New Release! Naughty Words for Nice Writers by Cara Bristol – 2nd Edition #amwriting


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By Cara Bristol

Two years ago, I published the first edition of Naughty Words for Nice Writers. The sex scene thesaurus developed out of my need for functional, usable synonyms. I wrote the book that I needed. In addition to words for sex acts, body parts, and the like, Naughty Words included some tips on how to write a sex scene. My goal was to serve the full range of eroticism: from sweet/fade to black to graphic/explicit.

Of course, as soon as Naughty Words was published, I thought of more words I could have included, and began planning for a second edition. Naughty Words for Nice Writers (A Romance Novel Thesaurus) contains 800 more synonyms than the original, for a total of 2000+. In addition, since users indicated they also appreciated the sex scene writing tips, I added more how-to type information.

Among the new sections are: voice sounds, descriptions for muscles, sex scene locations, setting the scene with bedroom basics, sexual positions, how to remove clothing, sexual metaphors, and things you might find in a BDSM dungeon.

Although spanking is no longer in the subtitle, the spanking section is still in the book and has been expanded with a couple of new sections.

Naughty Words is available in paperback and ebook. I strongly recommend the paperback because it is more functional. This is a reference book that you will use often, possibly every time you write. You can keep it right by your computer and won’t have to open up your Kindle or a computer file to access it.

Naughty Words FAQS

How can I tell what’s included in Naughty Words for Nice Writers?
Go to the book on Amazon and use the “Look Inside” feature to see the complete Table of Contents.

What’s new in the updated version?

There are additional synonyms in most words lists, there are new words lists (such as muscles, words for naked, how to describe voices), and more how-to type information (places to have sex, how to set the mood in the bedroom, sexual metaphors). I’ve added 800 more synonyms for a total of 2,000+ (the original had 1,200) and more than a dozen new chapters.

Spanking isn’t in the subtitle anymore. Isn’t spanking in the book?

The spanking section is still in Naughty Words. It’s even been expanded a bit.  I only took spanking out of the subtitle to appeal to wider market of romance writers.

I’m torn between the paperback and the ebook. Which is better?

The paperback. Trust me. This is reference book that you will use a lot. Both versions have the same information; however, it’s much easier to look things up in the paperback than in the ebook. Plus, you can make notes in the paperback and write in your own words if you think of any. Besides, if you buy the paperback, you can get the ebook for 99 cents through the Matchbook program. I think of the ebook as the travel companion model.

I already purchased the first edition in ebook format. Can I buy the new version in ebook?

If you already own the ebook, there’s no need to buy it again, and Amazon’s system won’t allow you to buy a book you’ve already purchased. I’ve asked Amazon to notify customers that an update is available. You can get an ebook update for free through Amazon. Instructions here.

Naughty Words blurb
If finding the right words for your romantic sex scene is challenging, Naughty Words for Nice Writers can help. USA Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol has written a thesaurus for romance authors to help you find the appropriate words to make your sex scene sizzle.

Naughty Words for Nice Writers is packed with more than 2,000 usable, functional synonyms geared for romance, erotic romance, and erotica. Included are more than 50 word lists for male and female anatomy, foreplay, orgasm, kissing, sex scene locations, specific sexual acts, sexual noises, spanking terminology, and much more. The guide offers suggestions on how to write a sex scene and how to tighten your writing so it sings.

With an emphasis on verbs, this guide will help you “show” the intimacy between your characters rather than tell it. Whether you’re writing a “fade to black” scene or a graphic and explicit one, Naughty Words for Nice Writers will provide the tools.

Author Bio

USA Today Bestselling author Cara Bristol has written more than two dozen erotic romances. She was published by Loose Id, Decadent Publishing, Blushing Books, and Black Velvet Seductions before going Indie. She is best known for the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series, the Breeder series, and the Rod and Cane Society spanking romance series. She holds a B.A. in journalism, but took several human sexuality classes in college because she thought they would be easy As. (Two were, one wasn’t). Married with two grown step kids, Cara lives in the sunny state of Missouri where people often look askance when she tells them what she does for a living.





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New Release! Destiny’s Chance by Cara Bristol #spanking #pnr

You’re in for a real treat today. Cara Bristol has re-released Destiny’s Chance. This is a fabulous read. ❤ ❤ ❤ You can read my 5-star review here on Goodreads. Cara’s also sharing a bit of her experience with unrequited love and how it has touched the heroine in this fascinating read.


Destiny's Chance 600 x 900

A chance for love, but can she accept the kink?

Book: Destiny’s Chance by Cara Bristol

Genre: paranormal spanking romance

Release date: July 25, 2016

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Guest blog: The heartbreak of unrequited love

By Cara Bristol

Have you ever secretly loved someone, but didn’t dare tell him/her?
During my teenage years, I crushed on a number of guys in secret. In a few cases, the infatuation lasted for a couple of years. In a couple instances, we were “just friends,” but I harbored a secret hope. In other cases, I hardly knew the guy, but admired him from afar.

Once, after college, I did put myself out there and asked a guy I liked to lunch. He said yes – then later had his administrative assistant call and cancel. Ouch.

I’m married now, and thankfully, I don’t have to date anymore. Lol.

The heroine of Destiny’s Chance knows the heartbreak of unrequited love. She has crushed on Chance Everett for as long as she’s known him. She has good reason for not opening up about the way she feels, so she has resigned herself to loving him from afar.

And then a tragic accident brings them together and she has the “chance of the lifetime” to make him hers.  But they both harbor secrets that might bring their new relationship to an abrupt end.

Destiny’s Chance Blurb:

Fate gave her a chance for love.  Is she brave enough to accept it?

Destiny Grable has loved Chance Everett for as long as she could remember, but he was never interested in her until a tragic act of fate grants her heart’s desire. Now Chance is all hers—body, mind, and soul. But once they’re together, she discovers he has a kinky side she never knew about. Is she ready for it? Can she handle it? And Chance isn’t the only one with a secret. If he discovers what she’s hiding, will he still want her?

Destiny’s Chance was previously published in 2013. This is a re-release.

Destiny spanking graphic


A silk kimono slithered off a hanger to land on a chest on the floor of the closet. She hung up the robe and eyed the trunk. Made of aged, saddlelike leather, it had thick rawhide handles and brass hardware.

She dropped to her haunches. “Probably locked anyway.”

She pressed the button. The latch popped. She wavered, then surrendered to curiosity and lifted the lid.

“Oh my God!” She clapped a hand over her mouth and fell on her ass. “That’s his kink.” She stared at the treasure trove of spanking implements. Paying attention to how she removed them so she could replace them exactly as she’d found them, she examined the items. Several paddles of different shapes and sizes in both leather and wood. A pom-pom-like flogger with supple soft leather strands and a stiff wooden handle. Some common items: a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, a ruler. And a strop resembling a belt split into two parts. A tawse! She’d heard of them but never had seen one until now.

She smacked her palm with it. Biting. How would it feel against a bare bottom? She pictured herself laid out like an offering over Chance’s lap as he spanked her bottom until it was supersensitive and then stung her cheeks with the tawse.

Her pussy cheered with a twitch.

She fantasized often about being spanked but had no idea if she’d like it if she experienced it. However, she loved leather—appreciated its hard and soft textures, its masculine scent, the snap it made. Such a versatile material. Sensual. Sexy. She stroked the soft strands of the flogger, then whacked her palm with the tawse again.

She sat cross-legged on the floor like a little girl playing with grown-up toys. All she required for some really wicked games was a playmate named Chance.



Author bio

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes contemporary and science fiction romance and has topped the Amazon sales charts in science fiction and fantasy romance and erotica. No matter what the romance subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven, seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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Pre-order Alert! Educating His Bride by Cara Bristol @CaraBristol

Cara Bristol is one of favorite authors. Sitting down with one of her books is a real treat. ❤ I jumped at the chance to share with you her next release, Educating His Bride. It will be out on April 11th and you can pre-order it today. 😀

There’s a fabulous excerpt below. Enjoy!


Educating His Bride by Cara Bristol

Genre: Historical spanking romance, historical romance

ISBN: 978-0-9961452-5-1

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Barnes & Noble | All Romance

Educating His Bride Blurb:

From college coed to professor’s naughty bride…

It’s the 1950s. Never much interested in her studies, Margaret Atwater attends college hoping to graduate with an Mrs. degree instead of a bachelor’s. When she catches the eye of English Professor Henry Thurston, she’s thrilled to marry him, drop out of school, and begin a new life as a married woman and faculty wife. However, Henry is a kinky man who has much to teach his eager young bride—in, and out, of the bedroom. As Mrs. Henry Thurston, Margaret’s sexual education has just begun.



Newlywed Margaret brings her husband his lunch at his college office. But Henry expects more than lunch…

“What did you bring me for lunch?” He peered into the corridor and slammed the door.

“A meatloaf sandwich.”

He twisted the key in the lock and scooted around her to the window. “On white bread?”


“Good. I like white bread. It’s so nice and fluffy. Almost like eating cotton candy.” He turned the wand and plunged the room into dusk. Enough light remained to see the sexual gleam in his eyes.

An answering heat pooled in her core. Yes, some things had changed since her last visit to this room. She might have gotten a C in his class, but she’d aced marital relations. He’d taught her much over the summer, lessons she’d embraced with alacrity.

Henry plopped into his chair and beckoned.

“What if somebody comes?”

“They won’t. It’s only the second week. Students don’t have reason to meet with me yet.” He chuckled. “They’re still searching for their classes.”

“I don’t know.” Did respectable married women do things like this?

He leaned back and spread his legs. His erection tented his trousers. “Do I need to come and get you, Mrs. Thurston?”

She loved being called that. Liquid lust pooled, but she played coy. “Maybe—”

Henry sprang up, dragged her to his desk, and upended her over his lap. The chair arms prevented him from pulling her completely atop his knees, but he was strong enough to hold her half on, half off. She braced her hands on the floor. Skirts flew over her head. A playful swat landed on her bottom.

Thwack. Thwack. “Henreee…” she giggled. “Ow!” she cried as he brought his hand down harder. There’d been many spankings over the summer. Only one had been for punishment after she’d gone shopping and had run late and hadn’t called. The rest had been sexy ones. There was something thrilling about her husband enforcing his will—and her surrendering to it.

“I wish you didn’t put on so many undergarments,” he groused as he spanked.

“I only wear the usual.” Panties, girdle, slip. Petticoats for poufiness, if the dress needed it.

“Maybe I’ll institute an underwear ban.”

“I couldn’t!”

“I mean around the house.”

That wasn’t as bad, but still. What if she had to answer the door? A respectable woman was always coiffed, starched, and properly clad. To not wear undergarments would be like not wearing…stockings!

“Well, I’ll have to think about it,” he said.

She hoped he thought about it a long time. He flipped her off his lap into a heap between his legs, undid his trousers, and freed his cock from his shorts. Precum pearled on the smooth head.

Her brown feathered tilt hat had slipped from her head to her ear, despite being anchored with a pin. Henry threaded his fingers through her pageboy. The man was heck on a hairdo. Perhaps she should get one of those short, shaggy cuts like Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida had.

He exerted pressure to bring her face closer to his cock. “I used to think about you doing this when you were my student,” he said. “Suck me, Meggie.”


Author bio

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has published more than twenty-five erotic romance titles, including contemporary and science fiction romance.  No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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Cover Reveal! Mated with the Cyborg by Cara Bristol

Mated with the Cyborg
by Cara Bristol

GENRE: Sci-fi Romance

Releasing: January 5, 2016




Kai Andros’s orders were simple. Get in. Gather the intel on the terrorist organization. Get out.

Then he met her. Mariska. Beautiful. Innocent. Ignorant of her father’s atrocities. And marked for death.

His orders said nothing about saving her. But he did. He went off-mission.

Can a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves?



Some might have cheered Mariska’s impending demise. The organization’s brutality had incited a backlash of negative sentiment against all its members. Many espoused the notion that the only good Lamis-Odg was a dead Lamis-Odg.

Kai couldn’t buy into that. Mariska had been no party to the actions of her father or Lamani. She was vulnerable. Innocent. But not stupid or cowardly. In the month spent observing her, her quiet fortitude and inner strength had impressed him. Even before he’d caught the shocking glimpse of her face, he’d been struck by her beautiful eyes. A rich shade of melted caramel, fringed by dark lashes. Expressive in their attempt not to be. She didn’t trust him.

Her wariness pierced him in a way it shouldn’t. She was a person of interest and her emotions shouldn’t impact his decision-making. And in fact, she was wise to be suspicious. Obido had bugged her quarters and employed spybots to keep tabs on her. While Kai wouldn’t intentionally harm her, he would manipulate her to obtain whatever information he could on Lamis-Odg.

The reign of terror had to be stopped. Direct intervention in Mariska fate jeopardized that goal. Doing nothing was the right thing to do. Sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

Why did he feel like he was no better than Obido?

When they rounded the corner to the gangway entrance two guards—Lamis-Odg, not androids—snapped to attention, weapons drawn. “Halt!” one of them cried.

“It’s okay; he’s with me,” Mariska said.

While one guard leveled his weapon, the other scanned him. “The android is not authorized to board,” the guard said.

“He’s not boarding; he’s loading my luggage. He’ll disembark after he carries it to my stateroom.”

“Negative. He shall remain here.” The guard motioned. “Leave the cases.”

Kai set the bags down, and the sentry scanned them. “Clear,” he announced. He jerked his head at Mariska. “You may take them now.”

She dragged one toward the craft.

“My duty is to serve the daughter of Obido. Allow me to set the bags inside the door. I shall not enter,” Kai said.

The two guards glanced at each other and shrugged. “All right.”

Under armed watch, he deposited both bags inside the portal. There was nothing else he could do. He sought Mariska’s gaze. Don’t go. “Have a safe flight.”

“Thank you.”

She boarded. Kai stomped down the gangway.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Multi-published, Cara Bristol is the author of more than 23 erotic romance titles. She writes science fiction, contemporary, and paranormal erotic romance. No matter what the subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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My First Book Conference and All the Fabulous Details #RAGT15

There is something quite spectacular about being in a room with several hundred people who love to read. It’s like coming home. I’ve found the mother ship. Lol!


This past weekend, I attended Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together. It was a fabulous friendly atmosphere. I met so many new friends and friends I’ve only known online. I can’t say enough about this well put together conference. It was organized, relaxed, and simply fun.

There were idols all over the place just hanging out. Here’s Lori Foster talking to the group. I saw her several times while I was there and she said hi to me every time. Me! Little author, SJ said hi to Lori Foster. 😀


IMG_2755IMG_2751I saw Lia Davis a few times and had a conversation with Vella Day that I’ll never forget. She shared some of her expertise and I soaked it up.

The experience was priceless.

I never did cross paths with Patricia Rasey. I guess I’ll have to go back next year and find her.

On the first day, one of my conference highlights, Kallypso Masters walked by my table and stopped to chat. I sat there with a huge smile on my face. I think I only said one thing to her. “I love your books.” I was star struck. I did stop her the next day to get her autograph. Okay. I jumped in front of her and held out my pen. Lol. I hope I didn’t scare her.


The other huge highlight for me was to hang out with Cara Bristol and we did just that. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We shared many conversations about our publishing experiences and plans for the future. Priceless.IMG_2769 2

The first night Lynn Rae/J.J. Lore took us to a local spot, Skyline for chili. It was delicious! We spent the whole time talking about the book business. It was awesome!

Cara and SJ at Skyline

I finally met Beckey White. It was our first time meeting face to face, but it was like hanging with the girlfriend you’ve known forever. It actually felt like a reunion. The same can be said for brand new friends like Kimberly Rocha. I miss them all!

IMG_2771 2Kimberly Rocha and SJ

IMG_2777Donna McDonald at the book signingThe book signing was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. That was partly because I could see Cara to my right and I sat next to one of the nicest ladies, Donna McDonald.

 My son suggested I take one of his lego creations to keep me company at my table. We picked the coffee maker. Can you find it in this picture?


Here I am at the start of the book signing. That’s Eve Langlais behind me! I had a blast introducing my books to all the readers who stopped by my table. The time flew by! I signed all kinds of things from my books, to post cards, to bags, and pins too. I sold lots of books which was the icing on the delicious cake. Most of what you see here was gone by the end of the signing.

SJs tableThe goodies were plentiful!

IMG_2740 2

The conference raises money for several charities! Benefit Book Proceeds go to the Animal Adoption Foundation. Book Fair proceeds go to The Conductive Learning Center. Raffle proceeds go to One Way Farm Children’s Home. Here are a few pics of the several hundred baskets that lined the walls of the ballroom. Amazing!


The basket I gave away is on the left and Evernight's is on the right.I’ve only captured a small blip of the fun. So many special memories. I’ll never forget when Virginia Nelson came to my signing table or my chats with Elle BoonWendi Zwaduk, and Kathryn R. Blake.

#RAGT15 was amazing. I sure hope I can attend next year.

Irresistible Attractions by Cara Bristol #Review #5Stars #MustRead

CaraBristol_RandCSociety_IrresistibleAttractions_600x900Irresistible Attractions by Cara Bristol

Genre: erotic romance, spanking romance, BDSM romance


College student Hannah Laurie works nights for a cleaning service. Among its clients is the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of domestic discipline practitioners. As she cleans the mansion headquarters, she becomes fascinated by the idea of being spanked. One evening, she surrenders to the impulse to try out the equipment in the secret disciplinary chamber.

Millionaire cybersecurity magnate Jordan Bevy, Rod and Cane’s disciplinary proctor, ensures the rules of the organization are followed to a T. Using the disciplinary chamber for personal pleasure is strictly forbidden. But when he catches the shy little cleaner girl trying out the equipment, what’s a fellow to do but bend the rules and give her a hand?

Everything seems like fun and games, until their relationship deepens and their respective worlds collide and clash. Can a lowly cleaner girl ever find acceptance in her boyfriend’s monied world?

Irresistible Attractions on Amazon

Cara Bristol web site/blog

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SJ’s Thoughts

I adore how Cara Bristol tells a story and this book is simply perfection. It’s also quite possibly my new favorite. I love stories that pull you in and don’t let go. Irresistible Attractions does just that. The characters are full of life, irresistible charm, and hot sexiness. Yum!

I’ll be reading this one again and again. This is a Rod and Cane Romance but it is very much a stand alone. Regardless if you’ve read the other books, which I totally recommend you do since they are all fabulous, you’ll love the other characters here.

Jordan and Hannah have hot hot hot chemistry. Swoon. Irresistible Attractions is a 5 start must read.



Vacuuming finished, she wound the cord around the cleats and pushed the machine into the hall, remembering how she’d gotten flustered and left it on the elevator. Jordan Bevy must have thought she was a ditz. Naturally she would make an ass of herself in front of the sexiest man she’d ever encountered. He made the guys at her college look like little kids.

Hannah halted in the doorway giving the room a final perusal. Spic and spank. Dust free. Paddles aligned in neat rows. Benches polished.

She eyed her favorite. Gorgeous cherry grain. Slick, smooth leather, the kind resistant to sweat stains, she suspected. In her fantasies, she knelt on that bench. Dare she try it out for real? Doing so violated the rules, but it wouldn’t disturb anything, and tonight might be her sole chance. Amberlyn would come back—or Tidy Titans would replace her. Either way, she’d never be alone in the mansion again.

Before she lost her nerve, she strode to the apparatus. Spastic butterflies beat frantic wings in her stomach as she knelt on the lower padded seat and relaxed her torso atop the upper one. She wiggled her wrists into the leather loops attached to the front legs. She peeked over her shoulder at her reflection and winced at her big booty, covered in unattractive gray wash-and-wear cotton poly. Not her best feature. Why couldn’t she have had a cute little butt to go along with her short stature?

Hannah freed her hands from the restraints and tugged up the skirt. Her lace thong left her backside near naked. Twisting her arm, she swatted one pasty cheek. Smack! Smack! Buns of steel? More like jiggles of Jell-O. She slapped herself several more times. It was hard to get a good swing. If only she had longer arms…

Or an implement.

Hannah scurried to the wall and snatched a short, slender cane then hopped back on the bench and hiked her dress over her waist again.

She tapped herself with the rod. More kiss than slap, it imparted only a slight sting. Tightening her grip, she swung a little harder. Ow! She wiggled her bottom. Nice tingle, but it disappeared too fast.

She was so bad. This was breaking every rule and some that hadn’t been written yet. Tidy Titans’ Rule No. 35: Do not try out clients’ spanking equipment.

Hannah giggled and landed another strike on her bottom. “You’re a naughty girl,” she chided aloud, imagining her fantasy man saying it. But, this time, he had Jordan Bevy’s face.

“Yes, you are a naughty girl,” boomed Jordan’s very real voice.

Author Bio

Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.


The Interview: Cara Bristol author of Reasonable Doubts

Cara Bristol 914Today is the day I have been waiting for. She’s here. I have Cara Bristol at my ehome. *happy dances*

I’ve been a fan of hers for a bit now. I love her style and I gobble up everything she writes. The latest is Reasonable Doubts and it is amazing. My five star review can be found here. It’s paging turning hotness. Just wait until you read the excerpt she brought. You’ll want to keep reading. Remember, I warned you.

I recently asked if she’d stop by and answer a few questions. She said yes. Squee! Yes, I’m having a fan girl moment. 😀

She’s also brought something for everyone, as long as supplies last, and there’s going to be a prize drawing too. All of that is below.

Okay. Deep breaths and here we go.

SJ: Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Cara: Oh gosh, I deliberately omitted or only hinted at certain things because I didn’t want to spoil the story, such as Liz’s former boss’s identity, that Reasonable Doubts is an older woman/younger man romance (though not a huge gap, only 6 or so years), and that I killed off a character readers had met in previous books.  The prologue to Reasonable Doubts came from a scene that was cut from False Pretenses (Rod and Cane book 2) during editing.

SJ: What are some of your favorite things about the Rob and Cane Erotic Romances?

Cara: How much it has grown and expanded over what I originally envisioned. The characters and the Rod and Cane Society have become real to me. Because characters reappear in different books, readers have the chance to get to know them, and each book is like visiting old friends. Yet, I think I’ve been able to write the books in such a way that one can read them as stand-alones. It’s a fun series to write; there are so many different characters and potential story lines.

SJ: All of your books are page turners for me. At the end of a scene or a chapter, I always have this need to keep reading. What are some tips or tricks you’ve picked up to keep the reader hooked through the whole story?

Cara: Thank you! That’s what an author loves to hear. I think writers are told so often that a book or a chapter has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end so that the inclination is to “wrap up” each chapter.  But that’s the last thing a writer should do. A chapter should end unsettled with a mini cliffhanger, or at least with an open question. One technique I use is to end a chapter with the character believing one thing while showing the reader that the real situation is the opposite.  I try to make things tense, not relaxed.

SJ: I know you and your husband like to travel. Which place would you most like to revisit? Where would you really like to go next? Have any of these trips inspired the stories you’ve written?

Cara: I would love to go to China again. It is magical, so entirely different from the Western world.  When you look at what China was doing and building while North/South America was in the Stone Age, it blows your mind. China changed the way I viewed travel. Before China, traveling was for vacation, for R & R, so I tended to gravitate toward places that were familiar to me. After China, I wanted to see more of what is foreign.  I’d love to go to China again and the Orient in general (I’ve also been to Thailand). That said, our next big trip will probably be a river cruise through Prague and Budapest. My trips don’t tend to inspire stories because I do go for R& R, so I’m not thinking about work. However, I did use my travel experiences as background for the Wife on the Lam story in the Coming to Terms anthology.

SJ: What have you cooked that ended up tasting a lot better than you anticipated?

Cara: I have been cooking my way through The Gourmet Slower Cooker by Lynn Alley.  I decided to try Chicken Pipérade, a French dish that calls for 3 red bell peppers.  I wasn’t sure if I would like that much red bell pepper (and was really worried my husband wouldn’t), but it turned out great. My husband loved it, and said it would be a good recipe to serve company.

SJ: I’ve learned so much from you these past couple of years. You’re very generous in sharing your experiences. Thank you! What gives you the most trouble in this business and has it changed over the years?

Cara: When I had my first few books published, getting noticed and getting books to sell was difficult. You work your butt off and nothing happens. Or nothing seems to happen. That has changed for me. My work sells now,   and my readership is growing, but I’ve learned that you cannot rest on your laurels or coast for very long. There are peaks and valleys and some books do better than others. You have to continually produce and promote, although the latter gets easier. There is a point in an author’s career—beginning with the third book or so—when there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. You become like a crazed, frantic circus performer. You start to wonder how you can possibly keep up the pace. But that is the turning point, and if you can power past it, the craziness eases and the workload becomes manageable. But if you expect to make a career out writing, know it that it will always require full time effort.

SJ: Which one of your characters would you most like to meet in real life and why?

Cara: I would like to meet Marc DeLuca of Body Politics, although I think he would intimidate the hell out of me. I was half in love with him by the time I finished writing the book. And I would love to meet Liz Davenport. I think she and I could be great friends.

SJ: What is your greatest extravagance?

Cara: Traveling and books. My husband and I rarely eat dinner out, never go to movies, generally don’t do all the typical sorts of things that other people do for entertainment. But as you pointed out, we’ve traveled all over the world. The other extravagance is buying books without reservation. If I want one, I buy it.

SJ: What are you reading now?

Cara: Life’s Unexpected Gifts by Livia Grant.

SJ: Tell us a bit about some of the other releases you’re planning for 2015.

Cara: In March or April, I’ll publish The Goddess’s Curse, a fantasy, sci-fi story inspired by the mythological Amazon women. In my sci-fi Breeder series, the characters live in male-dominated world. In The Goddess Curse (Heartmates), I flip it around and put the women in charge—but the men are still alpha. Depending on how readers react to The Goddess’s Curse will determine whether I turn it into a series. I will also write another Rod and Cane, and this one will be Jordan Bevy’s story—he’s the disciplinary proctor. I also agreed to participate in a spanking romance boxed set with Celeste Jones, Renee Rose and Sue Lyndon.  And I have some other stand-alone novel and nonfiction ideas demanding to be written. But it’s not getting crazy. Nope. Negatory. Not at all.

CaraBristol_RandCSociety_ReasonableDoubts_600x900Reasonable Doubts Blurb

Widow Liz Davenport assumes when she begins to date, her new man will be like her late husband–a member of the Rod and Cane Society and an experienced disciplinarian who can provide her with loving guidance she requires to feel grounded and secure. So why is she attracted to Grant Davis, an ex-Naval  JAG officer who works for her nemesis and has never spanked a woman in his life?

Events in his recent past have forced Grant to take stock of his life and try some new things. But spank a woman? He’s never considered that before, but with Liz’s coaching he’s willing to try.

But when the past collides with the present, will he be able to step up and become the disciplinarian Liz needs?

Reasonable Doubts Excerpt – 454 words

“If you’re seeking a fun spanking, I can accommodate you. But I can’t hit you to punish you, Liz.”

That was a common hang-up for many men who’d been taught to never raise a hand to a woman. “Not hitting. Spanking. Paddling.”

“Hit you with a paddle?” He looked aghast now.

She said, spank, and he heard hit. Liz sighed, frustrated for feeling out of her element in a situation that had been her element her entire adult life. She’d never had to broach the subject with a man. How did other women deal with the issue?

Grant curved his arm around her. Thinking he intended to hug her, she curled against his chest, but he continued to exert pressure. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Placing you over my lap.”

Her jaw dropped. “Are you serious?”

“It’s what you want, isn’t it?”

But—but—Liz peeked at him, but he wore his courtroom face. Unreadable. Did he desire this—or was he going through the motions to please her? Did she want to be spanked this way? Not coldly, more…dispassionately. Yet heat curled in her tummy. It had been so long since she’d been spanked. The few playful swats he’d given her the other night didn’t count.

Her body decided for her by melting into a submissive puddle over Grant’s lap. He smoothed his hands across her bottom, rubbing her cheeks through her clothes. “You do have a nice ass,” he said.

Her heart migrated to her throat where it drummed a rapid beat, as a familiar excitement zinged through her.

Cool air breezed across her skin when Grant raised her skirt to her waist. Another good sign: he adjusted her clothing without her having to prompt him. With his finger, he traced the line of her panties across her lower back and the tops of her thighs. Belatedly, Liz realized she wasn’t wearing her best underwear. Not her worst, thank goodness, but beige bikinis with an elastic band of lace for adornment qualified as more functional than sexy. But how could she have known she would be spanked today?

Grant smoothed his hands over her buttocks, a patch of rough skin on his palm catching on silk. His gentle touch electrified her, created a muscle-deep ache, a longing she could taste. Liz pressed her face against the sofa cushion and closed her eyes. Please, please. She wanted him to spank her so badly, but she’d made her case, and the decision rested with him. She couldn’t force him into being a spanko. He needed to step up and take control of the situation without any more instigation from her.

He hooked a thumb into the waistband of her panties. “Lift,” he ordered.

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Mid Week Tease – Warrior by Cara Bristol

Click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the amazing Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

I’m teasing from one of my favorite authors, Cara Bristol. I love her books and her third book in her Breeder series released yesterday! Warrior is the book I’ve been waiting for. You can read my 5-star review here. The whole series is a must read.

click to see Warrior on Goodreads

A Tease from Warrior by Cara Bristol:

“If I had not killed Grogan, he would have beaten and used you.”Urazi had witnessed Grogan striking her, so the first part came as no surprise, but how could he have known the alpha had intended to avail himself of her?“Do you think I could not read his behavior? That I did not notice him rubbing himself against you? Do you think I am mentally deficient?” Urazi growled. “If I had not intervened, you would have joined forces against Marlix, Dak, and Ilian without knowing it.”

Anika’s face heated with guilt and shame.

“You are impulsive! Rash,” Urazi continued to rail. “You fled without concern for the consequences.”

“I knew the consequences! Marlix would have sent me to Ilian.”

Urazi looked away. “Commander Ilian would have kept you safe.”

“Maybe safety represents the greatest danger of all.”

“Your words do not make sense.”

“I wish to choose what I do. “

“Protocol makes the choice for you.”

“Protocol. Protocol. Protocol! I am sick of Protocol.” Anika stomped around, too angry to remain still.

“It is the way. Our way.”

“Our way allowed Corren, Commander Dak’s beta, to slit my throat and leave me for dead.”

Anika traced the fine scar bisecting her neck. “It allowed Qalin’s guards to hunt Tara and me, to kill Tara’s friend Ramon.”

“That is not the fault of Protocol, but of the individuals involved,” Urazi said.

Anika shook her head. “No. It creates the environment that encourages such behavior.”

“That is incor—”

“Protocol allows the male offspring of my sire to send me to whomever he wishes without concern for my desires.” Anika cut him off.

“Ilian is Alpha. He is the best possible choice for you.”

“Qalin is Alpha, too. Would he not be a best possible choice?”

“Now you speak rubbish.” Urazi turned away.

“You know I am right.”

“I know we all have our duty. In obedience, we achieve honor.”

“Easy for you to say. You are male. Your duty affords you some choices.”

“I am beta. Do you not think I wish for more?” Urazi whipped around, his gray eyes ablaze.

“But I owe my allegiance to Parseon and to my Alpha! I accept that.”

“Well, I do not!” If she had a hammer she would not be able to pound understanding into his stony male brain. He would never empathize with her position. No male could. Anika clenched her hands into fists. If she were a male, she would have punched him by now. Old and new resentments ballooned. If she could not calm herself, she would explode. She would punch him.

Anika stomped toward the forest.

“Come back here!”

She ignored him. He did not get a choice in the matter. Let him see what it was like to have one’s wishes overruled.

“Anika, I warn you….” Urazi’s voice hardened.

She faltered, responding to the command, habit and lifelong training overruling self-determination. But only if she let it. I am more than what I have been taught. Anika whirled around, folded all her fingers except for the middle one, and showed him her hand. Tara had called it flipping the coro and explained it was a very rude, dismissive gesture on Terra. It would be more satisfying if Urazi knew what it meant, but, for now, it was enough that she did. She spun around and marched toward the woods.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]Blurb

Between war and duty, they find love…

On a planet where women are chattel, Anika is to be delivered to become the mate of an Alpha Commander. Secretly in love with another, she is unable to accept the arrangement and flees. Bound by his duty, her lover Urazi intended to bring her back to fulfill her function. But war intervenes, and as their planet fights a desperate battle against a villainous despot, Anika and Urazi become united in their determination to save their people. But with their lives on the line, the love they share may become the biggest risk of all.

Warrior is the third and final book of the Breeder science fiction romance series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.


Thank you so much for visiting me. Hope you enjoyed the tease from Cara Bristol’s latest. You can find Warrior here:

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Mid Week Tease – Long Shot by Cara Bristol

Click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the awesome Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

I’m teasing from one of my favorite authors, Cara Bristol. Love her books and she has a new release today! Long Shot isspanking romance novella. It’s part of the Corbin’s Bend series–stories by different authors set in a fictitious community in which all residents practice spanking.

The setup: In this scene, Harris, the hero,  drops in unexpectedly at the antique store where Abby is arranging new inventory of  vintage spanking implements. On impulse, Harris buys an antique spanking bench. He and Abby have met, but don’t know each well at this point.

click to see Long Shot on Goodreads

Long Shot Tease:

“Would you like it delivered or will you carry it with you?” She sounded all-business now.

“I think I can handle it.”

“Would you like any paddles with that?” she asked in the same voice a burger flipper would suggest fries as an accompaniment.

“Good idea. Pick one out for me,” he replied. He already owned a cache of implements, but a strong curiosity demanded to see what she would choose.

“Oh, I doubt I’m the right person to do that.”

He approached her until he stood a step away. The scent of strawberries teased his nose. “I’ll give you a choice. You can select a paddle, or you can tell me why you didn’t tell your aunt the bench was for me.”

“I don’t know why.”

“That’s your answer?” He cocked his head and folded his arms.

She wet her lips and looked everywhere but at him. “What kind of paddle would you prefer?”

“What kind would you recommend?” he countered, knowing full well she had no idea of the differences.

“Well…” Abby moved to the wall where she’d hung the paddles with  care on coat racks. “We have uh, this kind.” She pointed to a smooth wooden ping pong style.

“A solid choice to cover a lot of surface area,” he said. “What else?”

“This one has holes.” She gestured to another.

He shook his head. “Too stingy.” For a beginner.  Abby might have a secret spanking fetish, but she was still a virgin, so to speak.

“They’re all here.” Blushing profusely, she swept a graceful arm across the row of paddles like Vanna White lighting up a new Wheel of Fortune puzzle. “And over there.” She gestured to a washstand upon which several more rested and hung from the carved towel holder.

“That one’s leather.”  She unhooked more generous oblong-shaped one, and traced the edge before smoothing her hand over the flat surface. He’d been right about her liking for leather. He suppressed a grin and watched her caress the paddle blade. Her skin appeared pale next to the darkness of the hide, her nails on the short side, but painted pink. Spanked ass pink. He bit back a growl.

“Let me see.” Harris stepped over a pile of wadded newspapers. His cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans. He allowed his gaze to slide down to her chest, rising and falling. Her nipples formed beads underneath her ecru lace poet-style blouse. Leather and lace. Hard and soft. Masculine and feminine. Sexy.

He scanned her face. An answering desire swirled in her hazel eyes, but she wet her lips nervously. Seeing her tiny tongue flick over her lips cinched his intention. He’d offered to buy the bench on a whim, on a fantasy. But he would see her kneeling over it.

As he took the paddle, he allowed a finger to brush against the softness of hers. He squeezed the reinforced handle, testing the grip. Good fit. Abby’s mouth had parted, and her eyes riveted on the implement.

He snapped it against his thigh. CRACK! Abby jumped. His cock ached.

“This one.” He decided.  “How much?” Didn’t matter. He’d pay any price. Seeing the fascination on her face made it worth any and every penny she asked.

“Sixty dollars.”

“You don’t need to check with your aunt?” he teased.

“She gave me carte blanche to price smaller items.”

He pulled out his wallet and handed his credit card and the paddle.  “I’ll carry the bench to the register.”

Abby scurried to the front and rang up his purchases, using both an old manual cash register and a very modern credit card scanner. With amusement, he watched as she wrapped the paddle in tissue paper as if it was a fine piece of china and then bagged it.

“Thank you for shopping at Auntie Q’s,” she said politely.

Harris tucked his swaddled purchase under his arm, then picked up the bench. She hurried ahead to open the door.

He peered down at her. “Have you ever been spanked, Abby Delaney?” he asked in low voice.

Long Shot Blurb

Abby Delaney moves to Corbin’s Bend to work at her aunt’s antique store to recover from a painful divorce. She gets more than expected when she meets sexy, charming Harris Montgomery, a local businessman and tennis pro, a man who seems to be the exact opposite of her ex-husband. Through Harris, she discovers her submissive side when he introduces her to spanking good times, and she begins to trust herself again.  But when the relationship progresses to a deeper level, she discovers Harris and her ex share more in common than she’d thought. With future happiness on the line, can she risk surrendering her heart on a long shot?

ISBN: 9781612581156
Length: 70 pages
Publisher: Blushing Books


Thank you so much for visiting me. Hope you enjoyed the tease from Cara Bristol’s latest. You can find Long Shot here:

Amazon | Blushing Books

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My Book Crush with Terran (Breeder 2) by Cara Bristol

The highly anticipated second book in Cara Bristol‘s Breeder series released a couple weeks ago. I loved the first book in this series, but could the second book give me the same sense of wonder and suspense that happens when you fall in love in a sci-fi world? The answer is YES!

I’m in love with this series because it mixes so many things I love. It’s a great story with romance that’s spanking hot and it’s all mixed in a sci-fi world that doesn’t overwhelm, but adds an undeniable uniqueness.

You can read more about my reading experience in my review on Goodreads.

Terran has been climbing the Amazon charts too. It’s simply a great read that’s not to be missed.

click the image to see Terran on Goodreads
Terran (Breeder 2)

by Cara Bristol

Published: May 6, 2014

Publisher: Loose Id

After fleeing loneliness and heartache on Terra, Tara Diehl has adjusted to male-dominated Parseon better than most vendors–until she is kidnapped by Alpha Marlix, one of the five rulers of the planet. At first she’s terrified of her tall, muscled abductor, especially when he doesn’t hesitate to quell her struggle for freedom with a little corporal discipline. After all her methods and ploys to escape fail, she decides to seduce her way to freedom. 

But out of seduction and subterfuge grow a true intimacy that cause Marlix and Tara to take action that drives Parseon to the brink of civil war, and threatens not only their relationship, but also their lives. 

Terran, the second book in the Breeder sci-fi series, is a “capture” romance involving a domineering but hunky alien, and a female with a bad dye job and an even worse attitude.


If people gawked, she did not notice. Panic blinded Tara to all but instinct as she tore through the Bazaar. Suck it up. Suck it up. Sobs of relief convulsed in her throat when her feet found their way to her shop. Perched on a counter stool eating lunch, Ramon leaped to his feet as she stumbled in.
“My God, Tara! What the hell happened?” He grabbed a bolt of flannel off its stand and threw it around her, then hugged her to his chest.
Unable to stop crying, she heaved and shuddered as Ramon rocked her and swore under his breath.
“I th-thought it w-would be o-o-okay. I only went out-outside to check.”
Ramon stiffened.
“They grabbed me,” she sobbed.
“Th-three males.”
“F***,” he swore, his voice laden with concern. He did not need to say I-told-you-so to remind Tara how foolish she’d been. “We need to call Security. The Terran Embassy.”
She shook her head. “No.” The Terrans held little authority and couldn’t do anything. Parseon Security did have power but would do nothing. Nor could she endure an interrogation by males cut from the same cloth as her attackers. Parseon did not consider sexual assault a crime but rather a sport, which was why the treaty attempted to protect its female vendors by insisting they travel with an escort. By venturing into the Market alone, she had disobeyed the rules intended to protect her.
“Yes. My God, Tara, you were attacked.” He dropped his voice to a hoarse whisper. “Did they rape you?”
“No,” she lied. She squeezed her eyes shut against Ramon’s shoulder. She’d been pinned to the ground. They had sodomized her with their fingers–they just hadn’t gotten around to the rest of it, because the Commander had intervened. She recalled his growl, his shadow. The boot on her back had lifted, and her attacker had flown through the air. She’d heard a thud and a snap, and then the pounding of feet as the other two attackers had scrambled away.
Only Alpha remained. Though he’d saved her, the rage and intent to harm that enlarged his already huge body had terrified her, and she’d fled, as much from him as the attack.
“You’re bleeding,” Ramon said, and she became aware of searing pain in her legs, back, and chest. 
They’d cut her when they had sliced at her clothing and had pummeled her with their fists and feet. “You need medical attention. I’m calling Security.”
“No!” came a gravelly shout.
Ramon started, but Tara did not. Hadn’t she known all along he would follow her?
“I will handle this.” There was no mistaking the threat in the gaze the Alpha cast upon Ramon. “Leave us.”
A brave Ramon shook his head. “No, I’m staying.”
Aggression shimmered off the Commander in waves. Ramon was wiry but little match for most men on Terra, let alone an Alpha. She had little doubt how he would fare in a confrontation. Again, she pictured her attacker sailing through the air as if the Commander had thrown a stuffed toy and not a live adult male.
She opened her mouth to reassure her shop mate she would be okay, but before she could speak, the Commander yanked her out of Ramon’s protective embrace and slung her over his shoulder. The Alpha stalked out of her shop into the Bazaar.

Where you can find Terran:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ARe | Loose-Id