Mid Week Tease -Step Inside- A snippet from Far from Blind

click to see SJ's Mid Week TeasesWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the talented Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

Today, I’m teasing from 

Far from Blind, Club Blind 2

In this tease, Candy is seeing Brad for the first time since she stood him up. Oh boy.


“Step inside.” He angled his head toward the office.

She took a deep breath as she stepped past him. He smelled deliciously refined, natural and woodsy, all man. It was the same scent from the club.

Her thoughts filled with their few moments in the dark. She clamped her lips shut before the moan escaped and focused on his office. It appeared half occupied. There were boxes on the floor and empty bookcases lined the walls.

He closed the door behind them and the distinct click of a lock tumbling over echoed around the room. Maybe no showing yesterday was a mistake. If they’d had any chance at all, she’d blown it for sure. How could she expect him to trust her now? The air, thick with unsaid words, closed in around her.


Candy Wilson has worked hard to build a life for herself from nothing to something she can be proud of but she can’t catch the eye of the one man who drives her wild with desire.

Brad Chambers has everything, always has, except the woman he loves. When a pitch black blind date at the exclusive Club Blind matches the pair together, Candy refuses to believe what she sees and throws up her protective barrier. It’s up to Brad to tear down her walls and get her to see the man who wants only her.

Be Warned: spanking and light BDSM

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Praise for FAR FROM BLIND:

“This story is another sizzling creation from SJ Maylee.”

“I thought the first book in this series was good…but with this one SJ is on fire.”

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