Mid Week Tease – At His Mercy from In the Blind

Click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the lovely Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

Today, I’m sharing from my latest release, In the Blind.

Last Time: Rob received advice from his best friend. This Week: I’m sharing a tease from a sexy scene with Rob and Jane, but I’m not telling you were in the book you’ll find this scene. I’m so naughty. Enjoy!


She tugged on the rope and got nowhere, not even chafing on her wrists. Being at his mercy was a complete turn on. She was his for the taking. Her hips rocked with her growing need for his touch.

“I was afraid to hope for you, afraid I couldn’t give you what you needed.”

“You gave me what I didn’t even know I needed.”

“There’s so much more I want to explore with you, and now we’ll have the time to do it. Nothing is in our way. This is our time.” He crawled between her legs and rested his head on her belly.

“I like how that sounds. It’s our time.”

“You know what else I like?” A naughty smile relaxed his face. “I like taking away your choices.” He nipped at her hip and then smothered the sting with his tongue.

“I’m at your mercy, Sir.” She rolled her hips.

“I never thought of myself as a lucky man, but I was wrong.” He crawled up to hover over her, his lips brushing just above hers. “I want to discover all the ways that bring you pleasure.” He took hold of her breast, molded it in his hand, his gaze locked on hers as she submitted to his touch.

She moaned and opened her mouth, wishing for him to claim her.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for.” He let go of her breast, giving a quick pinch to her nipple as he slid down her body. “I want to know what drives you crazy with need.”

Her body felt like it was going up in flames. By sharing his needs, he was creating a new foundation of lust within her.

“I thought about your pussy all week.” He settled between her legs, pushing one thigh higher and the other over his shoulder.


In the Blind cover


Jane thinks she’s ready to take the risks her business and love life desperately need. Rob’s still punishing himself for a broken relationship that wasn’t meant to last. When the pair let an opportunity pass them by, fate steps in and throws them back together.

An evening of pitch black unrestrained passion at Club Blind opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. Now, if they don’t fight past their personal demons, they might never truly discover what they need most. If they can open their hearts, it might lead them directly to each other where they can discover their truth. If not, they may forever stay in the blind.

5 Stars: “The sex scenes were beyond hot. Jane and Rob had crazy chemistry in every scene really.” –Sassy Southern Book Blog

4 stars: “There was humor, some angst, romance, and of course, I already mentioned the incredible sex.  You’ll be quite satisfied by the end.  I know I sure was.” –Cocktails and Books

4.5 Stars: “The story grabs your attention in the first chapter, has you turning pages to see how the story develops and was well written” – In the Pages of a Good Book

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