Six Sentence Sunday #3

I’ve got another 6 for you all, from my WIP I’m All Yours. Sam’s good friend Charlie has started her on a journey with a man, a Dominate named Mark.  Sam and Mark have exchanged a few emails and now they are having their first meet at a coffee shop.

He turns my right hand over so my knuckles  are facing him.

“It is very nice to meet you Samantha,” While keeping his eyes on mine he leans in and kisses my
knuckles very sweetly.

I actually blush and practically whisper “thank you, it’s nice to meet you too.”

We sit silently for a bit and drink our coffees. It feels like he is observing me, trying to figure me out.  I start to feel heavy, almost relaxed, that’s
strange, I was so nervous a second ago.

oh Charlie, what has she gotten Sam into? I’m pretty sure Sam doesn’t know what to think of her journey OR Mark, 🙂  Come back next week to see if they start to burn up or just crash

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30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #3

  1. I love that every week I get to read six sentences from your WIP but man I wish I could read more already. So many questions!!! LOL!

    I’m hooked already!

    • thank you very much, a sweet begining can lead to some interesting things. Please come back next week, it might just start getting a little hot at my site, who knows, not me…yet 😉

    • love the cute meet and Sam is getting one!! I’ve been in the editting mode for a bit now and I know I am getting close, fingers crossed!! I need to start looking for that crit group!!

    • I’m so glad you want to read more!! Please come back and keep telling me what you think, your comments will be helpful, since I like your writing so much. Sam’s pretty sure she wants more too. Mark plans on giving her exactly what she NEEDS 😀

    • oh she’s being drugged all right, but don’t worry it’s all her own inner chemicals at work here
      but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be worried, she is very very new to the scene and Mark is a very strong Dom, trouble is just bound to happen

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