Ten Things to know about the Club Blind series

I’m so excited that the first in my Club Blind series is finally out. I’ve been wanting to share this story for so long, but other stories needed to come first. I’ve had a plan and today I’m giving you a closer look. There are ten things I want to share with you today and you’ll begin to see this new series is not only closely related but intertwined with my Love Projects series.

club blind logo

  • All of the Club Blind stories will be standalones. However, there will be fun overlaps and character cameos from not only this series but the Love Projects series too. The heroine for what will be my 3rd Love Projects book was once married to the hero from In the Blind and the heroine for what will be my 4th Love Projects book is the best friend of the heroine from In the Blind. No seven degrees needed here, lol.
  • I’ve added to my Love Projects chart which I debuted during this post back in June.

LP and CB chart

  • In the Blind has an epilogue, but there’s also a break in time towards the beginning of the story. This is definitely a second chances type of story.
  • The epilogue for In the Blind has a clue for the 3rd book in the series.
  • The theme for the 2nd book will be a whole new play on date night. More on that soon.
  • The theme for the 3rd book will be something completely new for me. I’ll say this, there will be three point of views.
  • The heroines for both the 2nd and 3rd books in the Club Blind series you’ve met before if you’ve read any of my books and my one Romance on the Go. Can you guess who they are? Love it when side characters get their own time to shine.
  • There are two characters that have either appeared or have been mentioned in all of my books. That is still true even with the release of In the Blind. I’m curious if anyone knows who they are?
  • I’ll also tell you that one will star in the final book in the Love Projects series and the other will star in the final book in the Club Blind series.
  • When I submitted In the Blind to Evernight it already had an epilogue, but what I didn’t know is that it was missing a whole chapter. That’s right, the last chapter was added after they accepted and contracted the book. The last chapter and the first chapter have to be my favorite chapters. Don’t make me pick which I love more. I can’t do it.

 I hope you enjoyed my list and I hope you get a chance to read In the Blind. 🙂

In the Blind cover

In the Blind (Club Blind #1)

by: S.J. Maylee

Genre: Erotic Romance with D/s
Length: Novella
Published: October 15, 2014
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77233-066-3

When a head hunter finds her dream lover in a night of pitch black unrestrained passion, she fears she’ll never find him again.

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Jane thinks she’s ready to take the risks her business and love life desperately need. Rob’s still punishing himself for a broken relationship that wasn’t meant to last. When the pair let an opportunity pass them by, fate steps in and throws them back together.

An evening of pitch black unrestrained passion at Club Blind opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. Now, if they don’t fight past their personal demons, they might never truly discover what they need most. If they can open their hearts, it might lead them directly to each other where they can discover their truth. If not, they may forever stay in the blind.

Be Warned: light BDSM, anal play, spanking

Where you can find IN THE BLIND:

Evernight Publishing | Amazon US CA UK ES
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My book tour is also underway. I’ll be sharing all kinds of things about this first book in the series over the course of the tour. Click on the tour graphic for my tour schedule. I’ll also add the links to my Appearances page as they go live.

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