Happy Dancing with SJ Maylee -Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards- I’m a SEMI-FINALIST

young girl dancing in discolightToday is all about the happy dance! 😀 My readers have made me a very happy author. Thank you, thank you for nominating In the Blind in this years Evernight Readers’ Choice Awards.

You rock!!!

You have perfect timing too, since I’m hitting the words hard right now to finish my next story.

I’m determined to bring you new books in my Love Projects series and Club Blind series very soon.

I’m over the moon to see In the Blind nominated in TWO categories. The cover is gorgeous. Sour Cherry Designs did an amazing job of taking my words of inspiration and turning it into a magical cover. I love showing it around.

I’m extremely proud to see In the Blind nominated in the BDSM category as well. This power exchange is what helped me to push past my insecurities and write in the first place. So, it’s quite an honor to be listed in this category. Thank you!!

I hope you’ll consider voting for In the Blind in these categories.

Enter your vote HERE and you’ll also be entered to win a $25 Evernight Gift Certificate.

Voting ends Dec 5th!

Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog
In the Blind cover

Rob and Jane graphic 3

Jane and Rob 321x500
Rob and Jane graphic 2

5 Stars: “The sex scenes were beyond hot. Jane and Rob had crazy chemistry in every scene really.” –Sassy Southern Book Blog

4 stars: “There was humor, some angst, romance, and of course, I already mentioned the incredible sex.  You’ll be quite satisfied by the end.  I know I sure was.” –Cocktails and Books

4.5 Stars: “The story grabs your attention in the first chapter, has you turning pages to see how the story develops and was well written” – In the Pages of a Good Book

Where you can find IN THE BLIND:

Evernight Publishing | Amazon US CA UK ES AU | Barnes & Noble
All Romance eBooksBook Strand | Smashwords | iTunes | Kobo

club blind logo big


I’m so pleased to see Executive Assistant was nominated as well for Best Anthology! Very cool. I love my story Unravel Me that was included with these hot office stories. Yum!

Click to see all the nominations and vote at EP's blog

executive-assistant 300x200

5 Stars: These were short stories but oh so HOT!!! – Amazon Review from Rhonda

Where you can find EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT:

Amazon | Evernight Publishing | Barnes & Noble | All Romance ebooks

Unravel Me quote


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