Mid Week Tease – The Job or The Girl

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Click to see all the Mid Week Teases here at SJsWelcome to hump day my friends. Thank you to the beautiful Sandra Bunino for bringing us together.

Today, I’m sharing from my next book to release:

In the Blind

Last Week and the weeks before I’ve been sharing their smushed meet and their not quite right time meet. This Week: Rob has just gotten off the phone with Jane. I’ve skipped that part. I know, I’m so naughty. 😉 He’s calling his best friend to talk about a possible new job. Well, he’s really calling to talk about a girl.


“Marcus, she called.”

“Who is this?”

“Stop it. You know what I’m talking about.”

“You think? You’ve only managed to squeeze Jane into almost every conversation since the convention.”

“No, I have not.”

“Do you want a recap?”

“Okay, fine. I’m meeting her tomorrow for coffee.” He opened his closet and searched for the right suit.

“Sounds sexy.”

“She thinks she’s found a job for me. I played the conversation perfect, had her begging.” He shifted his still hard cock to a better position.

“I’ve found the right job for you, although I understand why you won’t consider.”

“Gina and I get along fine, not sure working with her would be a good idea though. I honestly don’t know how you’re doing it. I didn’t think you two got along.”

“It’s only been a couple months, but working for Keller is my dream job and I hardly ever see her.”

“Maybe Jane will have my dream job and—”

“You think she’ll take you, too, huh? At least now you’re no longer wearing that stupid ring. That thing was woman repellent.”

“I was married. I’d made a commitment.” Rob tore the dry cleaner bag off his charcoal suit.

“Apparently you were the only one. I still can’t believe she cheated on you.”

“Don’t remind me, but you know that’s not why our marriage fell apart.” He balled up the thin plastic and tossed it in the direction of his trash can.

“I know why your marriage fell apart, but not to worry, I won’t say I told you so.”

“Someday we’ll talk about it. I don’t think you’re ready yet.” He walked over to where the plastic had landed, picked it up, and shoved it into the trash.

“Whatever. Speaking of ready, when are you going to check out Club Voyage? I thought Mistress Charlie had you complete the paperwork.”

“She did, but I haven’t turned it in yet.”

“You’ve denied yourself long enough. It’s time to start taking care of your needs.”

“I know. I’ll turn it in this week. After my weekend, I don’t think anything is standing in my way.”

“You can thank me anytime you want.”

“Thank you, you were right. That was what I needed. Man, it was hot, and now I’ve got a hot date.”

“You’ve got a business meeting. Don’t mess it up.”


There are some famous last words, not to mention a few clues for the 3rd book in the Love Projects series. 😀 I’m working on edits right now for In the Blind and hope to have news on its release date in a few weeks.

Coming-SoonUnofficial Blurb:

Jane thinks she’s ready to take the risks her business and love life desperately need. Rob’s still punishing himself for a broken relationship that wasn’t meant to last. When the pair let an opportunity pass them by, fate steps in and throws them back together.

An evening of pitch black unrestrained passion at Club Blind opens her eyes to life’s possibilities. Now, if they don’t fight past their personal demons, they might never truly discover what they need most. If they can open their hearts, it might lead them directly to each other where they can discover their truth. If not, they may forever stay in the blind.


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7 thoughts on “Mid Week Tease – The Job or The Girl

  1. Fun excerpt. I loved this exchange:

    “You think? You’ve only managed to squeeze Jane into almost every conversation since the convention.”

    “No, I have not.”

    “Do you want a recap?”

    Felt like the kind of conversation I’ve had with friends.

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