Six Sentence Sunday #14

Happy Six Sunday. Thanks for visiting and I’d love to know what you think!! I’m continuing this week with another 6 from my Novella WIP. It has been a couple of weeks, here’s my last six to refresh your memory. I left Jake stumbling in his attempt to keep his thoughts on the job. He’s left the room with the excuse of ordering them lunch, instead he’s set out for a cold shower.

“Hey there, Jake, how’s it going with the little betty?” Keller jabbed.

“Just great”

“I’ve got the towels set out for you, go on, take a quick shower and calm yourself. I’ll have Anne order you two up some lunch.”

“Thanks Keller, I want to strangle you, but thanks.”

“Hey, don’t mention it, just remember to invite me to the collaring ceremony,” Keller joked.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!! I’d like to know what you really think of my 6. I need the advice, I’m a newbie and have much to learn. Don’t forget to check out the other Six Sunday authors. Lots of good stuff at Six Sunday. Try to find a new favorite today. happy hunting!

14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #14

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