ROW80 Check-in #100 Fun with Facebook Parties

The writing challenge that knows you have a life.

I worked my tuchus off this week. Wow. From the evil day job, last meeting for my volunteer job, kid activities, gardening, edits, and my first ever Facebook party. I was kind of a crazy woman, but it was a whole lot of fun.

Once my edits arrived, during an already busy week, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make progress on the WIP. I accepted it and enjoyed my week. Sure, I’d hoped to have the WIP ready for another beta read by now, but that’s okay. I did promise my WIP I’d attempt to finish its last scene before I started working on guest posts. That’s a promise I’ll need to deliver on this week.

One of the first friends I made on-line when I started this writing journey, Ella Jade, is celebrating her third publishing anniversary this weekend. She’s a fabulous writer and I love her books. They always go on my must read list. She invited me to host an hour of her Facebook party which I did on Friday night. I had several weeks to plan, but right until the last minute, I was still tweaking my posts. I was so nervous. I worried her guests might not care for what I’d planned to share.

What if no one commented on my posts???

I threw my nerves out the window and went for it. Sure enough, people commented and I had a great time. Made several new friends too. Double score!

There in a nut shell has been my experience on this writing journey: nerves ignored and going for it. Not everyone will like my posts or my books and that’s okay. Not everyone is my target reader. I do need to keep putting myself out there so my target readers can find me. I also need to keep studying my craft, and working to put better and better books on the virtual shelves.

Here’s to 100 more check-ins 😀

The Goals – week-7 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters-  done.
  • Daily progress in writing craft, word count, editing, and/or plotting- done. No progress on the WIP, but I worked through edits from my editor and I’m almost finished with my last slow read through. (Update!: I finished the read through late last night *I’m dancing* Gosh, I love that story.)
  • Take care of and be kind to myself (start w/ a relaxing ritual, the healthy journey, and daily breaks from technology)- done. By not stressing about what I wouldn’t be able to get to, I gave myself permission to live in the moment. Queue the happy music.

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4 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in #100 Fun with Facebook Parties

  1. Thanks for including that you hosted a Facebook party. I’ve never been to one and will keep my eye out. Not even sure how one would work, but it sounds like a neat idea. So, you presented ideas and folks commented???? Bravo for you! Interesting also how your goals kind of shape themselves into doable chunks with progress made all around. May next week go as well!

    • Yes, FB parties (organized through a FB event) are exactly that. Authors host a chunk of time. Over the course of an hour I posted 8 times: a hello, general conversation starters, excerpts of my books, a giveaway, I talked about my books releasing soon, and a big thank you. I filled my comments with links, and my posts each had a pic. It was a fun, fast hour, and I definitely met new readers. It was well worth the nerves, lol. Let me know if you have questions. Doable chunks, I like that. Thanks, Beth. 🙂

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