Six Sentence Sunday #49 The Right Thing

Last Week I gave you the opening 6 from my latest WIP, In the Blind (working title), the story of Jane and Rob. The current logline: When a head hunter finds her dream lover in a night of pitch black unrestrained passion, she fears she’ll never find him again. Fate steps in and throws the two together, but they might never discover the truth and stay in the blind.

I’ll continue with this story through the end of Six Sunday. This week I’ve skipped just a couple of paragraphs. The ladies are about to be escorted one by one into their rooms for the evening.

The room filled with screams from all the ladies as they danced into line, while Jane wondered, for the tenth time that day, if she was doing the right thing. Was this the best place for her to kiss her sexual slump goodbye? Anne, her best friend from forever, swore by the club. Jane didn’t want to take all the emotion out of the act, but she needed to get out of her own way and remember how freeing release could be. It had been months since her last orgasm. Of course, having her ex-boyfriend tell her she was a sexual deviant and unattractive hadn’t done her any favors.

Hope you enjoyed my six today. Remember, I’m the newbie, please share your advice. Thanks for stopping by today. Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors.Try to find a new favorite 6 today.

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