Six Sentence Sunday #50 Unending Black

This week I’ll give you another six from my current WIP, In the Blind (working title), and you can see the past two posts from this WIP here. The Logline: When a head hunter finds her dream lover in a night of pitch black unrestrained passion, she fears she’ll never find him again. Fate steps in and throws the two together, but they might never discover the truth and stay in the blind.

Two weeks ago, Jane striped her clothing. Last Week, she got in line and reminded herself why she’d come to the club. It’s the kind of place where they turn off all the lights, clothing is not an option, and they pair you up to… 😉 I’ve skipped a little bit more to find this week’s six. Jane has just taken the hand of her escort, the one with the night vision goggles, he’s taking her to the room and her date for the night.

Once the door closed behind them, Jane was surrounded by unending black. She looked around, but there was nothing, no end to the darkness. A nervous shiver danced up her spine, and thoughts of haunted houses filled her thoughts until her escort tugged her forward, bringing her back to the night’s purpose.

She was about to touch the man that would give her release.

They slowed, turned a corner, and after a couple more steps they stopped. Her heart raced with excited jitters. Her escort placed her hand into another.

Hope you enjoyed my six today. Remember, I’m the newbie, please share your advice. Thanks for stopping by today. Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors.Try to find a new favorite 6 today.

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