ROW80 check-in #52 Editing and Birthday Treats

My goal this week was to look on the bright side.  Yesterday I turned another year older, the annual event I’ve come to loathe. Oh, I know it’s just a number. I even tried to play a few games with it. I tried not to think about it, that didn’t work. I tried to stall, but the calendar kept moving. I tried to convince myself I was 10-years younger  I’m too smart for that one. Figures.

If I have to turn older then we can all eat cake,

Photo Credit: Lynn Kelley Author

Photo Credit: Lynn Kelley Author

looks like someone’s already eaten half of this one. Bet it was yummy.

While I was trying to ignore my impending dooms day, I dove into edits. Last week I had a hard time getting the ball rolling, but this week the wheels started to turn and I finished the first (for story) and second (to fix passive voice, remove unnecessary words, and add in all kinds of visceral responses) read throughs. I’m going to give it one more read through and then I will send it to the CP. I will.

I survived my birthday and I cruised through a week of edits <– bright side. Look at me. I’m a champion. 🙂

What have you championed lately? Tell me your happy endings and let’s celebrate together.

The Goalsweek-8 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done.
  • Daily progress in writing craft, word count, editing, and/or plotting- done. I finished the fifth and started the sixth Lectures in my Margie Packet and I edited everyday this week. I’ve read through the WIP twice now and it’s time to warn the CP. It’s almost ready.
  • Workout a minimum of three times a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- DONE. By the hair of my chinny chin chin 🙂
  • Daily Nia study (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- kind of done. A part of my teacher membership I can pick 4-routines a year from the library. The packet includes, the music CD, the routine on a DVD, and the standard supporting documents. I have not yet picked one, silly me. I picked one this week and it arrived yesterday. I’m looking forward to the new movement. WEEK 9 PRIORITY
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- done. I’m actually surprised I got anything else done this week. This goal took a massive amount of time. I finished deposits, reports, invoicing, and prep for a huge event yesterday which I did not attend. I was too busy hiding celebrating my birthday. Anyways, I got it all done. Wow.
  • Organize something in the house each week- done. Well, sort of. It was my birthday yesterday. So instead of organizing the house I pampered myself with at home spa stuff. I organized myself a bit, that counts, right? lol. You can agree with me, it was my birthday. 🙂

What you might have missed here this week: I had TWO of my favorite authors, double score, it was my birthday.

Spotlight: Mystically Bound by Stacey Kennedy <–I finished this yesterday. 5-Stars, love this series.

I Torture My Characters with Sarah Ballance  <–I’m reading this next, so excited

Flash Fiction #38 Watching and Waiting


14 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #52 Editing and Birthday Treats

  1. I agree with you – t’was your birthday it counts:) Happy belated birthday, sorry you don’t like them 🙂 on a positive note each year that passes is a great acheivemnt – with health and prospects that most of the world don’t have – we are lucky to able to look foward to old age and if you really want a silver lining think of it this way I tmay well be possible to live to 120 by the time you get to old age therefore one is not even middle aged until 60+:)

    you have well this week all the best for the coming one:)

  2. So glad you’re reaching your goals. I am horrible about setting specifics. Sometimes I find they just give me more stress instead of managing it. Happy Birthday again. Congrats on making it around the sun one more time!

  3. Happy belated birthday. I’ve come to loathe mine as well, although I think Alberta has a much better way of looking at it. I try to concentrate on how much I’ve learned the past year.

    My happy endings? Well, I have a few happy stepping stones, will that work? My new boss offered to co-write some articles with me, which she totally did not have to do, so that was very nice. Also, another colleague told me about another article that I should write, due to my expertise; even better, all the necessary research materials are in a library on campus.

    Oh, and organizing yourself definitely counts. I’m lucky if I get makeup on in the mornings! 🙂

  4. Hooray for the editing! Great job this week.

    I’m happy about my novel’s timeline. Once I wrote out the scenes on post-its and stuck them all over the timeline, I realized I had some unnecessary scenes. Time to prune! The overall visual really helped.

    As to birthdays, I love ’em! I don’t care that I’m getting older; I’m wiser. And I use birthdays to declare myself Queen of the Day, and all those who come in contact with me are my subjects (must do my bidding). I get to do what I want, go where I want, eat what I want, and ignore what I want. It’s awesome! Treat your birthday that way and enjoy it! Happy you-day!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! Glad to know someone else is in the Editing boat *groans lol. Congrats on meeting all your goals and good luck for next week. Now I’m craving cake 🙂

  6. Happy belated birthday! And yeah for edits! I like your “look on the bright side” state of mind. This week I only wrote 2k words, which isn’t much according to me, but hey, it’s 2k more than I had last week 🙂 Hope you have a great writing week!

  7. Thanks, EM. Sometimes a 2k week is huge, life is just strange like that. We’re making time for our dreams and passions and that is awesome. I hope you have a great week too.

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