Weekend Writing Warriors – Love Projects 2!

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Click the logo for the Weekend Writing Warriors blog

I’m back! I’ve so missed being a part of the WeWriWa ritual and I’m excited to be back. I did use my time wisely though and am happy to report I have TWO books coming soon.

Today, I’m sharing from the 2nd in my Love Projects series which is releasing very soon. Here’s the basics: When Janna’s new life threatens to break apart, she must decide if it’s best to run home or to stay and battle for the career and man she doesn’t want to live without.

Janna’s story starts as she enters a BDSM club as a guest. She’s trying to pay attention to the security guard reviewing her paperwork when a man enters the club. Once he’s identified as a club Master, Janna’s brain turns mushy. 😉 In this 8 you’ll see why. Enjoy!

The man stopped next to her, and her ability to play cool faltered. A Master. She took a deep breath and drank him in, starting with his dark boots of luscious black leather. Her gaze took the scenic route along his legs, drank in his firm body, to his broad chest encased in a casual black shirt.

“Can I see your ID?”

She continued her perusal of the Master and found the hard angle of his jaw and stopped at his striking green eyes, which were set directly on her. She couldn’t move. With his look alone, he commanded her attention.

Something tells me Janna has no idea she’s be asked a question. Lol. So, do you think she gets into the club?

Thank you so much for visiting me, it means a lot to me that you took the time to visit my little place on the web. Don’t forget to check out the other Weekend Warriors, the Snippet Sunday Facebook Group, and Saturday Spankings too.

21 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Love Projects 2!

  1. I’m gonna guess Mr. Sexy Master Man will get her into the club somehow. 😉 Great excerpt, and welcome back!

  2. Ohh, it sounds like she’s met her master right there. Good snippet, SJ, and congrats on the upcoming releases. 🙂

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