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It’s been a crazy busy fall. So, when it snowed here on Saturday, I was in complete denial that winter is indeed coming. I hope you’re not as in shock as I am. ❤

Here’s something else that shocked me. You, my wonderful readers have nominated me in TWO categories in this year’s Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards.

Thank You!


Voting is now open in the final round and ends on November 30th. Each voter will be entered to win a $50 gift card!

You’ll find me in the following categories. I’d love your vote!

 Best Evernight series – Assassins & Sweethearts by SJ Maylee

Best in Category: BDSM –  Unexpected Destiny by SJ Maylee

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reviewertoppick2I’ve had several new reviews come in lately. My very first release, Taking Chances, has received a 5-star TOP PICK at Night Owl Reviews. 😀 Squee!! I don’t have to tell you how much I love this story. It’s the first couple that took hold of my imagination and didn’t let go until I had it just right. I simply love it when others enjoy it as well.

“Lydia calls him Sir and the heat is on!”
“we get a wonderful story”
“I really like the fact I’m in on the first book of the series and I have the others to look forward to.” <- That’s right and I am working on Keller’s book now. Swoon!
Love Projects - 3 covers available now

Desire Unexpected, the newest release in my Assassins and Sweethearts Series has a couple new reviews too!  😀 One of the readers also confirmed Desire Unexpected does read as a stand alone. <- All my stories do actually. So, start there if you want and I hope you’ll be convinced, as she has been, to read the other’s in the series too. ❤
“This was a fun, entertaining, and easy read and I plan to go back and purchase the books in this series that I do not have.”
“Great writing, mystery woven in very well and a romance that leaves a reader sighing with happiness.”
AandS Series Books 1 2 3

Review: Masters of the Shadowlands 6: To Command and Collar by Cherise Sinclair

Cover and details from Cherise Sinclair

Determined to find the human traffickers preying on Shadowlands’ submissives, Master Raoul gets himself invited to a small slave auction. Once informed, the FBI orders him to reject the limited choices so the slavers will invite him to the big auction. To Raoul’s shock, one of the slaves is the kidnapped friend of a Shadowlands sub. She has a scarred body…and an unbroken spirit. He can’t leave her behind. Ruining the FBI’s carefully laid plans, he buys her.

Kimberly’s freedom has come at a devastating price: the other women are still slaves. An FBI raid is their only hope for rescue. Desperate to help the Feds locate the big auction, she agrees to pose as Master Raoul’s slave. Wearing a collar again is terrifying, but under the powerful dominant’s care, Kim starts to heal and then to blossom. This is what she’s been drawn to—and fled from—her entire life.

She escaped the slavers who captured her body—can she escape the master who’s captured her heart?

Genre: BDSM contemporary suspense

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

eBook release: November 29, 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-61118-667-3

Available : Loose IdAmazon

S. J.’s Review:

I’ve been very open about my love for Cherise Sinclair and everything she has written.  One of the things I love about all my favorite authors is their ability to write something new and challenge my love for them.  I know I probably wont always love everything all my favorite authors write, right, and that’s OK, really.  So did I love Cherise’s new book?  I’ll tell you that in a minute, first let me give you some feelings I had while reading.

First feeling, 753 KB!!  Oh yes, I was not going to finish this book in one night and I was thrilled.  I just knew her characters would get their hooks in me and I wanted that feeling to last for several days.  I must say that Kim and Master R hooked me faster than any of Cherise’s books.  Knowing that I wanted them to have a happy ending with in the first minutes of reading was hard when I remembered I’d have to wait for 753 KB to find out how their story ends up.  As a reader nothing is better than needing to know what will happen next when you are fully invested in the outcome.  At one point in the book I got so frightened for Kim that I wanted to put the book in the freezer, Joey Tribbiani style, but, luckily for me, my eReader would not appreciate that treatment so I kept reading.

Kim has a ton of healing to do and she needs a Masters help.  Watching not only Kim, but Master R change and heal through the course of this book is breathtaking but it doesn’t happen easily.  When Master R gives Kim the firm hand and control she craves, oh my, I could feel the heat waves coming off my eReader, something my freezer definitely could NOT handle.  Kim has big problems in this story and her own needs are right up there.  You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out how she heals and the path she takes to discover her true needs.  We also get more suspense in this book, soul wrenching, heart pounding suspense, love it!!!  Catching up with couples from the other Shadowlands book is always fun and we get that as well.

Book 6 takes the steps takin in book 5 a full step further.  I think book 5 did prepare me well for book 6, which I think is pretty cool.  I also must say that book 6 has prepared me for several future books in the series.  Bring it all on Cherise Sinclair, every possible idea you have for the Shadowlands, pretty please with some Sam on top!! 😀

I loved this book, the streak continues, in fact I think this might be my favorite.  Well, I love all her books, don’t know that I can pick actually.  I have to give To Command and Collar

6.0 out of 6.0

Because I love it and because I did set a book aside to read this one and am very glad I did!!