Definition of Love Out Of Lust with Ray Sostre

Today I have fellow Friday Flasher, Ray Sostre. He’s here to talk about the definition of Love Out Of Lust and this is also the title of his just released series. Parts one and two are available now and part three is on its way. You’ll find the sexy covers, blurbs, an excerpt, and links below. I’ve read part one and I’m looking forward to part two. Take it away, Ray. 🙂

Definition of Love Out Of Lust

Imagine yourself living with someone of the opposite sex you never thought you’d ended up having sexual attractions with – your roommate. Your roommate recently broke up with someone, and had swore off being serious for a long time. Think of yourself in the same relationship status; single with no ties and bounds. Think of the possible convenience with someone – sexually? Would you take it?

The idea of lust is to express those long, hidden desires with someone that you’ve wanted to share you sexual fantasies and experience with. Something has sparked that sexual attraction between you and the other person. What is strange is that you’d never thought it be someone like your best friend. He/She shares the same feeling for you sexually, but one respects the nature of the friendship between you and the other person.

Think of yourself sharing the same desire of being naked together, on the couch, fucking hard and strong, letting out the inner-demon in you, yet watching your best friend share the same inner-demon in them; up to the point where you want this person for the rest of your life. The real question is would you be willing to go through this? All it takes is a moment of weakness, and the rest is history; jealousy, confusion, insecurity, and hopeless feelings come to play between you and the other person, but if a communication is build there is trust and hope.

All relationships must have a source of lust, but in the end the party must decide between the idea of Love or Lust. Which one is it?

When I came out with the “Love Out Of Lust Series”, I wanted to go all out of how a fantasy relationship between two people should be. I want to express how two best friends had this sexual desire, but yet the comfort between them made it difficult to just keep it sexual. One has to give way; one way or another. Sexual relationships are awesome, but only short-term. I, as an author, has had several sexual relationships, and I’ve always began my relationship in a sexual relationship. I learned that there can only be one that will be just right for you. I was fortunate to find one of my type, but without love, there’s no hope for happiness; only despair.

“Love Out Of Lust” is a series that explains the joy of a sexual relationship, and then the consequences, because the ones who get hurt are two people who initiated the sexual relationship. Nothing lasts forever; things change. But I promise this series to have a happy ending, but I want to explain the doubts and possibilities of pain, before there is hope, while providing the most sweltering scene to keep you locked in your bathroom, I hope. 🙂

While Part One is just the beginning to the story. I want to create my hottest stories from this series, and I want you to enjoy both Part One & Part Two, available on Smashwords and soon Amazon.

Love Out Of Lust Part One CoverBLURB to Love Out Of Lust – Part One

Daryl & Marisol have been best friends since childhood, and live together as roommates.

The two never developed this attraction, until one night when Marisol admitted some things to him out of a moment of weakness, and Daryl pursued those feeling himself. When their moment of weakness turns into something sexual, where does their friendship lead from Love Out Of Lust Cover Part Twothere?

BLURB to Love Out Of Lust – Part Two

It just happened. Daryl & Marisol had sex for the first time and they felt weird about it. Was it meant to be? Can they just keep it as a one-time thing? And if they can’t, can they maintain their friendship without being hurt?

 Here is the excerpt to Love Out Of Lust – Part One.

“Can I be honest with you?” Marisol asked.

“What’s that?”

“I too have masturbated more than I’ve had sex. So don’t feel bad.”

He sighed with a slight frown, go ahead rub it in, but wondered what she’d look like while she masturbated? He’d heard her a few times, and now here they were sharing their most intimate moments about themselves. He was turned on, and he wondered if she felt it too. To add to it, what was she really wearing underneath her robe?

However, he played it off. “I never thought you’d masturbate.”

“I have ever since I was twelve; I experienced my first orgasm at that time. I even keep my toys in my bedroom.”

“So that explains the strange sounds coming from the other room,” he joked.

Marisol reached over and tapped his leg, laughing. “Shut up. You act like you’ve been quiet. I can hear you play porn in your bedroom.”

“Oh, but you’re louder.”

“No I’m not… am I?”

“I’ve heard you moan but never bugged you about it.”

“Am I really that loud?” She asked with a sense of insecurity.

“Yes, you’re that loud.” He emphasized the meaning. “Here’s how. Just a week ago, I heard you moaning out of pleasure. At first, I thought you had someone in your bedroom but realized it was just you alone. I heard something buzzing from your bedroom, and that sucker was really loud. Then I heard your screams. You suck at muffling them, especially when I’m trying to sleep.”

Her face reddened. She somehow remembered that night. “Oh, my god, I didn’t know I was that loud.”

“You were. I heard you masturbate all through the night, I…” he paused, wondering if he should admit what he did.

“You what? Tell me,” she pushed.

“Nah, nothing.”

Her eyes widened in reaction. “Wait a minute, you masturbated to me masturbating?’

Part One:


Part Two:



Part Three will be featured in the Fall.

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