The Trifecta: Liebster, Sunshine, and Versatility

The writing journey is a hard one. Got it. But the friends you make along the way have the best timing. Right when you need them they throw a Sunshine award (thank you Siobhan Muir and Lorraine Patton), the Versatile blogger (thank you Jamaiquina), and the Liebster (thank you Claire Gillian) your way. You guys are the best. 😀

Below you’ll find all kinds of random things about me and the newest nominations for these memes.

Questions from Siobhan’s and Lorraine’s Sunshine award post:SunshineAward

Favorite Color: depends on what’s blooming in my garden. Right now, red
Favorite Animal: dolphins are pretty amazing and I adore penguins.
Favorite Number: 6 <~ my number from my first audition. I got the gig, cheerleading in 4th grade 🙂
Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Coffee. I love coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee
Facebook or Twitter: I enjoy them both, but I hang on twitter much more often.
Your Passion: I’m passionate about my writing and reading, that’s a given. Outside of the written word, my passion is movement. Dance was my first love. As a kid, I spent hours in my room dancing/acting out the songs on the radio and this is where my love of story telling started. I’ve studied dance since a young age, through college and even danced on scholarship with a famous company in Chicago.
Giving or getting presents: Giving.
poppyFavorite Day: I do love fall and Siobhan’s answer to this question. My favorite day is any day my husband and two sons are with me.
Favorite Flowers: Last November (in my 1st Trifecta post) I listed Ranunculus and in that post you’ll see the pretty flowers. They’re gorgeous. Since my red Poppies are blooming, they’re getting my vote this time.

The Versatile BloggerSeven things about me for Jamaiquina’s Versatile award

  1. I’m more Polish than Italian, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I cook. My dad makes fabulous horseradish, but my specialty is more with meatballs and tomato sauce, “the gravy.”
  2. I don’t like scary movies, although I saw Scream I in the theater with my Grandpa. I saw Scream II in the theater with my husband, then boyfriend. At one point I screamed so loud that the lady in front of us said, “That lady scared me.”
  3. I do enjoy sweets, but I prefer salty.
  4. I root for all the Detroit sports teams, including the Lions and any team that has a player from the 2004 Pistons team (the year we beat the Lakers in the NBA finals).
  5. Love Star Wars, I’m definitely a Browncoat, and although I enjoy the new Star Trek movies, I’m not a Treky.
  6. My husband is a musician and he supports the family by teaching lessons, recording, a little producing, but mostly by playing music in Chicago pretty much every weekend. He plays all the hits for weddings, festivals, clubs, and several times a year he gets to travel for corporate events. He just got back from Orlando.
  7. I asked my mom to give me some help with number seven and she said I’m sweet, warm-hearted, and kind. Aw, thanks, mom.

Questions from Claire’s Liebster Awardthe-liebster-award

  • Which family member influenced you the most? My Grandpa. He’s amazing.
  • If you could read only one genre for the rest of your life, which would it be? Romance.
  • Name your favorite alcoholic drink. beer
  • Would rather see America (or any country of your choice) by auto / RV or by biking / hiking / walking or by mass transit (airplane, train, bus)? My husband would say the tricked out RV. I’d like a little of all, but you can leave out the bus.
  • Name your favorite television show. SYTYCD
  • If you could change one aspect of yourself, what would it be? I’d be taller
  • What’s your zodiac sign? Pisces
  • What’s your shoe size? 6
  • What’s your “day” job? Project Manager
  • What kind of car do you drive? Rav4
  • What, if any, sports did you play when in school? soccer

Time to share the love. You have your pick of Liebster, Sunshine, the Versatile blogger award, or all three. Link back to this post, answer the questions, give us some random stuff, and find some new victims. Have fun. 😀

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