Mid Week Tease -Fantasy Bells Are Ringing- a snippet from Unshakable Me (Uniform Fetish Anthology)

click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the talented, Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

I’m sharing another snippet from Unshakable Me. It will be in the anthology, Uniform Fetish, releasing February 27th by Evernight Publishing.

Last Week: Emma got pulled over and you could say she didn’t make a good first impression. This Week: I’ve skipped over the rest of the first chapter. Oops. But I’m giving you this fun exchange with Emma and her two besties, Candy (from Untangle Me) and Mary (from Unravel Me).  Enjoy!


“So, the cop really frisked you?”

“Yes, the whole thing was humiliating.” She took one last sip and set the olive stick back in the glass. “But, I have to say, if I hadn’t almost been hauled off to the clinker, it would have been hot as hell.”

“Oh really, tell me he was cute.” Candy scouted a little closer and pushed Emma’s drink out of her reach.

“Yes, he was so good looking. The kind of blue eyes you could get lost in, and he really filled out his uniform if you know what I mean.” She sat up a little straighter.

“I bet your fantasy bells were ringing like wild.”

“Oh, that’s right. Our little Emma’s into the voyeurism thing.”

“You better believe it. I had no idea what a turn-on it would be to get pulled over by a hot cop. He felt along my shoulders and down around my ass. It was delicious.” She raised her hand, positioning her thumb just under her pointer finger. “I was this close to falling to my knees when he told me he worked security for Keller.”

“Do you think he’s a Dom?”

“He’s got to be.” Emma looked up towards the ceiling, imaging her cop commanding her at the club.

“I wonder if he’ll be here tonight.” Candy looked over her shoulder and then nudged Mary, pointing at something behind them, but Emma couldn’t be deterred.

“Now that I’ve had a few of these, I’m really hoping we run into him.” She reached for her glass, almost knocking it over when she pulled out her olive stick. “In fact, I’m tempted to speed down that same road if we don’t find him.”

“Where will your hands be when you get pulled over again?” A familiar voice rumbled against her ear.


uniformantho1lBlurb for Unshakable Me (from Uniform Fetish)

He intended to ensure her safety and in return she stole his heart.

If getting pulled over for speeding wasn’t a bad enough first impression, Emma Wieland was about to make it worse. Officer Miles Hoffmann had his life in order. Working hard and helping those around him was his routine, that’s until Emma sped into his life. The pair are on a one way ticket to destiny. The only question is how much they’ll wreck on their way to finding love.

Be Warned: spanking, BDSM, public exhibition

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