Flash Fiction #30 – Finding Her Human

Thanks for stopping. Another picture…another 100 words.

Yvonne searched the newest members of the offering, she prayed one of them had her mark. She’d only been waiting a couple of decades, but she was desperate to have her own human. She craved the intimacy only he could give her. Nervous energy bounced around the room, she could smell the fear and her own anticipation.

Her gaze landed on a red drip tattoo, her mark. She crossed the room determined to locate the human. She’d found him, at last. He turned as she approached, probably sensing her. His head turned in offering, and in pure glee she bit.

Hope you enjoyed my flash today!! Don’t forget to follow the link to get to the other FFF posts. Flasher Fiction Friday. Or click away on the links below.

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11 thoughts on “Flash Fiction #30 – Finding Her Human

      • Up early (on west coast – that is still so weird to me, i’ve always been an east coaster) trying to catch up on six sentence sunday before this sunday. Really wish I had the time to read sixers other blog posts. But HAD to read yours 🙂

        • Aw, thanks 🙂 I can imagine and you are up early, do you have kids or something 😉 I know what you mean, my Sundays disappear while I take in all the fab writing.

        • This is me trying to get work time in, in case I don’t get it later today, before all 5 get up 😉

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  2. Awesome flash! Loved how you took this picture and the direction you went with it. I only wish I was in her shoes and finding my mate. 🙂 And for her mate to offer himself, yumm. I wonder of the society is it run by vampires and humans are food and possible mates? Very intriguing post.

  3. Very interesting. I really like the subtly implied back story about the mark and the intimacy that the vampire could only find with her mate. Generally speaking, I rarely use the word intimacy and vampire in the same sentence, but this flash was opened my eyes to some new possibilities. S.J., you rock.

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