ROW80 check-in #35 – Trial and error

Finding a schedule that works for you mind, body, and soul is time consuming. Trial and error is a long process. Of course, once you find the right combination it’s also a battle to keep it going. With each round of 80-days I’ve tried different things and paid attention to the progress, the stress, and how each affected me. I like to think I’ve figured out a few things. So, did I stick with a plan that works or did I fall down in  this second week of 80-days? Yes and no, unfortunately.

My evil day job, which has been working me FOUR TIMES my normal hours the last three weeks, is supposed to be getting back to normal this week, my fingers are crossed. So what will I do with all my newly freed time? Why write, edit, and plot of course. Here is my concern, when you suddenly find yourself with some free time what do you do with it? It will be really easy for the hours to disappear into no man’s land, I can NOT let that happen. I need to dig into the discipline bucket and lean on what I’ve learned over my  three previous rounds of 80-days.

The Goals – week-2 results

  • Spend at least 1-hour a day with my characters- done
  • Weekly progress in word count, editing, and/or plotting- I started out strong, three days of plotting or filling of holes and the rest of the week fell apart. WEEK-3 PRIORITY
  • Finish reading current craft book- I spent not time with Margie this week. WEEK-3 PRIORITY
  • Workout a minimum of three times a week and round it out with plenty of water, sleep and my calorie limit- done and I wish I could say that I’d kept this going between rounds, but I did not. I completely fell off the healthy journey wagon and was a big part of why I felt like doggy poopy.
  • Study one of the Nia 52-moves each week- Shimmy: vibrate and shake your shoulders, standing upright or moving front and back, as if you’re shaking water off. Relaxing your lower jaw, so that the neck and shoulder girdle muscles naturally relax, will allow your arms to hang loosely. Make your movements continuous, instead of jerky.
  • Finish the Nia Sanjana-routine bars and start the Nia Opal-routine bars (i.e. studying the song/movement structure)- no progress WEEK-3 PRIORITY
  • Stay on top of my co-op preschool Treasurer responsibilities- done, I had a bunch of bills to pay this week and many more reports
  • Organize something in the house each week-  done, I pulled all the clothes out of my boy’s closets that no longer fit. My oldest clothes I stored away for my youngest and my youngest’s clothes I’ve pilled together. Today I will finish folding and boxing for donation or resale.

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8 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #35 – Trial and error

  1. Bad, mean, awful day job! I hope you get more time to write this week, S.J.! You did get time with your characters, exercised, and organized. Sometimes other schedule issues just push aside our own plans. I have a feeling you’ll be disciplined enough to use the time you get. Cheering you on!

  2. S.J. –

    I hope that all that work helped fatten your wallet a bit, and provided some rich fodder for your writing, although you might be too tired to see it for a bit!

    You’ve made amazing progress this week. I can tell you will see the writing day, but I hope you will also build in some extra resting, play, and daydreaming time….because you deserve to have some fun, too! =D

    • Yes, the extra pay is nice, but worth all the stress it caused me and my family and the burning the midnight hour to get it all done…I’m not so sure. However, when it comes time to pay the bills I may think otherwise, lol. Oh, Shanjeniah, you have a very good point. I should spend a few minutes and write about the stress and how it felt and a few other tidbits. Great idea!! Thank you 😀

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