Six Sentence Sunday #38 – Radiating fury

Happy Six Sunday. Thanks for visiting this week and I’d love to know what you think. I have another 6 from my latest Novella BDSM WIP. It’s a sequel to the WIP I have been sharing these past many weeks. Last Week: while in Chicago for a conference, Janna gets a chance to enter a BDSM club for the first time. She’s found her escort in Master Simon. Over the last couple of 6s she took on her first order, received after care, and lied to a Dom. What’s going to happen now? This Week: I’ve skipped a bit more, Simon has dismissed Janna from his service and now, let’s see what he’s up to.

He wanted to hit something. What was it with submissives and their lies? He thundered past the scene areas and kept walking, increasing his speed. Folks saved themselves and moved out of his way. Fury radiated down his arms curling his fingers into fists, almost there. A couple more steps and he entered the gym and saw the innocent bag hanging right where he needed it to be.

I feel bad for the bag. 🙂 And what about Janna? You’ll have to come back. Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I’d like to know what you really think of my 6. I need the advice, I’m a newbie and have much to learn. Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors. Lots of good stuff at Six Sunday and its days are now sadly numbered. I’m not crying. Try to find a new favorite today. happy hunting!

28 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #38 – Radiating fury

    • That’s it exactly, the owners have a total body, mind, and soul thing going on. Their businesses include the sex club, a gym with standard equipment and rooms for yoga, Pilates, and Nia of course.

  1. My, oh, my. Simon does NOT like to be lied to. I’m curious why submissives lie to him so much (which is a good thing: makes me want to read lots more of the story!!) Great six!

  2. It’s clear Janna has those invisible strings on him now. It’s that BDSM circle – who controls whom? I loved this!

  3. Mr. Cranky Pants, seriously needs to get laid! Just kidding–ok, maybe not so much. 😉

    You did a great job on his anger, I pitty the poor bag. Dying to read more!

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