Mid Week Tease: Nadia’s Slip and Ethan’s Catch


I’m teasing this week with a snippet from the first short in my NaNoWriMo project. I haven’t given the story a title or written the blurb. Maybe next year I’ll be more organized. Fingers crossed.

I can tell you this is the story of Ethan and Nadia. She’s wasting away in the mail room except for the frequent visits from CEO, Ethan. After Nadia accidentally learns Ethan’s secret, she plays hooky from work and contemplates quitting. He discovers her less than sickly state and tracks her down. I hope you enjoy.

Nadia walked into the club. The groovy beats had her swaying her hips. She’d found the elusive distraction.

Sitting at home and thinking about her decision and getting no where hadn’t done her any good. The day had gone to waste. Apparently, the thought of walking away from Ethan, even with the knowledge of what was in all those contracts, was incomprehensible. A shiver worked its way up her spine. Letting herself fall any further in love seemed like a good way to exit this life early.

Her friends were right. She needed a night of getting loose and connecting with her inner gypsy.

Her head whipped around. She could have sworn she’d seen Ethan across the dance floor.

“Just great.” Wanting to stop thinking about Ethan and actually doing it were two different things. The heavy weight of disappointment pulled her shoulders down. In that moment, she knew she couldn’t walk away from him, but she also knew he would never be hers. Their lives were too different.

Ethan wouldn’t come to a place like this, not on this side of town, not with this dingy crowd. This wasn’t his scene. Besides, he was probably hanging with Mrs. rich boobs tonight. She pinched her eyes closed and shook her head. Tonight was for letting go.

Thankfully, the DJ picked that moment to play one of her favorites. She hadn’t spotted her friends yet, but she wasn’t waiting any longer. She danced her way forward, a little shimmy in her shoulders, enjoying the bump and grind of the crowd.

A warm body came up behind her and a strong hand wrapped around her middle, pulling her back a step. She turned her head slightly and discovered her dance partner was the man she couldn’t get out of her thoughts.

She tripped over her own feet.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you.”

“Sure, right now you do. What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.”

Together they swayed back and forth and her tickle of desire skyrocketed to addiction. She felt her heart beat every where, from her ears all the way down to her pussy. Their bodies intertwined and their hips stayed locked together as they explored with their hands.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Nadia.” He rocked his hard body against her. “You don’t look sick to me.”

I hope you enjoyed my Mid Week Tease. You’ll have to let me know if you want to know more about Ethan and Nadia.

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