Tantalizing Tuesday #3 – Time to Dance

Tuesdays aren’t for flashing…they’re for teasing. The rules of TT: I select the picture and 200 words to tease.

photo credit: zilverbat. via photo pin cc

Maria’s thoughts were captured by the unfairness. She was in this beautiful city with Tony, the only man she ever loved, the one man she knew would never love her. He may be her partner in the company and feel like her match in every way, but he’d made his rules clear on her first day. He didn’t mix business with pleasure.

Today like any other day they practiced in the streets before their next performance. His arm wrapped around her and pulled her close as she wrapped her leg over his. She stared into his dark eyes and sunk into lust filled thoughts. The seconds ticked by and he didn’t push her out of the hold, his strong grip demanded she stay.

“Maria, you could sell out this show with just that look in your eyes.” He lowered his head, just enough to snuggle.

“It’s an act, that’s all.”

“That can’t be true, Maria. I feel your body awaken each time I touch you and it pulls on me. My need for you makes me regret those stupid rules. Please tell me it’s not an act.”

“Oh, Tony—“

His mouth pressed into hers and desire swept them away.

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9 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday #3 – Time to Dance

  1. It’s time, and we know for what kind of dance. You’re a fine erotic romanticist, SJ, and there’s enough passion here to fuel an all-night tango. This one almost demands to be written in full.

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