep your hands on the wheel. Don’t give the officer a reason to frisk you.”

“Okay.” She wanted to give him permission to do more than frisk. Lowering her gaze, she focused on how damn well he filled out his crisp blue uniform. Her pussy pulsed with need. She licked her lips and concentrated on his name tag.

“What was that?” He pulled up on her chin.

Oh yes, most definitely a Dom. “Yes, Officer Hoffman.”

“That’s better. It’s always dangerous to speed but especially at night. Your safety is not worth the risk.” He squeezed her chin. “Understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, girl. Here’s your license and registration back. You better get going. Mr. Keller is waiting for you.”

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Nominations are OPEN in the Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards – Books by S.J. Maylee for your consideration

Happy Day!! Evernight Publishing is holding their third annual
Readers’ Choice Awards!

Reader Nominations: Monday, Nov. 9th – 18th
Voting: Nov. 21st – 30th
Winners announced first week of December

Evernight books published between Nov 1, 2014 – Oct. 31 2015 are eligible.

Here’s the link to nominate your favorite Evernight books: Plus, by nominating your favorites you’ll also be entered to win a $25 Evernight Gift Card!.

click to see the Survey Monkey for NominationsMy books that are eligible for your nomination include the Uniform Fetish Anthology, Desire Unexpected, Assassins and Sweethearts 1, Taking Over, Love Projects 3, and Far from Blind, Club Blind 2. I hope you’ll consider nominating my books. There are lots of different categories. A few of them include:

Evernight Book of the Year | Favorite Evernight author | Best Evernight series | Favorite Evernight Hero | Favorite Evernight Heroine | Best Evernight cover

Best in Category: Anthologies | Best in Category: BDSM

Best in Category: Erotic | Best in Category: Suspense


Here are a few teasers and some praise for my eligible books

Uniform Fetish Anthology 1

Angie: “I loved all 10 short stories!! Each story was completely different and it was a fast read since it was all short stories. I found some new authors to read and my favorites (Doris, Sandra, and S.J.) didn’t disappoint me. This is definitely worth reading and the stories were so heartwarming and were hard to put down.”

Liz: “This collection of short stories about men in uniforms is stunning!”

UF - I will have you

Desire Unexpected, Assassins and Sweethearts 1

Beckey: “Wow… What can I say…I devoured this smexy book in one sitting… It was another great story by SJ, looking forward to the next book.”

Treena: “This series is hot, erotic and so full of suspense with this group of men and their careers just brings a whole new level to the story…I recommend anyone to read this if you like tall, dark, sexy DOMS with a bit of a dangerous edge. Another winner SJ!!!”

Liz says: “SJ takes us on a journey that is captivating and intriguing. You’ll get swept up in the action and the passion will radiate off the page. I can’t wait to see how this series will unfold.”

Stephanie: “This was an amazing book from the beginning to end!”

Desire Unexpected TRR Readers Choice Awards 3

Taking Over, Love Projects 3

Liz: “a very sensual tale of longing for someone from afar and then getting the opportunity to finally act on those feelings. A story of hope, courage, and second chances. A story that proves you can’t judge a book, or a person in this case, at face value. You took the bad girl we all loved to hate and made her someone that we can love and care for

Charity: “Marcus is sex on a stick and a dom that knows what he is doing with such a strong submissive. He makes Gina be who she needs to and helps her along the way.”

TO tease - Dont Fight

Far from Blind, Club Blind 2

Treena: “OMG OMG OMG…I thought the first book in this series was good…but this one SJ is on fire.”

Julie: “This was a quick and sexy read … definitely one of my recommended reads.”

FFB Teaser - you don't want

Here’s the link to nominate your favorite Evernight books:

Plus, by nominating your favorites you’ll also be entered to win a $25 Evernight Gift Card!

News: Cover Reveal, TRR Readers’ Choice Awards, 1st Chapter, and Much More #Romance

I have lots of exciting news to share today. Big new steps for me, several chances to win for you, a 1st Chapter, and a COVER REVEAL!! 😀

The Readers’ Choice Awards started at The Romance Reviews, today. I’m excited to share that Desire Unexpected is in the Erotic Romance – Action-Adventure/Romantic Suspense/Mystery category!!! 😀 I’m very proud of this book and I’m excited for it to be loved on by those who have read it and to be found by those that will enjoy it. Also, The Uniform Fetish Anthology is up for Erotic Romance – Anthology! 😀 This first round ends on September 30th. The final vote will begin October 3rd.

I hope you’ll consider clicking these two links and voting for these fab books!

>>>  Desire Unexpected   |   Uniform Fetish Anthology  <<<

Click here for a complete list of books at the TRR

DesireUnexpected-evernightpublishing-jayAheer2015-FinalImagePraise for Desire Unexpected:

Cocktails and Books: “Their love for each other was very fierce, and when they began to have sex, it goes completely off the charts. Their love scenes were intense and oh, so hot!  They had feeling of a kind of desperation to them. They’ve found what they were looking for in each other, and they’re clinging to it with everything they had.”

Sizzling Hot Reads: “It had the hot steamy sex scenes but also the mystery behind the group Ethan belonged too. I look forward to more from the Assassins and Sweethearts series.”

Snarktember giveaway logo 2015Snarky Mom Reads is in the middle of holding a bigger than ever Snarktember! Every day of September there are a couple of giveaways and there’s the big grand prize to enter too. It’s a whole lot of snarky fun.

I’ll be visiting the event on September 26th to celebrate the art institute I have in one of my books.

Snarktember sj maylee 2015

In the Pages of a Good Book has turned 2!! There’s a lovely giveaway over on Facebook. It’s open until tomorrow, September 12th. Make sure you enter. Lots of great books to be won, including one of mine. You can enter here.

My Sexy Saturday will soon be celebrating their anniversary too! I’ll have the Facebook party details soon.

Anniversary Bash Ad 2015

taking-over4 300x450The entire 1st chapter of Taking Over, Love Projects Book 3 can be read at this link:

Sizzling Hot Books!!!!!

Love this story of enemies to lovers.

I dare you to read this first chapter.


I don’t have my cover for my next Evernight Publishing book, Far From Blind, Club Blind Book 2 but I will soon.

I do have the cover for Common Grounds to share with you today. This story is currently available in the Just Desserts Collection which is only .99 cents or kindle unlimited but it will be removed from shelves on October 4th. After this date, I’ll be releasing Common Grounds on its own. I’ve extended a couple of the love scenes. It’s now hotter and more romantic than ever!

Silver Phoenix Labs created this beautiful cover for me. They were an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope you love it! ❤


To be sure you don’t miss out on any of my new release news, be sure to sign up for my New Release Newsletter. It only goes out when I have a new release!

Newsletter Sign Up 2

I’ll Always Remember


Happy Dancing with SJ Maylee -Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards- I’m a SEMI-FINALIST

young girl dancing in discolightToday is all about the happy dance! 😀 My readers have made me a very happy author. Thank you, thank you for nominating In the Blind in this years Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards.

You rock!!!

You have perfect timing too, since I’m hitting the words hard right now to finish my next story.

I’m determined to bring you new books in my Love Projects series and Club Blind series very soon.

I’m over the moon to see In the Blind nominated in TWO categories. The cover is gorgeous. Sour Cherry Designs did an amazing job of taking my words of inspiration and turning it into a magical cover. I love showing it around.

I’m extremely proud to see In the Blind nominated in the BDSM category as well. This power exchange is what helped me to push past my insecurities and write in the first place. So, it’s quite an honor to be listed in this category. Thank you!!

I hope you’ll consider voting for In the Blind in these categories.

Enter your vote HERE and you’ll also be entered to win a $25 Evernight Gift Certificate.

Voting ends Dec 5th!

Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog
In the Blind cover

Rob and Jane graphic 3

Jane and Rob 321x500
Rob and Jane graphic 2

5 Stars: “The sex scenes were beyond hot. Jane and Rob had crazy chemistry in every scene really.” –Sassy Southern Book Blog

4 stars: “There was humor, some angst, romance, and of course, I already mentioned the incredible sex.  You’ll be quite satisfied by the end.  I know I sure was.” –Cocktails and Books

4.5 Stars: “The story grabs your attention in the first chapter, has you turning pages to see how the story develops and was well written” – In the Pages of a Good Book

Where you can find IN THE BLIND:

Evernight Publishing | Amazon US CA UK ES AU | Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooksBook Strand | Smashwords | iTunes | Kobo

club blind logo big


I’m so pleased to see Executive Assistant was nominated as well for Best Anthology! Very cool. I love my story Unravel Me that was included with these hot office stories. Yum!

Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog

executive-assistant 300x200

5 Stars: These were short stories but oh so HOT!!! – Amazon Review from Rhonda

Where you can find EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT:

Amazon | Evernight Publishing | Barnes & Noble | All Romance ebooks

Unravel Me quote


Twice the Fun – TRR’s Year End Splash and Readers’ Choice Awards

click to go to the TRR's Year End Splash pageThe Romance Review sure knows how to throw a party. Their Year End Splash is underway and with over 400 authors the prize list is long. The Grand prize is a $100 Gift Certificate! Plus, there are more than 400 prizes up for grabs during the whole month of November. You can enter to win the grand prize and all the others by playing games, like a cover matching game, multiple choice, and hangman games.

Before you play, all you need to do is register and login. It’s easy to do and it’s free. TRR is a great place to hang and find new books. They have over 10,000 books in the database and over 3,000 reviews!

Check them out:
Romance | Erotic Romance | GLBT

I have a question of my own up today at the Year End Splash. You can play it anytime on November 8th, from 12:00am EST to 11:59pm EST. Wahoo! 🙂

The fun starts here:

click to see the EP Blog: Join us for the First Annual EVERNIGHT READERS' CHOICE AWARDS!Also going on right now is the First Annual Evernight Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards! it’s a really great way to show your favorite EP author some love. There are 36 categories to nominate such as your favorite book, author, hero, cover, etc. You may skip categories, however nominations are limited to one per category per person.

I’m hoping you’ll consider nominating my book, Taking Chances. Lydia’s the relateable heroine and Jake’s the hero that can’t resist her. Together they make sparks fly and have one heck of a HEA. Plus, that cover. Yes, I love my cover. 🙂

See Taking Chances on My Books pageThere are a lot of great choices to nominate. I sure do have several favorites of my own. Love that publisher of mine. 🙂 Simply enter your name and email address at the end of the nomination form for a chance to win a $25 Evernight Gift Certificate!

You have until November 15th to enter your nomination. Semi-finalists will be announced and voting begins on November 17th!

Enter your favorites here: