My First Book Conference and All the Fabulous Details #RAGT15

There is something quite spectacular about being in a room with several hundred people who love to read. It’s like coming home. I’ve found the mother ship. Lol!


This past weekend, I attended Lori Foster’s Reader & Author Get Together. It was a fabulous friendly atmosphere. I met so many new friends and friends I’ve only known online. I can’t say enough about this well put together conference. It was organized, relaxed, and simply fun.

There were idols all over the place just hanging out. Here’s Lori Foster talking to the group. I saw her several times while I was there and she said hi to me every time. Me! Little author, SJ said hi to Lori Foster. 😀


IMG_2755IMG_2751I saw Lia Davis a few times and had a conversation with Vella Day that I’ll never forget. She shared some of her expertise and I soaked it up.

The experience was priceless.

I never did cross paths with Patricia Rasey. I guess I’ll have to go back next year and find her.

On the first day, one of my conference highlights, Kallypso Masters walked by my table and stopped to chat. I sat there with a huge smile on my face. I think I only said one thing to her. “I love your books.” I was star struck. I did stop her the next day to get her autograph. Okay. I jumped in front of her and held out my pen. Lol. I hope I didn’t scare her.


The other huge highlight for me was to hang out with Cara Bristol and we did just that. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We shared many conversations about our publishing experiences and plans for the future. Priceless.IMG_2769 2

The first night Lynn Rae/J.J. Lore took us to a local spot, Skyline for chili. It was delicious! We spent the whole time talking about the book business. It was awesome!

Cara and SJ at Skyline

I finally met Beckey White. It was our first time meeting face to face, but it was like hanging with the girlfriend you’ve known forever. It actually felt like a reunion. The same can be said for brand new friends like Kimberly Rocha. I miss them all!

IMG_2771 2Kimberly Rocha and SJ

IMG_2777Donna McDonald at the book signingThe book signing was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. That was partly because I could see Cara to my right and I sat next to one of the nicest ladies, Donna McDonald.

 My son suggested I take one of his lego creations to keep me company at my table. We picked the coffee maker. Can you find it in this picture?


Here I am at the start of the book signing. That’s Eve Langlais behind me! I had a blast introducing my books to all the readers who stopped by my table. The time flew by! I signed all kinds of things from my books, to post cards, to bags, and pins too. I sold lots of books which was the icing on the delicious cake. Most of what you see here was gone by the end of the signing.

SJs tableThe goodies were plentiful!

IMG_2740 2

The conference raises money for several charities! Benefit Book Proceeds go to the Animal Adoption Foundation. Book Fair proceeds go to The Conductive Learning Center. Raffle proceeds go to One Way Farm Children’s Home. Here are a few pics of the several hundred baskets that lined the walls of the ballroom. Amazing!


The basket I gave away is on the left and Evernight's is on the right.I’ve only captured a small blip of the fun. So many special memories. I’ll never forget when Virginia Nelson came to my signing table or my chats with Elle BoonWendi Zwaduk, and Kathryn R. Blake.

#RAGT15 was amazing. I sure hope I can attend next year.

19 thoughts on “My First Book Conference and All the Fabulous Details #RAGT15

  1. My laptop has been a bad boy all day–he won’t let me leave a comment on your page. Sounds like you had a great time at the conference. I remember meeting Lori Foster and I’ve heard her speak several times. The author authors you talked about are new to me–I love discovering new authors. I haven’t been to a conference in years, but I was really nervous when I went to my first one. My husband, parents and friends went to my first book signing and I’m so glad they were there with me for that and the ones afterward. My husband was so sweet–I miss him and wish he could see all of the things that are happening with e-books–he would have loved it. My e-books aren’t flying off the shelves, but he would have loved the idea of reading a book on an app.

    • I sure did have a good time. What a good memory. 🙂 How nice that they were there with you. Thank you for sharing that.
      Yes, my nerves were crazy. I’m still amazed that I did it. Your husband sure would love what’s happening now. Absolutely!

  2. I enjoyed chatting with you, S.J., and I’m so glad we were able to meet. What thrills me even more is that you had a great time. Sometimes conferences can be a bit overwhelming, but it sounds like this one was perfect for you.

    • Lol, Donna! 😀 That would be so cool if we both went next year.
      He’s made a lot of things that I adore but that coffee maker is one of my favs. The first time he showed it to me, he was sure to point out the spots at the top that heat the milk. Love that kid of mine.

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