Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop!

Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop

It’s been a big year for me. My passion for naughty books took a huge step forward with the release of my debut, TAKING CHANCES. It’s the first in my naughty series called the Love Projects. I also have a new release coming out very soon to Evernight Publishing’s Romance on the Go line titled UNTANGLE ME.

I like to find broken hearts and glue them back together. I do this through all kinds of naughty business. 😀

For many years I’ve dealt with evil day jobs. Although naughtiness isn’t allowed in the work place, it’s definitely a fantasy. The leading lady of TAKING CHANCES, Lydia Taylor is quite familiar with fantasies, in-particular fantasies starring the hero of this story. Her fantasies might not have prepared her for his dominant power.

Lydias bare thought w teal border

Before we get into the excerpt below, let me introduce you to Jake Reed. He’s a man in need of a submissive, but just not any will do. At first, he doesn’t think Lydia’s for him. Things change when they get assigned to work together on a special project. At one point during their work day, Lydia pokes Jake in the chest. You can see 8 sentences from this scene here.
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5 Star Review: “Taking Chances, is a must read for anyone who wants a great story, well written, smoking hot smexy scenes and an oh so hot hero.”

5 Star Review: ”Taking Chances is SJ Maylee’s debut novel and she does an excellent job of creating interesting characters searching for connection while providing enough kink and spice to heat things up.”

5 Star Review: “it’s well written, there’s no slw moments and it’s packed full of hot sexual tension”


Lydia’s father walked away from her when she was eight. She’s struggled to not let him affect her, but fears she wasn’t loveable enough to make him stay. Jake wants to love one woman, but after scaring the last woman he met outside of the club, he doubts he has the right. She protects her heart by sticking with her fantasies, and he lives by a set of rules that excludes women who choose a vanilla lifestyle.

The two will be kept in a conference room working together until their special project is complete. If Lydia and Jake hold tight to their bland lives, they’ll always yearn for love that is out of reach. But together they can find common ground, passion, and a reason to take chances. Once they discover the grand possibilities of the love they desire, they find themselves in the very place they tried never to be again, facing unguaranteed love.


“Come on in, Lydia. I want to talk about a few things before we get started today. We need to make it quick, since we need to report to Keller at ten this morning.” When she remained in her spot he added, “Lydia, come here.”

Not wanting Gina to take anything further from her, she lifted her head and walked to Jake. She stopped at his desk, but felt instantly unworthy. Gina was more Jake’s style. She fought the need to lower her chin.

“Look at me, Lydia.”

He pushed her. “Why?” She shifted her gaze and hit him with her direct stare.

“Thank you. I needed to see your eyes.” He reached out and swiped a lock of hair from her face. He tucked the strand behind her ear, and let his finger drag down her face to her shoulder. All the while his gaze captured hers, not letting go. “How are you this morning?”

“I’m okay.”

“Okay? Hmm, maybe I should do something to improve your mood? What would you say to that?”

“Here?” she gasped and quickly turned to look out the door.

He grabbed hold of her shoulders, lifting her slightly off the floor.

“Yes, here.” He brought their bodies together, claimed her lips and swept his tongue through her mouth, awakening her sexual hunger.

She felt wanted. She felt claimed. Images from the night before swam in her mind. Silly challenges from the office mean girl were all forgotten. He set her down and nipped at her lower lip.

“We have a lot to do today. Unfortunately we cannot go any further, now.” He stepped back behind his desk as casually as if he’d just greeted the mail man.

“But you would want to?” Still looking at the papers on his desk, she didn’t think he heard her. She took a step closer. “You would repeat last night?”

Her words stopped him. His gaze searched her face. Placing his hands on the desk he leaned forward and said, “Lydia, I fully intend to further explore your body and mind. After all, there are a few places I haven’t yet completely inspected.”

Her mind ran through what he had done to her last night, and there was only one place she could think of. Warmth fluttered through her face.

“Now, that is a beautiful sight.” He returned to his papers. “I’m going to have to keep thinking of ways to shock you simply to see you blush again.” With the papers properly sorted, his attention returned to her. “Is Gina a problem?”

Gina was a lot of things, but she’d never thought of her as a problem. “I don’t think so.”

“Don’t be afraid to put her in her place. She likes that more than she lets on. She’s the type to push so she can be pushed back.”

“I hadn’t thought of her that way. Interesting.”

“Let me know if she becomes a problem.” His gaze drilled into hers, not letting her escape.


“Okay?” His posture remained controlled, but the smirk couldn’t be missed.

She added her own version of the devilish grin, which ignited another blush before she even spoke. “Okay, Sir.”

“Trouble.” He stalked towards her and ruthlessly swept his hand under the hem of her skirt to press firmly along her panties. His lips pressed to her ear. “Hot and damp.”

The palm of his hand pressed on her clit, and he bent his knuckles, sending the tips of his fingers past the edge of her panties to drag along her slit.

“Be careful what you say to me, sweetheart, or you’ll shatter my control.” With one last drag of his fingers, he pulled away and walked from the room.

She turned around and watched him go. Her heart pounded. All she could do was follow him, but she couldn’t move. The exchange with Jake left her bones unsettled, and the all too familiar ache tried to set-up shop in her chest. She hadn’t expected him to crave more from her, and now she couldn’t deny he did. Was she going to deny herself the pleasure of getting to know him?


Evernight | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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untangleme 300Coming December 5th!!!

~~> UNTANGLE ME <~~Click to see UNTANGLE ME at Goodreads

Unedited Blurb:

Ivy’s revenge on the people behind her family’s downward spiral is simple and it’s working. There’s no need to long for help from the wealthy business owners who turned their backs on her father. Ivy may be worn out, but she’s finding herself again after joining the local BDSM club.

Seth has it all. He has homes around the world and the little red speedster he dreamed of as a little boy, but none of the things he can buy satisfy him, not the socialites hanging on his arm or the submissives falling at his feet. Then, he hires Ivy to plan his next event.

Seth and Ivy enjoy each other’s company in and out of the planning stages for Seth’s charity event. Their playful bets lead them to a first date. When their secret kinks are revealed, the pair fall deep, but it’s not meant to last. Past hurts come back to haunt Ivy. Now, it’s time for Seth to use all he’s learned, regardless if he can win back the girl



I’m giving away one $5 Amazon Gift Card.
So, you can buy something naughty.

–> a Rafflecopter giveaway <–


1. Close Encounters with the Night Kind  34. Alexandra Anthony
2. Natasha Blackthorne (US) 35. Madison Sevier
3. Dana Delamar 36. Shauna Aura Knight
4. Morticia Knight 37. Heather Geoffries
5. Draven St. James 38. S.J. Maylee
6. Polly J Adams 39. Siren Allen
7. Liv Honeywell 40. Renea Mason
8. Lusty Penguin Reviews – US 41. Kelly Gendron
9. Starla Cole 42. Lindsay Avalon
10. Shannan Albright 43. Tara Lain
11. Paloma Beck 44. Valerie Twombly
12. Leigh Ellwood 45. Caris Roane Paranormal Romance Author
13. Danita Minnis 46. The Hedonistic Minimalist
14. Share My Destiny 47. H. D. Thomson
15. Kristine Cayne 48. Rose Wynters
16. Eliza Gayle 49. Susan’ Sensual Side
17. Eva Lefoy 50. Vickie Dold
18. Shiloh Saddler 51. My Kindle Fever
19. Malia Mallory 52. MYTHICAL BOOKS (INT)
20. J.E. & M. Keep 53. Rhyll Biest
21. Anya Breton 54. Cassandra Carr (INT)
22. Evie Knight 55. Love Bites and Silk Ties
23. Jami Denise 56. Passion Shields Series
24. Buried Under Romance 57. Lisa Beth Darling
25. Liberty Ann Ireland 58. Fierce Dolan – Words Without Limits
26. Suzi Love (Int) 59. Booked & Loaded
27. 2 Bibliophiles Guide 60. Layna Pimentel
28. Smexy Fab Four 61. Traveling Cats
29. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews 62. Vanessa Morgan
30. Lorraine Pearl 63. Tabitha Conall
31. Read Between The Lines 64. DC Juris
32. Lily Harlem 65. Dana Littlejohn
33. Lucy Felthouse 66. Danielle Duncan

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