Links of the week #27

Thanks for another fabulous week bloggers. I keep learning from you each week and I appreciate all that you do. Hubs is back this week with his second pick (see his 1st pick in last weeks post) in his snazzy theme: Really great drummers who are also really great singer/songwriter/guitarists.


You all know Roni’s and Gene’s weekly mashup, right? Agreed, they rock. Well thanks to Jenny Hansen’s A Plethora of Amazing Links That Rocked My World I found a new mashup to love by Reetta Raitanen : Link Feast For Writers , vol. 15

Plot & Story

Dr. John Yeoman was at The Write Practice : The Secret to Writing Powerful Stories

Angie Dicken at The Writers Alley : The Swell To A Black Moment

Lisa Cron was at The Sharp Angle : How to Grab the Reader’s Brain: The Facts of Fiction <–fabulous

Jami Gold : Blogiversary Winners & a Gift for All <–with a must see downloadable spreadsheet!

Write Fresh

Marcy Kennedy : How to Use Sound to Make Your Novel Stand Out In A Sea of Noise <–includes links to posts on smell, taste, and touch


Moody Writing : Give Characters Interesting Anecdotes

World Building – Setting

Cindy R. Wilson at The Writers Alley : Making Your Setting Come to Life


Juliana Haygert at the NA Alley : On Pitches <–she filled the post with links & a craft book

From Reeta’s link above I found Elena Johnson : Query Letters <–a full list of posts for all the parts of the query & a free ebook titled From the Query to the Call


Lisa Hall-Wilson : 8 TIPS FOR SELF-EDITING

Janice Hardy at The Other Side of the Story : You’ll Have to Go Through Me: Eliminating Filter Words

Writer Business

Toni Kelly over at Nights of Passion : Website Revamping <–1st in a series of posts 🙂

Molly Greene : Amazon Book Tags: What, Where, Why & How To Use Them

Music from Jeff

He’s back this week giving you insight on another drum he admires

“Her Song” by Brian Blade, from the album “Mama Rosa”.

You should also look for the song “After the Revival”  I couldn’t find a video link for that one, but it’s my favorite song on that record.

Brian Blade is one of my favorite drummers.  I first heard of him as a jazz player in the early 90’s.  I’ve seen him play jazz and was absolutely blown away.  He’s such a passionate player – paying tribute to the legacy of music while still having his own voice.  That’s VERY difficult to do in jazz music because the legacy is so rich.

BUT THEN, I heard him playing with Seal.  I didn’t know how versatile. Again, blown away.

AND THEN, I heard him on an Emmylou Harris (folk singer) album.

AND THEN, I heard him with Joni Mitchell.


This guy can do anything and still sound like himself.  That is incredibly rare and very special when you come across it.

THEN, he decides to make an album as a singer/songwriter.  Of course, I immediately bought it and again, I am blown away. Great songs, great guitar playing, great singing (very cool sounding voice) and, of course, great drumming. I think Brian was blessed with severe talent and a wonderful soul. He is also a part of the Black Dub group I’ve sent previously. Enjoy.

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