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Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. 😀

Once again, I’m sharing from my just started WIP. Last Week I introduced you to Gina She’s still healing from divorce. Although she gets along with her ex, it’s his best friend, Marcus, that’s the last person she’d want to see on her night out at the local BDSM club, but that’s exactly who she ran into. The first line is his.

“I’m not surprised you’ve come to the spanking benches. What have you done now?”

“Funny. I’d say it’s good to see you, but I’m not one to lie.”

“Really?” He shifted, squaring his hips in her direction,  clasping his wrists in front of him. The paddle, still held in his hand, concealed his leather covered cock. “I haven’t observed that to be true.”

Ouch. Hope you enjoyed my eight today. Poor Gina, she’s still looking for release too. Maybe next week. Here’s a tweet, if you want to share.

Thank you so much for visiting me, it means a lot to me that you took the time to visit my little place on the web. Don’t forget to check out the other Weekend Warriorsand Saturday Spankings too.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Who’s Lying Now

  1. Ohhh, sexual tension. Love it! See, the problem with you sharing your WIPs SJ is that now I’m addicted to all these stories… 😉 Another excellent snippet. I always enjoy your writing.

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