Tantalizing Tuesday #4 – A Most Romantic Story

SMTT-romI shared my good news in my ROW80 post on Sunday. To recap, I entered a flash fiction challenge last Thursday hosted by  called the #ThursThreads Challenge and I won Most Romantic Story!!  Today, I’ll be sharing my winning flash and the photo that helped inspire the words.

First, did you forget? It’s been a while.

Tuesdays aren’t for flashing…they’re for teasing. The rules of TT: I select the picture and 200 words to tease. My tease is 205 words today, please forgive me.

photo credit: Groovnick via photopin cc

photo credit: Groovnick via photopin cc

Vanessa dug her fingers into the cool, wet sand, loving the slip and slide of the grains caressing her fingers, and watched as the water rinsed her hand clean. She wished her life could be so simple.

“Why are you hiding from me?”

Her body froze, but her heart kicked into high gear. She pushed against the comfort of the shore to stand and face the man she’d love forever.

“I’m no good for you.” She turned to run, but he stepped in front of her.

“What good does it do?” He reached his hand out and caressed her cheek. “I’ll always come for you.”

“Oh, Carlo.” She shook her head and looked away as the tears began to fall.

He took a step closer, invading her space. “You’re the one I want, Vanessa.” He claimed her lips. “It’s always been you.”

She pushed, but he pushed back, moving them deeper into the water. The waves shoved against their legs forcing them closer together and she felt her life come back into focus. He was right to find her, he held her heart.

“Oh, Carlo. I love you.”

“I know.”

She giggled and kissed him, finally letting go and letting him in, where he belonged.

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Tantalizing Tuesday #3 – Time to Dance

Tuesdays aren’t for flashing…they’re for teasing. The rules of TT: I select the picture and 200 words to tease.

photo credit: zilverbat. via photo pin cc

Maria’s thoughts were captured by the unfairness. She was in this beautiful city with Tony, the only man she ever loved, the one man she knew would never love her. He may be her partner in the company and feel like her match in every way, but he’d made his rules clear on her first day. He didn’t mix business with pleasure.

Today like any other day they practiced in the streets before their next performance. His arm wrapped around her and pulled her close as she wrapped her leg over his. She stared into his dark eyes and sunk into lust filled thoughts. The seconds ticked by and he didn’t push her out of the hold, his strong grip demanded she stay.

“Maria, you could sell out this show with just that look in your eyes.” He lowered his head, just enough to snuggle.

“It’s an act, that’s all.”

“That can’t be true, Maria. I feel your body awaken each time I touch you and it pulls on me. My need for you makes me regret those stupid rules. Please tell me it’s not an act.”

“Oh, Tony—“

His mouth pressed into hers and desire swept them away.

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Tantalizing Tuesday #2 – The flick of a cloak

Tuesdays aren’t for flashing…they’re for teasing. The rules of TT: I select the picture and 200 words to tease.

Photo Credit: Dave R Farmer

The mist rolled through the flowers like a long lost friend. She’d never seen the meadow before, but the image kept coming to her. She’d forgotten so much in the accident last year, making her imagination a tricky thing. She’d always wanted brothers and sisters. In her vision she was the oldest of four, no five.

Her mother’s maid packed the picnic and mother encouraged them all to find the Blackstonia before they closed for the day. She and Georgette chased each other to their favorite open meadow, half tripping and full on giggling along the way. They came to a full halted stop at the edge of the plane. The mist was heavier here, it kissed your skin like a whisper. Beyond the tree, Susanna searched. Would he come today? Would she see the man that had quickly and quietly come to brighten her mornings and occupy her mind? She squinted and made out a flick of his cloak.

“He’s here”

“Who’s here?”

“What?” She shook her head from the disorienting vision. “Oh. Hi, Father. I was just breathing life into my imagination again.”

“Susanna, who’s here?”

She thought of the cloaked man, if only it could be him.

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Tantalizing Tuesday #1

Tuesdays aren’t for flashing…they’re for teasing. The rules of TT: I get to select the picture and I get 200 words to tease. Just like on Fridays, I’m joined by several very talented writers, so don’t miss the links below.

Carey met him a year ago. It was John who bumped into her that day spilling water down her shirt. She giggled replaying their conversation once more in her head.

“It’s not that bad”

“What? You can see everything.”

“Yeah.” He patted her chest with a mass of napkins.

The day melted away as they walked the beach talking and ended with their bodies exploding together on the surf.

She moved to the beach the next day hoping to find him, but never found a clue. She built herself a pleasant life here, but still no John. She sat on the bench working up the courage to move on, they only had a day after all. Tears pressed against her lids. The rain clouds opened and encouraged the release of freighting emotions.

She got up and shuffled toward her car.


She turned and saw what she’d been waiting for. A quake and a half broke through her chest and pushed her legs forward. She leapt into his arms and he caught her. His body pressed deliciously into hers. He claimed her mouth and his tongue stroked hers eliciting her need.

“You’ve been right here, my sweet?”

“Waiting for you”

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