LOOK! A Writing Challenge with Taking Chances

The never to back down, martini lovin, Sandra Bunino has handed me a LOOK writing challenge and I’m up for it, I think, lol.

Here’s the details (which I get to share with five fabulous authors): Find the LOOKs in your current WIPs AND post the paragraphs around the word. Choose your favorite THREE, because everyone has to have at least three, in your WIP to post.

Best part is sharing the love with some of my favorite writers, they’re each worth checking out:

Dara Ames ~ Dianne Hartsock ~ Jenny Hickman ~  Naomi Shaw ~ Savannah Chase

I had no trouble finding three in my WIP Taking Chances:

#1 comes from Chapter 1 and is in Jake’s POV

Get control of yourself man, there will be no fucking. It was a pity, because the curve of her beautiful, full behind would look amazing with the red impression of his hand. She had the perfect pale skin to pinkin.

#2 comes from Chapter 2 and is in Lydia’s POV

He turned to look out the window. When he didn’t say anything right away, she took advantage and continued to watch him. His gaze became captivated by the ravine and his expression softened.

#3 comes from Chapter 3, you get two looks this time, JOY :), and is in Jake’s POV, but the line is Lydia’s

“Ha, easy for you to say.” She looked up at him. “What is it? What are you looking at, do I have something on my face?”

Before he could stop himself, he sat beside her and his inquisitive finger reached out and rubbed the corner of her mouth. His finger hovered between them, an inch from her mouth. She licked her lips, seconds ticked by. Nothing in the room captured his attention, but her devilish mouth. Her tongue reached out and licked his finger. It took forever for his hand to return to his side, the air between them had become thick with heat. He couldn’t tear his sight from her beautiful hazel eyes.

Hope you enjoyed my share. Big thanks to Sandra, that was fun. Be sure to check out Sandra (all her books are must reads in my book) and all the authors listed above. Besides being talented writers these ladies are some of the nicest around.

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