ROW80 check-in #4

3-weeks into the new year and things seem to be moving and shifting for me.  I’ve been in edit land for months now and since it’s my first book I still have a lot of work to do. It seems like I will be in edit land forever. NO! Not forever, I will finish the book!

In the months since I’ve started writing I have read advice about putting the 1st book aside and starting your second. I’ve also seen a lot of authors release novellas first before longer works. Then this week Kait Nolan published her post called The Juggle.


My plotting mind took off and didn’t come down for several hours, but when it did I had an idea for 3 novellas. The shorter stories will take place just before or around the time of my first longer book (the one stuck in editsville) and I’m findings small ways to intersect the characters. Yesterday I spent some time charting out my scene ideas for the first novella and then I started to write. 1025 words and gosh it felt real good!!! I have not written that many words in one day since late October.

My goal this round is to spend an hour a day with my characters and this week again I have met my goal. I also edited over 100 pages. I’ve already accepted the fact that my editing process is about to start all over again, as I have several new things I need to be looking for.

Editsville doesn’t seem so terrible now that I will be juggling it with my 1st novella. If that wasn’t enough to make me smile, the new path has brought me newly written sentences…so I hope to join the Six Sentence Sunday group once again next week!! Yeah!!

11 thoughts on “ROW80 check-in #4

  1. Edits always seem like a process that takes forever. Glad you got some writing in on top of it 🙂 Keep up the good work and have a great week.

  2. Hi S J Maylee! I thought I’d drop by and introduce myself because I’m new to ROW80 and I’m trying to get to know everyone. I think your goals are awesome and you’re making great progress. I can tell that you enjoy your writing and wish you all the best success! Nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by & please come back next week. I certainly want to check in on you next week and hopefully hear some good news on your DH.
      I do enjoy my writing, you are so very right!!!
      I’m new to this ROW80 deal as well, nice to meet you too!! Looking forward to following you throughout our 1st round and beyond 😀

  3. Great for you on the novella ideas and also for the 1000 word day! I find that nothing makes me feel so strong as a nice, healthy word count. Good Luck.


    • you are so right, a healthy word count feels fantastic!! I’d really like to add a word count goal. Maybe I’ll ponder a weekly goal??? Hmmm…maybe an edit and word count goal…hmmm 😀

  4. I’m with Ryan. Edits take forever (and tend to suck out my energy). I find myself writing little short scenes when I get stalled – I need to go read Kait’s post…it sounds like it’s completely up my alley.

    Good luck in the coming week. It’s a big deal that you’re hanging in there and posting your goals, even when you’re not all the way happy with them. Bravo!

    • Yes, Kait’s post struck a beautiful nerve and I’m hoping it’s going to help catapult me into a balance: edit…write…edit…write…(fingers crossed)
      Posting goals, moving forward, and keeping the eyes on the finish line. It’s somewhere down there, I know b/c I have faith, not b/c I can see it 😀
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit all of us ROW80ers, it means a lot to have your input!!

  5. I Love SSS!

    I really like writing short stories. I just started writing them last month. They’re like little snacks, while my WIP is more like a HUGE meal.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for stopping by and the support.

      Who knew 6 sentences could be so much fun. It clearly does not take much to awaken a whole world in our minds and that is one of the best parts!!

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