Six Sentence Sunday #4

Picking my 6 this week was the hardest so far.  I’m still working on my 1st WIP but as you can see by the graphic on the right I’m getting close to being done with this book.  I’m hoping I do not turn into one of those writers who never finishes.  I really like to finish projects and I really want to join a critique group!!!  I’m currently working on some edits.

Back to today’s post, this week I’m starting to show you some heat from my book.  Although this isn’t the first heated scene, it’s the first I’m sharing.  Sam and Mark are meeting for the first time at Club Voyage.  Here are six from the end of their greeting at the beginning of the evening.

While staring deeply into my eyes he takes both his hands and caresses my breasts.

He locates both of my nipples through the fabric, pinches and then pulls.

He does pinch a lot harder than I do, oh that’s nice.

“Eyes on me Sam,” he commands.

I open my eyes and he’s staring into…me, making me feel so many things.

“Follow me.”

I’m starting to get the feeling Sam would follow Mark just about anywhere, but we shall see.  I hope you enjoyed my first sneak at the heat!!

I’ve really enjoying all the authors who participate in SixSunday!!  I have a few new books I’ve already read, couple waiting for me to read and still a few to buy.  I wonder what new attachments I’ll make today, make sure to go make some of your own: SixSunday 

30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #4

  1. Good snippet. Joining a critique group or having a critique partner is so important. You’ll learn so much and really take your writing to the next level. You’re off to a great start already. Congrats on almost being at The End!

  2. Nice heat in this scene. I think I’d do as he says and follow! Congrats on having the end of your book in sight! Always a wonderful feeling to write “The End.” Enjoyed this six.

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