Weekend Writing Warriors – Looking for Release

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Welcome friends old and new. I’m glad you came. I’m giving you something brand new today. I don’t have a working title yet or a logline, but picture a woman, her name is Gina. She’s still healing from divorce. Although she gets along with her ex, it’s his best friend, Marcus, that’s the last person she’d want to see on her night out.

Gina’s come to Club Voyage, the local BDSM club where she’s been a member for years. After a hard week, one she’s not proud of, she’s looking for release.

A loud whack sounded behind her and she whipped around. A dom stood near the wall of paddles and floggers. He smacked a wooden paddle against his hand, placed it back on the hook, and examined another. She couldn’t see his face, but attraction was instant. The way he examined each paddle before smacking his hand had her body tingling. What would it be like to be on the receiving end of a spanking made with such care? He took a step back, a wide paddle in his hand, and turned.


Her week just wasn’t going to get any better.

Hope you enjoyed my eight today, but Gina’s still looking for release. Poor Gina. Would you like to know more about Gina and Marcus? Please consider tweeting this. 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting me, it means a lot to me that you took the time to visit my little place on the web. Don’t forget to check out the other Weekend Warriorsand Saturday Spankings too.

22 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Looking for Release

  1. Hmm… Her week seems to have gotten worse – though maybe it’s about to get better. But isn’t that just a kick in the teeth, to be so attracted to someone she dislikes so much…

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