Mid Week Tease – A Door Left Open

Click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the beautiful Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

This week, I’m going back to my story in the Evernight Publishing Anthology, Executive Assistant which is available now. 🙂

The last time I teased from this story, Colin’s assistant, Jen had screamed when her water broke. I’ve skipped over a fun conversation with her partner, Lori. The pair are about to leave for the hospital when Jen forgets something important.This is still in Colin’s point of view.


“My purse.” Jen stopped her forward movement.

“I’ll get it.” Mary turned around in circles. “Where?”

“My bottom desk drawer.” After Mary handed the purse to Lori, “Well, your desk now. Right, Colin? You’ll hire her, right?”

“Don’t worry about that now,” Colin and Lori said in unison.


“Yes, of course.” He turned to Mary

“I’ll be here until you get back. He’ll be fine.”

“Thank you.” Jen turned to Lori and they left.

The room became quiet and awkward. He looked down at the wet foot prints leading to the door.

“I’ll get more towels.” Mary left him alone.

He took a deep breath, pushed his fingers through his hair, and walked to the phone. He’d have to give Mary the option of not staying, but he hoped she’d stay. He couldn’t deny she’d acted fast which was exactly what he needed. He’d have to find a way to work around his fast growing lust for the red haired beauty. After he hung up from talking with the cleaning crew, he realized Mary hadn’t come back from the bathroom.

He went in search of her. His bathroom door was ajar and so was the panel door inside.



Oh boy, you remember what’s in that private room found inside his bathroom, right? I wonder what Mary’s thinking at this moment. 🙂 I know how it all works out and I have to say it’s quite delicious. 🙂

executive-assistant 300x200

SJ’s Blurb:

Mary is determined not to be distracted by the devilishly handsome Colin whose business deal is halting a much needed park. Armed with a plan, she tries to ignore her growing attraction.

After reading her resume, Colin believes Mary isn’t right for him or his office. However, he’s about to risk his biggest business deal yet when Mary knocks him off his game. The pair gives in to their growing desires, but Mary’s plan might unravel everything they’ve been building.

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22 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease – A Door Left Open

  1. Heh-heh, that’s the beauty of already having a copy of Executive Assistant–I can flip to your story and keep reading NOW! I think I know what she found but I’ll def. be confirming it. 😉

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