Links of the week #2

Lots of good stuff this week!!

Roni Loren had a guest on her blog earlier this week, Suzanne Johnson is an urban fantasy author. She wrote a fascinating post about her writing process: My Writing Process: Draft Zero to Done

Over at A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing I came across a very interesting take on the benefits of self-publishing over traditional publishing. This post is not just for the newbie: Self-Pubbed Author Beware

at Jenny Hansen’s Blog  on Thursday she had a guest post from Maggie Lawson entitled Put Your Reader in Your POV Character’s Skin

Ed Bott had a post this week entitled Apple’s mind-bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement, after reading this post I’m pretty sure I wont ever think about putting one of my books (if I ever finish one) on ibooks, well thanks do change, right 🙂

Over at Publisher’s Weekly, Karen Springen posted Should Authors and Agents Weigh In on Citizen Reviews?

The Lawson ladies are really something special, I hope one day to be able to take one of their courses!! Until then I thoroughly enjoy their posts!! Tiffany Lawson Inman posted at my fav Writers In The Storm Blog this week. I’m going to be re-reading this post for a while. Writing Naked Will Take You To The Top!

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